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Loving/The City Discussion Thread


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As munecojim still hasn't returned to Youtube, I decided to upload their Loving videos as a Christmas gift for all the Loving fans out there. If they ever do return and start up again I will take them down. I won't spam with different links so I'll just post the earliest. 



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Thanks for posting that here. 


The Marx Brothers feel of so many people standing outside the cave amused me. Good scenes with Casey and Steffi (both characters always feel so 'real'). Bittersweet to see the Alden clan here - I guess this is near the end of Pat Barry's time as Isabelle. Lovely moment near the end with Ava and Alex. Chris Marcantel was such a talented actor - he plays Curtis' slim grip on sanity without overdoing it. Great moments with Tess too, who was such a compelling anti-heroine. Dante is always a bit too silly for me but Thom Christopher plays the part well. The cliffhanger was a neat twist, albeit a bit clunky in execution.

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