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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 28 Edition


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OLTL is definately preparing for SWEEPS, it is heating up and will be on FIRE come February!!

IMO, the best part about it all is the intertwining of characters and storylines. Great balance!

Just look at the number of characters mentioned in the preview for the week: AMAZING!!

Allison Perkins







Aunt Corrine


























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^^That's a pretty impressive list. And throw in Sam, St. Ann doctors and nuns, and maybe Margaret (if they start Monday with Friday's scene where Blair was yelling at her), and it really is amazing just how many characters will be in next week's episodes.

We would have never seen this much of the cast at one time when DH was in charge.

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Oh yes....it was a nightmare under Dena Higley. Half the cast was virtually ignored, while many of the rest were repeatedly overexposed. We would have never seen this much of Nora, Lindsay, Marcie, Michael, Nigel, Addie, Viki, Clint, RJ, and many of the rest if Higley were still in control.

It's nice to see more balanced airtime now.

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OLTL has a pretty big cast, and yet uses them accurately. Makes one wonder about how the show is financially tho. Unlike AMC, DAYS, and ATWT, I don't think OLTL has had the kind of mass excodus those other soaps have been having despite the size of their cast.

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I too was wondering about the financial status of OLTL as other shows continue cutting cast members. Adriana will be exiting but it was planned before the strike. There are supposed to be a couple of exits from rumors we hear but those too are expected exits & we should be recieving 3 returns.


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I know as of Friday many are speculating about the possibility of Mitch being Rex' father but is anyone beside me think it will be Bo? Rex has always been close to Bo and now in the above spoiler, "Rex seeks advice from Bo". Maybe? Possibly? Far fetched? lol

Here are more spoilers for this week for inquiring minds :D


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Well, they did say Allison knows a secret that would rock Jessica's family. Biologically speaking, Jess is a Laurence ... but she's always thought of the Buchanans as family.

Question is, wouldn't Bo have remembered having a ONS w/ Roxy?

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OLTL has been doing a solid job of juggling actors and storylines, intermingling them, but not killing a character's impression or a storyline's flow. I almost expect OLTL to start leaving behind some of the trademark 'daytime' soap cliches and heading into more mainstream 'prime time' soap territory--which is something daytime dramas should have done 10 years ago.

My only negative thought is if they put Gigi and John together. Fath has proven that her acting (or lackthereof) on Days was due to her poorly written character. I think she's solid so far as Gigi and I've become a fan of hers and even of her having a child (something I wasn't keen on when she debuted). The only 'bad' actor of the bunch is Easton and even now they're playing to his strengths and minimizing his weaknesses.

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    • Sure has been nice the past few days to see a show that resembles Y&R.  And yes, it'll be jarring to go back to the desolate, tumbleweed version of Genoa City.  
    • Great to hear Leslie Charleson's voice the other day.   It's still March, isn't it?  I see April's thread was already started again too early. Just wondering what the rush was before I get chastised  for mentioning  this again...  or my post gets removed again.   <coughs>
    • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS   Photographer   3/24/2023     had a few lines     Jhey Castles @jcar03  for your counts
    • Gosh I feel so spoiled by this episode with a big moment with a lot of the cast AND extras. These gala episodes are going to make when we go back to empty hotels, empty crimson lights, and empty society; extremely jarring.
    • Nadia has been speculated for months to be leaving.    The reason is because she and her husband bought property on the East Coast in 2022 and had begun living there at least part time starting at the end of 2022.   That's what has fueled the speculation.  But other cast live out of state and still work at DAYS.  Greg Vaughan is on contract.  He said in last week's SOD that he lives in Texas with his three sons, and moved his mother into his Texas home with them.  He said he flies to LA to tape at DAYS - usually taping three days a week Tues.Wed.Thurs.  That way he can be in Texas for his sons for sports and school activities Fri.Sat.Sun.Mon.   He says sometimes DAYS wants him for more than three days, and he finds a way to do it. I have no idea what Nadia actually plans to do regarding DAYS.
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