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Best and Worst of 88

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Most Entertaining Couple Keith & Gina Timmons(Justin Deas/Robin Matson) Santa Barbara

Most Mismatched Couple Rick & Meredith Bauer(Michael O'Leary/Nicolette Goulet) Guiding Light

Best Wacko(Daytime) Leanna Newman(Barbara Crampton) Young & Restless

Best Wacko(Primetime) Jill Bennett (Teri Austin) Knots Landing

Best Love Story Cruz & Eden Castillo (A Martinez/Marcy Walker) Santa Barbara

Most Tortured Love Story Roman & Diana (Drake Hogestyn/Genie Francis) Days of Our Lives

Best Love Triangle Sonni/Josh/Will (Michelle Forbes/Robert Newman/Joseph Breen)

Worst Love Triangle Beth/Eric/Stephanie (Nancy Burnett/John McCook/Susan Flannery Bold & Beautiful

Best Reconciliation Richard & Angela Channing (David Selby/Jane Wyman) Falcon Crest

Worst Reconciliation Jim & Shana Vochek (Peter Davies/Susan Keith) Loving

Best Dressed Couple Duke & Anna Lavery (Ian Buchanan/Finola Hughes) General Hospital

Worst Dressed Couple Beau & Pam (Neil Maffin/Robin Morse) As The World Turns

Best Enemies Stephanie & Brooke (Susan Flannery/Katherine Kelly Lang) Bold & Beautiful

Best Partners in Crime Jill & Katherine (Jess Walton/Jeanne Cooper) Young & Restless

Best Comeback Charles Grant (Evan Bates) Another World

Biggest Letdown James Stenbeck's (Anthony Herrera) "Murder" As The World Turns

Most Intriguing Characters Richard Channing (David Selby) Falcon Crest Nina Webster(Tricia Cast) Young & Restless

Best Bickering Alan & Monica Quartermaine (Stuart Damon/Leslie Charleson) General Hospital

Palmer & Myra (James Mitchell/Elizabeth Lawrence) All My Children

Best Woman on the Edge Natalie Hunter (Kate Collins) All My Children

Most Over Exposed Heroine Lily Walsh (Martha Byrne) As The World Turns

Best Wedding Steve & Kayla (Stephen Nichols/Mary Beth Evans)Days of Our Lives

Best Breakup Tony & Lucy Jones (Brad Maule/Lynn Herring) General Hospital

Best Dual Role Marley/Vicky (Anne Heche) Another World

Best Split Personality Mason/Sonny (Lane Davies) Santa Barbara

Best Fantasy Harley's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Beth Ehlers) Guiding Light

Best Turnaroung Meg (Jennifer Ashe) As The World Turns

Best Teen Story Andy's (Scott DeFrietas) Alcoholism As The World Turns

Best Murder Mystery The Salem Knifer Days of Our Lives

Best Use of History The Reintroduction of the Frames/Iris'Return Another World

Best Location Sequence The Wild West One Life To Live

Best Limited Run Marilyn Michaels as Lolly Devore One Life To Live

Biggest Waste of Talent William Devane as Greg Sumner Knots Landing

Best New Characters Cheryl(Jennifer Anglin) Colton(Scott Thompson Baker) Charlene (Maree Cheatham)General Hospital

Most Obnoxious Character Skye Cudahy (Robin Christopher) All My Children

Best Vamp Tina (Andrea Evans) One Life To Live

Best Pimp Nick Corelli (George Jenesky) Days of Our Lives

Best Death Scene Jesse(Darnell Williams) All My Childern

Best Burial Silver Kane (Claire Beckman) All My Children

Best Confession Hank's Brian Starcher)Reveal -He's Gay As The World Turns

Most Shocking Twist Jack's (Michael Levin)Parents are Silvio & Sister Mary Joel Ryan's Hope

Most Creative Storyline Fraternity Row One Life To Live

Most Disappointing Show Days of Our Lives

Best Storyline Eden's Rape Santa Barbara

Worst Storyline Rowan's(James Healey) Revenge Dynasty

Best Primetime Show Falcon Crest

Most Ruined Show Dynasy

Best Daytime Show Santa Barbara

Best Casting Kirk(Tom Wiggin) As The World Turns Egypt(Linda Cook) Loving

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