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DAYS: Kristen Renton (Morgan) now on contract...

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Kristen Renton, who debuted as Morgan Hollingsworth on September 28, has been placed on contract, effective immediately. Her first contract airdate was Monday, December 3. Renton moved from her native Florida to California in 2001. She has previously appeared on "Now What?", "Scratch & Burn", "The Andy Dick Show", "Maybe It's Me", "The O.C." and "CSI: NY." She will be appearing in the upcoming made-for-tv movie "Ghouls." Kristen Louise Renton, 25, was born on September 14, 1982 in Clearwater, Florida. The contract cast now stands at 28 (full list below). http://members.aol.com/jason47b

Frances Reid - Alice Horton

Suzanne Rogers - Maggie Horton

Peggy McCay - Caroline Brady

Frank Parker - Grandpa Shawn Brady

Deidre Hall - Dr. Marlena Evans Black

James Reynolds - Abe Carver

Alison Sweeney - Sami Brady DiMera

Kristian Alfonso - Hope Williams Brady

Peter Reckell - Bo Brady

Lauren Koslow - Kate Roberts

Josh Taylor - Roman Brady

Bryan Dattilo - Lucas Roberts

Martha Madison - Belle Black Brady

Julie Pinson - Billie Reed

Rachel Melvin - Chelsea Benson

Darin Brooks - Max Brady

James Scott - E.J. DiMera

Stephen Nichols - Steve "Patch" Johnson

Mary Beth Evans - Kayla Brady Johnson

Brandon Beemer - Shawn Brady

Blake Berris - Nick Fallon

Jay Johnson - Philip Kiriakis

Shelley Hennig - Stephanie Johnson

Thaao Penghlis - Tony DiMera

Joseph Mascolo - Stefano DiMera

Nadia Bjorlin - Chloe Lane Black

Kristen Renton - Morgan Hollingsworth

Ashlee Holland - TBA (debuts 12/26/07)

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I just don't understand the point of this character when they set up that [!@#$%^&*] with Abby and Max and then...what? Why did they go back on their promise never to do more cousin loving with Stephanie too? Why, why, why?

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are shawn/belle/philip/chloe suposed to still be older than max/morgan/chelsea/nick/steph? actually arnt max and nick older than the girls? they should just mash the bunch of them together and add in lucas.

go all chloe/shawn/belle/philip/steph/max/morgan, nick/chelsea.

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This is one newer addition I can actually be happy about being on contract. Morgan has so much potential, and she is one of the very very few on the younger set that were good right off the bat.

This a wise move, IMO. KR has talent and Morgan's great. I would still love a Abby/Max/Morgan triangle if Abby returns.

Also technically, Max and maybe even Nick are supposed to be older than Shawn and Belle. Hell Stephanie is supposed to be older than Belle. The ages are so messed up on Days. :lol:

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This is good news. She is a good actress, and the show is in desperate need of characters that aren't related to the main families. As for putting her on contract and losing Drake and Renee; there's no way this actress would make close to what Drake and Renee made. So it's not as if, we lost John and Lexie for Morgan

BTW, whats this about Abby being cast? Is there a link to an audition script?

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