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DAYS: What is with all the violence?

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I am serious about this, so please keep it serious. I like to know what is up with all the violence on days lately. Since hogan sheffer took over, it has been none stop violence. I will admit i do like the violence but where is the romance. I to would like to see the romance for my favorite couples but since Hogan took over it been 90% violence 10% romance.

It been 1 year and a half and we only had like 2 love scenes with Santeen and Phelle. I thought the Santeen Love Scene was very well done and the best days did in a while but i mean she Santeen, we didn't really have alot of romance except for Phelle but it made me want to throw up. I am a Shelle fan and i was so disappointed when we only got like IDK 10 seconds for the love scene in April.

Since Hogan came on, we had Steve and Kayla getting poisoned, Shawn and Belle jumping from a ship with a baby, EJ getting shot, EJ and Sami getting locked in a steam room. John getting run down by a car, John getting Shot, Chelsea getting kidnapped and put on a bomb, Max and Stephanie jumping out a plane, Morgan almost getting raped, Andre planting a bomb everywhere in salem, EJ threaten to be shot with a shotgun while in bed, Andre pulling knives on everyone like Sami and Hope, Bo and Hope gets caught in a explosion at doug's place and i probably missed many more.

I understand Days is a soap opera and we need the action and the drama but we also need romance and that is something days is lacking alot these days.

I mean whatever happened to the shower scenes we use to get with John and Marlena or Bo and Hope. I would love to see a Nick and Chelsea love scene, come on the first time they made love they didn't even show it. WHAT A RIP OFF TO CHICK FANS but they were about to show Morgan getting raped by Ford Decker....Hogan sure make sense, he is sending the wrong message, does he think rape is romance or what. He was about the show the morgan rape scene until Max saved her, what if Max didn't save her, would we see the whole scene.

We are getting clips of Stephanie which looks like rape. I do appreciate some action but DAYS NEED ROMANCE HOGAN. You proved with Santeen's love scene you can write love scenes, why don't you do it regularly.

Hopefully with Dena Higly coming on board as Co-HW, she will bring the romance back and give us some love scenes. Maybe for EJAMI or Chick, Bope, Mormax etc.

Days use to have lots of romance before sheffer came in 2006, even under Reilly and the serial killer. We even got a roman and Marlena love scene in the castle.

What does Sheffer have against Romance. Please Sheffer give us romance for the couples and days will be the best show on tv, which right now it is aside from GH. SHEFFER THIS ISN'T GH WHICH HAS GUN SHOOTOUT LIKE EVERY SCENES, days is alot different then GH. please sheffer, give us the romance back.

I will admit we do get romance a few days out of a month but come on 2 love scenes in a year in a half.

If i was someone who lived in Salem, i would be afraid to live in Salem, the danger rate probably went up to like 90%.

IDK what Sheffer obsession with rape is and the scenes. He makes sense, he doesn't show when Nick and Chelsea first makes love and their first time is very special on soaps for a couple and he didn't even show it but he was willing to show Morgan getting raped by Ford Decker at his room, thank god for Max. SHEFFER, U ARE GIVING KIDS THE WRONG IDEA.

Please Sheffer, give the women of Salem their backbone back. I thought you said that when u came on that u would give every women a backbone, u are such a lair. Come on give Stephanie/Belle/Sami etc their backbone back. Its like you do it on purpose to make the men the hero.

Come on, please let Sami tell Lucas off, i can't stand him. Just pair ejami already and u shall get higher ratings. I am glad u gave Chelsea her backbone back when she told Ford Decker off the night he was supposedly caught trying to rape Morgan.

I loved that u sorta gave Stephanie who backbone back when she stood up to ford decker and called him a pig lol.

But come on, Romance needs to be on all the time, ok maybe not all the time but not 1-3 times a month.

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Ok...I'll bite.

Exactly what are you trying to say? I read your post (and disagree with some things), but it's completely contradictory to some of the statements you've.

The "romance" for DAYS has been missing for a while, not just before Hogan came onto the show. There have been intimate moments. Relationships aren't just about sex. Bo & Hope's scenes for his birthday were intimate. Steve & Kayla have had intimate moments and if I'm not mistaken, also made love this year. John & Marlena, the very few times they were on together did have some intimate moments.

Has DAYS relied on action/plot/violence a bit too much this past year, yes they have. But there are people who are happy on the show. Everyone isn't sleeping with someone behind their partner's backs. There isn't some third wheel that is trying to break them up all of the time, or people doing stupid things to sabotage their relationships (a pattern which happening entirely too much on some shows).

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true, i do agree with alot of what you say there, i mean i would love to see more of the playful scenes like with Bo and Hope and do you remember when Rex and Mimi always had those playful scenes, i miss those on days. Yes we do get some of those playful scenes with Chick but not alot anymore. I just always enjoyed these playful scenes especially with Bo and Hope. The bets are funny as hell lol.

Actually what Days need is Balance but it is better then from Jan-April.

I also mean, how many bombs has Sheffer used in like 6 weeks or something. He used like 6 bombs so far this who year and thats too many bombs. I would like something different from Sheffer.

Also but didn't hogan said in a interview when he came on that he would give the women their backbone back. OK, this whole Summer Stephanie didn't have one, she just took everything Jeremy dished at her.

well i am going to bed for the night, goodnight.

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actually i was being serious and making a point. Isn't rape consider a form of violence too, like having sex with a girl or women without their consent. Hogan does love rape but come on he does not make sense and he is sending the wrong message.

I know this is a soap but like i said before he doesn't make sense. He was probably going to show ford raping morgan but he didn't even show Nick and Chelsea's first time.

One word to Hogan, Days had enough rape storys and i am quite tired of them. I say after the campus rapist which is being handled very well IMO, they should stay away from the topic of rape.

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Are you talking about DAYS, or about daytime in general? Because, quite frankly, that's more or less what most soap fans are saying.

In other words, just an average day in Salem.

Thank goodness for small favors.

No, he thinks rape is comedy. Exhibit A? When Julia (Lindsay) forced Jack to have sex with her, on ATWT.


Now I know what Diet Coke-through-the-nostrils feels like. Ouch.

(BTW, StephanieLover, you owe me a new laptop.)

Dude! He's, like, a dude.



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