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Daytime’s The Dead & The Killed Off

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Daytime’s The Dead & The Killed Off


Phillip R. M. Chancellor II (1973-1976)

Stuart Brooks (1973-1983)

Phillip Chancellor III (1976-1989)

Dr. Steven Lassiter (1987-1989)

Cassandra Hall Rawlins (1988-1991)

David Kimble (1986-1991)

Dr. Scott Grainger (1987-1993)

Rex Sterling/Brian Romalotti (1987-1994)

Blade M. Bladeson (1993-1995)

Luan/Mai Yun Volien (1994-1996)

Nathan Hastings (1985-1996)

Sasha Green (1995-1997)

Dr. Joshua Landers (1996-1998)

Veronica Landers/Sarah Lindsey (1997-1998)

Antonio Viscardi (1996-2000)

Matt Clark (1994-2001)

Ryan McNeil (1991-2001)

Cassie Newman (1997-2005)

Bobby Marsino/Charles Robert Cassen (2003-2005)

Tom Fisher (2005-2006)

John Abbott (1980-2006)

Sheila Carter (1990-2007)

Drucilla Barber Winters (1990-2007)

D.A. William Bardwell (2006-2007)

Ji Min Kim (2006-2007)


Joe Roberts (1950-1955)

Katherine Roberts Holden (1950-1958)

Anne Benedict Fletcher (1956-1962)

Helene Benedict (1958-1966)

Julie Conrad Bauer (1962-1966)

Robin Lang Fletcher (1956-1967)

Margaret Scott & Benjamin Scott (1965-1968)

Miss Mildred Foss (1968-1970)

Stanley Norris (1969-1971)

Lee Gantry (1968-1971)

Leslie Jackson Bauer (1966-1973)

Elsie Miller Franklin (1956-1977)

Jackie Scott Marler (1976-1982)

Mark Evans/Samuel Pasquin (1981-1983)

Hillary Bauer (1977-1984)

Brandon Spaulding (1979-1985)

Bert Bauer (1950-1986)

Miss Sally Gleason (1983-1987)

Maureen Bauer (1993)

Phillip Spaulding (2004)

Ross Marler (1979-2005)

Special Class

Bill Bauer (1952-1969; 1977-1983)

Roger Thorpe/Adam Malik (1971-1980; 1989-2004)

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Meg Bentley Baldwin (1966-1973)

Phil Brewer (1963-1974)

Lucille March (1963-1976)

Susan Moore (1978-1983)

D.L. Brock (1983-1985)

Jessie Brewer (1963-1991)

Dawn Winthrop (1989-1991)

Edge Jerome (1990-1991)

Dominique Stanton Baldwin (1991-1993)

Bill Eckert (1991-1993)

B.J. Jones (1986-1994)

Frank Smith (1980-1994)

Michael/Stone Cates (1993-1995)

Dr. Steve Hardy (1963-1996)

Damian Smith (1993-1996)

Mary Mae Ward (1994-1996)

Lily Rivera Corinthos (1994-1996)

Dr. Pierce Dorman (1996-1997)

Katherine Bell (1993-1999)

Ruby Anderson (1979-2000)

Chloe Morgan (1999-2001)

Kristina Cassadine (2001-2002)

Dr. Rick Webber (1976-2002)

Summer Halloway (2002-2003)

Stefan Cassadine (1996-2003)

John Jacks (1996-2003)

**Dr. Karen Wexler (1992-2003) Killed off on Port Charles**

Zander Smith (2000-2004)

Lila Morgan Quartermaine (1978-2004)

Sage Alcazar (2003-2004)

A.J. Quartermaine (1979-2005)

Faith Rosco (2002-2005)

Danny McCall (2004-2006)

Dr. Tony Jones (1984-2006)

Courtney Matthews (2001-2006)

Off. Jesse Beaudry (2005-2006)

John Durant (2004-2006)

Justus Ward (1994-2006)

Manny Ruiz (2005-2006)

Diego Alcazar (2004-2006)

Dr. Alan Quartermaine (1977-2007)

Lorenzo Alcazar (2003-2007)

Special Class: Stavros Cassadine (1983; 2001)


Phillip Brent (1970-1981)

Dr. Charles Tyler (1970-1983)

Jenny Gardner (1981-1984)

Katherine Martin (1970-1985)

Jesse Hubbard (1981-1988)

Billy Clyde Tuggle (1977-1990)

Will Cortlandt (1988-1992)

Natalie Marlowe Dillon (1985-1993)

Mona Kane (1970-1994)

Travis Montgomery (1987-2000)

Simone Torres (2001-2006)

Dixie Cooney (1988-2007)

Phoebe Wallingford (1970-2005)

Gillian Andrassy Lavery (1997-2001)

Leo du Pres (1999-2002)

Trevor Dillion (1989-2005)

Edmund Grey (1992-2005)

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David Siegel (1968-1972)

Meredith Lord Wolek (1968-1973)

Tim Siegel (1969-1976)

Joe Riley (1968-1979)

Lt. Vincent Wolek (1968-1981)

Olympia Buchanan (1980-1981)

Tony Lord (1975-1983)

Samantha Vernon Garretson (1976-1984)

Didi O'Neill Buchanan (1984-1988)

Sarah Gordon Buchanan (1987-1992)

Megan Gordon Harrison (1988-1992)

Sloan Carpenter (1992-1995)

Luna Moody Holden (1991-1996)

Jenny Wolek (1975-1997)

John Carpenter (1996-1997)

Drew Buchanan (1983-1998)

Ian Armitage (1997-1998)

Mel Hayes (1997-1999)

Colin MacIver (2000-2001)

Mitch Laurence (1985-2003)

Sam Rappaport (1998-2003)

Gabrielle Medina (1986-2004)

Dr. Ben Davidson (1999-2004)

Alonzo Holden (1987-2004)

Keri Reynolds (2001-2004)

Jennifer Rappaport (2001-2005)

Paul Cramer (2003-2005)

Patrick Thornhart (1995-2005)

Margaret Cochran (2004-2006)

Demerest/Duke Buchanan (1992-2006)

ADA Hugh Hughes (2005-2006)

Dr. Spencer B. Truman (2005-2007)

Asa Buchanan (1979-2007)

Special Class: Victor Lord (1968-1976; 2003)

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Claire English Shea (1956-1971)

William Hughes (1956-1976)

Dr. Daniel Stewart (1958-1979)

Christopher Hughes (1956-1986)

Dr. David Stewart (1960-1991)

Bryant Montgomery (1987-2001)

Jake McKinnon (1999-2002)

Rose D'Angelo (2000-2003)

Hal Munson Jr. (1985-2006)

Jennifer Munson Donovan (1990-2006)


Addie Horton (1965-1974)

Daphne DiMera (1982-1984)

Dr. Tom Horton (1965-1994)

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thats would be...

on this l;ittle thing called a message board most of us adress eachother by our display name. and usualy we shorten it down. Example you ask? My username is JackPeyton. People call me jack on here. Jack isnt my name IRL, but it is on here. It use to be Degrassi, but i changed it. tahst the way it works.

ur username shortned is Ru.

k. thats it.

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    • I was probably the only one in the target age range at the time who was impressed by that lol.  ATWT seemed to me like GL's older (I know, I know, GL was first by a long shot, but you wouldn't have known it going by the cast members who were on the show by then), stable, more popular sibling, even if that popularity was waning.  As other soaps disappointed me, that sense of consistency started to appeal to me.  Even though I never found ATWT compelling long-term whenever I tuned in in those years, and of course it had as much turmoil behind the scenes as the other network/sponsor-owned shows by then.
    • Lol didn’t they kinda do that when GT’s Phyllis dyed her hair blonde?
    • The Rauch version seemed abruptly truncated in comparison to the full one—like the video and audio weren't actually edited at all for that, they just deleted a whole portion—but with a little money put in upfront to it could have worked.  So many memorable scenes in the early '90s had included that theme as background and/or picked up the next day and segued into that opening...even the brief hint of that music evokes memories for me.  Not to mention, they would have saved money in the long run without having to update cast photos or keep paying for new openings. I doubt you could prove a connection with ratings, but I actually think it's interesting that Y&R has remained the highest rated for so long and DAYS is (was?) one of the last soaps, while both stuck with their original theme songs.  And each theme became part of broader pop culture in some unexpected ways over the years: Mary J Blige, Close Encounters, etc.  Who's to say that kind of free publicity didn't help keep those shows on casual viewers' minds at some point?  But it's also a case of the chicken and the egg - a mainstream entertainment project would probably not give that kind of shout-out to a soap or its theme music if both weren't so familiar to people.
    • Yes to all of this. I mean I wouldn’t have mind seeing Nate find success and media attention with his Ask MD website or whatever but the switch to a media executive was the worst. 
    • Honestly, as long as they don't do the shaky cam stuff, I've been thinking it's bad enough now to lean into the Peapack model. Film at a real courthouse on the weekend instead of making a set, a real park instead of Chancellor park....
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