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Dual Roles

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>> The Calliope Robot

This better not be the legacy you're trying to reclaim, DAYS.

>> did they ever have a scene with both together?

I know Susan Haskell did a brief stint on PORT CHARLES, but no, I don't think Patrick and Ian ever shared a scene together. (If I'm wrong, though, I apologize.)

>> Troy/Colin was only barely dual.

Same pecs, different name.

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Marley/Vicky, AW - Ellen Wheeler and Anne Heche

Sharlene/Sharly, AW - Split personality but Anna Holbrook was great

Lily/Rose, ATWT


Adam/Stuart, AMC

Frannie/Sabrina, ATWT

Katherine/Marge, Y&R


Cass/Rex, AW

Justine/Rachel, AW

Simon/Donovan, ATWT

Alex/Anna, AMC

Gwen/Cleo, ATWT

Vicky/Marley, AW - Jensen Buchanan

Karen/Cindy, AMC

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Back in the early 80's Y&R had Velekka Grey playing dual roles -Dr Sharon Reaves and Ruby the manicurist.

There was no connection between the characters and I'm sure most viewers wouldn't have realised they were played by the same actress.

Sharon was Jack and Patty's marriage counsellor-poised and professional - dressed for success -suit,blouse.hair pulled back.

Ruby was a gum chewing chatty gal with a short curly wig,who (I think)interacted mainly with Lauren.

I think the Sharon character was on longer and I wonder how this dual role came about...

Others not mentioned so far:

Catherine Hickland Jenny/Julie Capitol

Michelle Forbes Sonni/Solita GL

What was the first dual role on a soap??

In the early 60's Ray McDonnell played Phil Capice on Edge of Night.The story had him kidnapped and replaced by a lookalike imposter.

On Love of Life, Joan Copeland played Maggie Porter.After Maggie died ,Joan played her twin Kay.

Anyone remember more-past and present?

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Phyllis/Sheila, Y&R-Michelle Stafford

Alexis/Dobson, GH-Nancy Lee Grahn

Kristen/Susan/Sister Mary Moira, DOOL-Eileen Davidson

Noah/Eli Love, GH-Rick Springfield

Vicky/Marley, AW-Anne Heche

Vicky/Marley, AW-Jensen Buchanan

Viki/Niki, OLTL-Erika Slezak

Sharlene/Sharly, AW-Anna Holbrook

Lily/Rose, ATWT, ATWT- Martha Bryne

Adam/Stuart, AMC-David Canary

Frannie/Sabrina, ATWT-Julianne Moore

Katherine/Marge, Y&R-Jeanne Cooper

Simon/Donovan, ATWT-Paul Leyden

Alex/Anna, AMC-Finola Hughes


Jessica/Tess, OLTL

Justine/Rachel, AW

Gwen/Cleo, ATWT

Cindy/Karen, AMC

Am I missing any? :D Dual roles are overused. Put this plot device to rest.

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Does anyone see Michael Nader reprising his role as Dimitri Marick if Finola Hughes would agree to play Alexandra & Anna Devane at the same time on GH? Hughes needs a story in which she can sink her teeth into, and a dual role would do just that. Maybe they can entice Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms to reprise their roles.

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