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Y&R: Who Should Replace LML, When The Time Comes?

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OK, there's no denying that Y&R, the show that was once labeled the "gold standard of daytime", is in the toilet. With ratings erratic and predictably hitting new lows soon, you just know CBS/Sony/Bell are not going to be pleased. If reviews continue to be harsh and the audience continues to tune out, Latham's reign of terror will definitely be over. CBS is definitely not going to stand and watch the cornerstone and pride of their soap lineup further deteriorate into a shadow of its former self.

With that said, who would hire to replace Latham as head writer and executive producer?

Here are some of my thoughts:

-They should beg Kay Alden to come back, since ABC passed on her. She might've burnt out a bit towards the end of her stint on the show, but she knows the identity of the show more than anyone else.

-Bring back writers such as Trent Jones and James Houston, who've had a significant history with the show and make them the new head writers. Again, writers like them know the history of the show and would certainly open up a new interpretation of the serial, when compared to Smith/Alden.

-Hire a fresh new writer, but make sure they learn the rich and long history of the show, before they're given the task of head writing it. I'd suggest someone like Lorraine Broderick, I've always thought she'd be a good fit for Y&R. Unlike many other writers, she makes it top priority to know the history of the shows she's writing and she always does character-driven stories, because she's very much a character-driven writer. Look at the mess ATWT was in after Black and Stern, Broderick was able to clean their mess up and draw the show closer to its original identity. If given creative control, I think she could do the same with Y&R. It's a shame she isn't writing for any show now, her talent is greatly missed on daytime.

As for EP:

First of all, I'm tired of Y&R making its head writer its executive producer as well. I think this seriously makes the output of the show homogenized, therefore not very well-rounded.

- They need to beg Ed Scott and offer him all the money in the world to come back. With Bill Bell gone, he knows Y&R from inside-out, like no other.

-Or they could hire someone from new, who would also appreciate Y&R and its rich history. I think someone like Wendy Riche would be good, sure she burnt out towards the end of her GH stint. However, for the most part, prior to GH, she had no daytime experience and ended up garnering the show immense critical acclaim and winning an insane amount of Emmy's. She also appreciated the vets on that show and always commented how special veteran actors are to soaps.

Anyway, who would you suggest?

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I think if Kay Alden is finished consulting for ABC she'd be the prime choice and get some of those former staff writers back ASAP!

Alden mentioned the person she wanted to take over after she left is still writing for the show so maybe appoint her as Kay's co-HW.

What ever CBS does, do not, and I repeat do not hire a flashy stunt driven writer like Lynn Marie Latham.

Lorraine Broderick would also be a good choice. She has brought critical acclaim to every soap she has written for. The four writing emmy's AMC won, (1987, 1996, 1997 and 1998) Lorraine was either co-HW or sole HW.

This woman is too talented to be unemployed and Y&R would be the right environment for her.

As for EP. Ed Scott would be the likely choice....... just because of his years of loyal service. I don't know who's bright idea is was to think head writers should also be executive producers.

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Why four newbies when Y&R is already suffering because of newbies? I think your suggestion would be better suited for AMC, GL, ATWT, or GH.

People with 2 years or less experience with the show:

Lynn Marie Latham - NEW

Scott Hamner - NEW

Paula Cwikly - NEW

Lynsey Dufour - NEW

Bernard Lechowick - NEW

James Stanley - NEW

Marina Alburger - NEW

Neil Landau - NEW

Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld - NEW

Josh Griffith - NEW

Anthony Morina - NEW

Y&R has always been a show that built/promoted from within. It was the Bill Bell way.

Bringing back Kay Alden and Ed Scott is a must. Scott would be EP and Kay Alden would be co-HW with her protege (I think it's either Janice Ferri Esser or Natalie Minardi Slater). And of course you bring back Y&R veterans like Trent Jones, Jim Houghton, Joshua S. McCaffrey and Kathy Foster. You also let the directors bring back Y&R's signature transitions and pans that made Y&R look so cool. LOL

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EP - Ed Scott or John Conboy or a combination of both. Conboy would definitely give Y&R's production values a much needed boost, plus he was the original EP who made the show what it is from a production stand point. His stint on GL wasn't successful because of Ellen Weston, IMO. The show has looked a mess since he left. He works well on glam soaps (also did Capitol).

HW - I'd beg Kay Alden to return and suggest Jack Smith for B&B where he really shined (from what I hear). I just worry that the two are pissed from being fired. Hell, Smith was fired after winning and Emmy and while his son was dying.

Now if they pissed the others off too much to return, I worry they'll hire someone new. I just see it getting worse and further away from Y&R. My top choice would be Claire Labine, but who knows if she wants the gig. This Lorraine Broderick also sounds good, but why not bring her back to ATWT?

Whoever they choose, I hope they bring back some of the old writers. This is going to be make or break for Y&R.

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Hate to tell yall this, but Lynn is going NOWHERE.

She will be HW for at least another 5 years if not more, and CBS has given her a

contract like nobody's business. They're also the ones dictating some of the changes

and they LOVE Lynn, not to mention, they don't blame her for the rating fluctuations.

Daytime overall is leaking viewers and in the last few months it's gotten worse across

the board. This isn't just soaps, but all of daytime.

Lynn will be bringing in co-heads from time to time so that she can have time off

for her golf game and other activities. When you're Executive Producer, you have it

like that.

Your best bet would be to wish for a new HW at "ATWT" or "GL", because the Bell soaps

are in suspended LOCK motion.


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Oh, IMissDrusilla, I got scared for a while there. Yes, I am well aware that she must've gotten a fabulous deal, but I think that there are parts of the deal which say what exactly is her assignment at Y&R – and that means higher ratings. So, yes, they will keep her for some time, but then their patience will end, and she'll be fired. When will that happen? Not soon, I'm afraid.

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Surely, there's a clause in LML's contract stipulating that they can fire her after a certain cycle is over.

I wish disastrous ratings on this show during the summer, that's likely the only way we're going to get any chance. CBS has always valued Y&R's ratings more so than any other soaps on their lineup, we'll just have to wait and see.

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No network would give Latham an air tight contract. There will be outs. 5 years is like 50 in today's soap world. Alot can change and most certainly will change. While I agree Lynn probably still has an extended shelf life I still think/hope CBS wouldn't be foolish enough to let her stay on to the point where the show can't recover. Because I can tell you now, at the rate this show is self destructing, it won't be long until some if not all of Lynn's damage is irreversible. The show is dying, and dying faster than we ever could dream possible. I mean two years ago if someone told us, Y&R would no longer be the top soap in terms of overall quality we'd all say they're nuts!

Currently, GH, DAYS, AMC, GL and maybe even ATWT in terms of quality and being watchable, are ahead of Y&R. Y&R for me is unwatchable. That never ever in my time watching the show (13 years) has ever been the case.

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Barbara Bloom adores LML and so does CBS. Lynn Latham executive produced the District for years for CBS. They adore her and wanted her at Y&R for awhile. LML's appointment meant CBS was finally getting involved at Y&R. When Bell was at the helm CBS never was allowed to interfere ever. LML has fired almost all the old Bell people. She fired Ed Scott, John Smith, Kathy Foster, Kay Alden and a bunch of others. Claire Labine is not returning to daytime. She is old and very sick apparently.

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