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OLTL: upcoming spoiler tidbits

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Casting Calls:

"Kandi"--appears to be a dayplayer role. She is a hooker to appears to have spend the night with a wacked out Todd in a hotel room. Blair and John then walk in on them the following day. Link to description of the Showfax script: http://soapzone.com/boards/read.php/oltl/main/625833

"Evan"--there have two versions of this script released. In the first, he shares scenes with Natalie, and the two appear to be good friends. She walks in on him in her hotel room, they talk and he asks her out. She tells him that she can't tonight because she has dinner plans with John. Link to the first Showfax script: http://www.melissaarcher.net/media/evan.pdf

In the second script, he also shares scenes with Natalie. This time it appears that the two don't know each other. He barges in on her working in Asa's office at B.E.. Natalie doesn't seem to know what to make of him. He is from the U.K. He says his hometown is Kensington, which is near London. He seems to know a lot about Natalie's background. She threatens him with Asa's shotgun, but ends up deciding to give him an interview. Link to the second Showfax script: http://www.melissaarcher.net/media/evan2.pdf

Here is a little more information about "Evan", which by all indications is a contract role:

From: http://www.myentertainmentworld.com/mew/au...newlisting.html

(New York, NY) - Send photographs & resumes ASAP to: Details Are only Available By Subscription.. Title: ONE LIFE TO LIVE, TV Daytime Series for ABC. EXEC PROD, Frank Valentini. Audition Dates: June 1, 2007. Shoot Dates: Early July, 2007. Breakdown-- Evan: Late 20's-Early 30's, British, Caucasian. Handsome, dynamic and charming, powerful and sexy. Evan exudes confidence. He is emotionally detached .... the man women want but know their hearts will be broken. (Posted: May 23, 2007)

On an interesting sidenote, at Showfax.com, beside the first script, Julie Madison is listed as the casting director. Mark Treschner is listed as the casting director.


Justis Bolding first airs as Sarah Roberts on June 14th. She will also air on June 15th as well. However, I am unsure of her airdates beyond that time.

May 31st--Lisa Miller portrays Dr. Pearce

June 14th and 15th--Jordann Beal portrays Aimee. (The actress looks to be a teen, so she will probably be a part of the high school musical prom stuff)/

June 22nd--Michael Shimkin portrays a Process Server.

The high school prom musical episodes will air from Friday, June 15th through Wednesday, June 20th. Expect lots of dayplayer teens, as well as some adult dayplayers, to appear in those episodes.

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This teen Aimee, could possibly be a recast of Britney's friend who's been listed as "Amy" previously, and played by Skylar Porter?

Glad Natalie's getting a new love interest. I do not like her with Vincent. I do like Vincent with Layla however. Hmmm, British guy. I wonder who could play "Evan"?? Maybe Paul Leyden (ex-Simon Frasier, ATWT)?

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