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GH: Sonny Corthinos and the ladies

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I was watching GH yesterday and really LOVED the Brenda mention when Sonny was talking with Carly. Out of all the women the character of Sonny has been paired with, who do you feel he had the most chemistry with?

My vote is Vanessa Marcil's Brenda Barrett.

Other than Luke and Laura, there was no other other couple that generated as much heat as GH's Sonny and Brenda.

Maybe it was the era of soaps back then, but GH ROCKED in those 90s years! Claire Labine was just brilliant!

So who do you think Maurice had the best chemistry with?

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I think Sonny and Brenda -- but I believe Maurice had to step his game up when they paired him with Sarah Brown. There was no phoning it in where she was concerned. I think most of the Sonny/Carly saga was placed in Tamara Braun's hands -- and he coasted a lot with her, so I don't by Sonny's love for Carly now because I never really felt it back in those Tamara Braun days, either.

But I did see the chemistry between Sonny and Brenda during VM's brief stint 2002-2003.

The thing is Maurice has no real bag of tricks -- he's a one trick pony where Sonny is concerned, so he comes across playing the scenes the same way no matter who Sonny's in love with.

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