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  1. I hated the Spinoff, Addison should stay with the Grey's Cast.
  2. I agree with you. She is so jealous her entire eyeballs are green.
  3. I think it was the writing because I really felt it last week, he was so lost. This week, he was written very disjointed, as if they wouldn't allow him to give into the pain and that is weird. I know its Doctor protocal to keep on despite what happens but when it comes to a situation like that, it is strange to see someone have to suck it up and keep going.
  4. If I was Callie, I would have knocked the hell out of Izzy.
  5. Same here. She was being too unresponsive, that's why I thought she just couldn't be real.
  6. Same here. As soon as Burke got tired of her ordering him and everyone else around, now all of a sudden he is a danger. She was happy to get all the perks of being involved with him, happy to order resident doctors around and keep them out of surgeries, but the minute she got her feelings hurt, she gave him up.
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