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Got these from the ATWT MSN Group...

(You must have a MSN or Hotmail e-mail and apply to be a member before you are able to get spoilers.)

Week of March 5th:

From Lynda Hirsh:

Gwen receives a package from Adam containing her wedding ring. Gwen and Maddie dig for Adam's body, but it's not there. They realize somebody knows what they did. Gwen fears Jade learned the truth and moved the body. Luke tells Holden he's not going on the class trip to Florida for spring break. Luke finally admits that the trip is a hook-up scene — and he doesn't have anyone. Dusty presses Emily to tell Jack the truth about her bruises, but Emily insists that the bruises are her business — and not a police matter. Emily arrives to talk to Cheri and discovers Dusty asking Jack about Cheri's escort service at the Avalon. Jack agrees to look into it. Paul picks up Ethan's teddy bear and has a disturbing vision of a covered baby and a screaming woman. Paul urges Holden to destroy the teddy bear before the vision becomes a reality. Ethan gets a bear identical to the one Holden destroyed. Katie is stunned when Vienna announces that she and Henry are in love. Jack and Katie are growing close.


Coming soon (week of 3/12):

Gwen goes to meet Adam after he mysteriously contacts her.

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