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ATWT: SOW and SOD Spoilers for March 6th issues

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Winterguy, it is not what is allowed anymore is what has been always allowed. Don't think I am singling you out by doing this here but you asked the question so it is the perfect opportunity.

The rules have been posted right here in DTS: Spoiler Island by Ryan since November 3, 2005. People have been reminded from time to time, but some have just not ever looked at the rules that are right there.

See http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=1800

As far as your question, I do not have the magazines, but if the material you are linking too is copied word for word from the mags then no they are not allowed. It is copyright infringement and can get Errol into a lot of trouble. The rule is not to be picky but it is a law that has to be adhered too.

They can be rewritten and paraphrased but cannot be copied word for word.

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Helpin' ya out here, winter! :P


Emily runs into Eliot at a business meeting. This is the same guy who gave her insider information regarding someone with a cocaine addiction. Emily covers in front of Dusty. Agrees to go with Elliott to his room. He attacks her. It's gruesome. Susan, worried, calls Dusty. Dusty concludes that Emily must have had a one night stand with some scumbag who hit her and she's too embarassed to talk about it. She didn't learn her lesson though. She goes back to work. "It's pathetic, isn't it?", says Kelly Menighan-Hensley

Winners and Losers:

Winner- Margo being sworn in as Chief of Detectives showed viewers Hal wasn't forgotten

Loser- Adam...He's a wussy and a jerk.

IN- David Oliver Cohen and Ian Hoge (Kip and Jared): Some former gambling classmates come to hit Casey up for their money on 2/27

Troy Britton Johnson(lawyer): Vienna isn't happy with the news she gets from this guy on Feb 27th

Sneak Peeks:

Week of Feb 26th:

Iris decides to try and blackmail Gwen

Lily gets advice from Craig (re: business)

Maddie makes a secret trip to the morgue

Can't Miss Monday Feb 26th The Puck stops at Jack and Katie.

Week of March 5th:

Jack gives Katie a shoulder to cry on.

Paul sees a baby Ethan in his newest vision.


Taking out the stuff that SOW already reported...

The show is obviously hinting at a Jack/Brad/Katie triangle. Terri Colombio doesn't want them to rush things for Katie's love life, saying it's too soon to fall in love again. Katie and Jack decide to go to a hockey game as friends. Just as Katie's luck would have it, a stray hockey puck hits her square in the eye. Brad decides to steal her thunder (on Oakdale Now) since Katie has a very hideous black eye. Colombino says that the karma from Katie stealing Molly's job all those years ago at WOAK is finally catching up to her. Jack tells Brad to go easy on Katie, but instead, he goes at her two times harder, even insulting her on the air. Katie tries to figth back. It's no use. Colombino loves working with Michael Park (Jack). Says they're good friends in real life and never imagined they'd get the opportunity to work face to face.

Meanwhile, Henry's gettin' his freak on with Vienna. She forgets all about the Snyder boys once she sees what a Coleman's made of. :P Though Katie doesn't find out about the Henry/Vienna sexcapade this week..Colombino predicts a storm a-brewin'. "That's sacred ground to Katie," Colombino giggles.


2/28: Vienna and Henry get jiggy with it. "They could have ended up clashing, but they don't It's a beautiful melting pot together, " says Ewa da Cruz.

3/02: Faith hurts her mother's feelings when she starts throwing accusations around.

What will happen:

Jade's suspicions make Gwen amd Maddie very uneasy.

Emily finds herself in a harmful situation out of her control.

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