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NYU students invited to special taping of OLTL


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This is from the OLTL voy board. It is referring to New York University students being invited to attend a special taping of OLTL. Apparently it was sent out as an upcoming events e-mail to their students:

No link, but here was what was sent out:



Wednesday March 7th, 11:15 arrival time

ABC Studios, 320 West 66th Street (just past West End)

Featuring Adriana and Tate along with “The View”

Co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar!

(Yummy snacks & lunch too!)

ARRIVAL TIME: 11:15am. No later than 11:30 sharp!

END TIME: At the latest, 6pm.

REQUIREMENTS: Everyone attending must be college-age and big fans of “One Life To Live.” Please note that you must stay for the entire taping.

CONFIRMATION REQUIRED (it gave e-mail address to write in to reserve a seat)

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