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ATWT: SOD spoilers for the week of the 19th

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Thanks to RHfan of the PGP boards for taking the time to type this out. http://www.pgpphoto.com:3864/showthread.php?t=23786

Roger Howarth’s contract at ATWT is up this year and there are industry rumors that OLTL has made inquiries about his possible return- not at Todd, the role he originate and which is now played by TSJ, but as another family member. “We don’t comment on contracts,” reiterates an ATWT spokesperson. However, word is that Howarth is expected to stay where he is.

Rumor of SC being recast, as Mike are NOT true.

Meg has sex with Craig.

Ever since a patient died because of her negligence and the woman's grieving, vengeful husband was killed in a hospital shooting, ATWT's Meg has been struggling to get her life together. This week, she continues her downward spiral, hoping to quell her haunting memories by downing a few pills. "Just to help her sleep. Her mind is racing and she thinks this will calm her down. Not really thinking, she takes them with alcohol," Chuckles MW (Meg). "In a way, she's at the point where she doesn't care. She killed somebody. The guilt weighing on her is tremondous."

Craig finds her passed out and once again comes to her aid. "He throws her in a cold shower to revive her," says Wilson, who notes that Craig always seems to be there when Meg is at her most vulnerable. "Isn't that convenient for him? He tries to help her and she's grateful to him for snapping her out of it."

After an honest heart-to-heart about the mistakes they've made in their respective pasts, one thing leads to another and they end up having sex. But in her post-coital bliss, Meg accidentally says Paul's name. "Oops!" laughs Wilson. "Deep down she still loves Paul; they were going to get married. That's another struggle she's trying to deal with: leaving him and standing by what she believes. Basically, she tells Craig that she and Paul have had a relationship for a long time and she can't shut it off just like that. It is what it is. Meg has always been straightforward. She's trying to figure it all out, but she tries to be as honest as possible."

Meg is busy apologizing and asking Craig to stay when Paul - who has just saved Parker and Faith from a vicious dog attack - stumbles up to her room. "He shows up at the door, bloody and injured," teases Wilson. "And that's all I can say about that!"

NuAlison starts on Y&R 2/22 and go to ATWT 3/21.

Ian Kahn at Eliot who gets a little rough with Emily on 2/22.


Katie gets a painful reminder that mike isn’t coming back 2/23.

Iris, who was Adam’s partner in crime, puts the pieces together and confronts Gwen 2/26.

Emily has trouble keeping her new occupation a secret.

Maddie makes a fetal error in her efforts to cover up her crime.

Jack’s bond with a new woman grows.

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