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Y&R: Spoilers for wk of Feb. 19th

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Oh my God! That's the most idiotic sh!t I've heard in a long, long time in regards to Y&R. Seriously... that sounds so "NBC." Latham just doesn't fit this show. She'd be great elsewhere, on a more shock-value soap. But she's wrecking Y&R.

So Amber drugs Cane, Alison steals his clothes and dresses up as him... then she and Amber marry one another in the Vegas chapel with Ali as "Cane," only for Amber to return home and place the ring on Cane's finger? Is this Amber's way of tricking him into marriage or something? Christ almighty, that's ssssstupid.

So convoluted!

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<_<I thought we'd already seen the dumbest isht possible on Y&R with the not one, but TWO bungled returns of Sheila in the past couple of years. But apparently, we have not. :rolleyes: I can't believe Y&R is turning into a 60 minute version of B&B. Almost completely unwatchable. :angry:
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Hey Dru!

A lot of us have missed you and your posts, hope your doing well......:)

I agree about Y&R it's getting harder and harder to watch......

The characters get dumber, stories don't make sense and end up fizzling out like Alka-Seltzer...LML shoving annoying characters like Amber down our throats.....LML has also created some of the most bizare characters with odd names......

Jana Hawkes (Odd Character All Around)

Hurricane "Cane" with no last name (Odd Name, Undecided about him being an Odd Character as of yet)

Baby Fenmore aka Fen ( May LML burn in hell for giving Lauren's son or any kid for that matter that ODD first name)

Carmen Mesta (Character So Boring That She Got To Be The Center Of A Murder Mystery)

Maggie Sullivan (A Detective that's so nosy that she almost got herself killed by Pheilla)

David Chow (So so character so far, but the last name reminds me of Dog Chow)

Professor Adrian Korbel (The Actor is FINE (looks wise) and plays what he's given as story well, but the Character is getting more whimpy and sissyfied by the day)

Words cannot describe the utterly craptastic Pheilla storyline that was only done for the shock value LML thought it would provide, and if I did use the words that would accurately describe it; I'd probably get warned or banned from SON...... ;)

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Jana had potential but it was wasted.

Korbel had major potential but it's being wasted and no one gives a crap about him anymore.

David has potential but I bet that's squandered too.

Fen is a stupid name.

Cane isn't a bad name but did she have to go the "HurriCANE" route? Ugh that's so stupid.

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