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America's Next Top Model Cycle 7


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Oh no, AJ got the boot! Dang, bc I liked her too. I guess it was the best for her though bc she wasnt into it.

Im liking hte photoshoots. This one was really interesting. I thought Melrose did really well and loved her Donald Trump....lol. Brooke's Britney was fierce! She rocked it and looked amazing in that photo. I didnt like Eugenia's at all.

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I'm disgusted pretty much...between AJ leaving and Jeffrey winning Project Runway...I'm just pissed all around.

I don't care who wins ANTM...but I think it will be one of the twins...

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I loved Brooke! :(

Sending her home on GRADUATION night was pouring salt to the wound. Ew-Gena or Jae-daman should've left.

-I didn't like thw twin's B&W photo. None of them seemed sexy to me.

I'm not feeling Anchal's sob story. She whines about being heavy, then stop having FOUR eggs for breakfast!

-Caridee's desperate now? GMAFB! She's the best one there.

-Melrose? Please die.

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TYRA BANKS IS A [[email protected]#$%^&*]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe she said that about Brooke's graduation. Brookes pictures may not have been to die for but she was waaaayyyyy better then some of those girls. I would have to told Tyra to eat sh*t.

I can see that E-uglyskin(ever hear of Clearasil) and Jeadaman(quit [[email protected]#$%^&*]ing about your hair, it'll grow back) are going to be like Ann from cycle 3. She had crappy pictures almost every week but she made it to the final four. What crap!!!

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Brooke was my favorite. I cant beleive Tyra sent her home. Why did she keep Eugenia? She is nothing special

And she doesn't even cause drama a la Bree/Ya-Ya/Jade.

There's NO REASON to keep her, quality or entertainment wise.

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Ok, here's my thoughts:

CariDee. Love her! She's just so beautiful and she really looks like a real model. Her photos are great, she's not nasty or whiny like some others either. She's my favprite of them all.

Melrose. She's sooooo annoying. But she does take nice pictures.

Brooke. I don't like the fact that she got sent home. And the comment from Tyra about her graduation was just too rude! :angry:

Jaeda. She's not a favorite. I agree with ehr when she says she looks like a guy. She had the look with her longer hair, and it shows even more now, Tyra should have cut her hair that short!

The twins. I don't like how the judges keeps comparing them. They're two different people. I do think one of them should have been sent home beaucse I simply don't think they're pretty. And you should atleast be pretty if you're in this business.

Anchal. She's beautiful and all, but it feel like she's kind of stupid. lol Not as bad but similair to that Asian girl last season. She can't interview or get interviewed, so that's a big - for her. Same goes for Jaeda.

Eugenia. I think she's pretty and got potential. I'd cut the twins and Jaeda before her.

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One of the most pointless and stupid episodes.

Putting the girls in a cosmonaut suit, big helmet and goggles left no face to be seen. No wonder most of the pictures sucked.

-I like Caridee but I'm not into her Janice Dickinsonesque hysterics.

-Does Tyra have the hots for Melrose? She's onscreen 90% of the time. :rolleyes:

-I want one of the twins and Ew!Gena gone next.

-They're OBVIOUSLY going to travel to Spain next week. I want to see them eat paella!

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Oh I hated the photoshoots too. Once I saw that there hair wouldnt be showing, it would be bad. It was all about the poses and hte eyes but not much beauty. Worst photoshoot since I started watching in Cycle 3

I dont get why they cut off when Tyra was about to announce their destination in the previews. Like you said, its obviously Spain

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Anchal sucked this week but it pisses me of Tyra's given Jaeda & Eugenia 5 chances.

Ugh I really dislike this season. The only one I like left is Caridee.

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Ugh I really dislike this season. The only one I like left is Caridee.

This is the most dreadful and boring season. Almost as bad as Season 4.

However, that season had the best final runway EVER!

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