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AMC: Murder Trial Questions/Discussion


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I know that Zach will be found guilty quickly, because I don't expect the trial to last that long. I didn't mention Dixie because I don't care about her. We all know that the real killer will be revealed to the audience sometime in October.

Moderators (who write spoilers) of SON, do you know the exact date that the killer will be revealed to us in Oct?

How many weeks/months will it take for the residence of PV to know who the real killer is?

While Zach is in jail, when Kendall be to preoccupied with Ryan to visit her husband?

If Dixie is going to jail, what is going to happen with Kate & David? I say if, because it seems that Derek only wants Zach not Dixie.

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Wow, now that is what I would call a scoop!!!!! That makes me wonder under what circumstances the killer will be revealed. No one is looking for the killer(s), because the police and the citizens of PV believe that Zach and Dixie are guilty. I don't see the real killer just jumping up and making a confession. Something or someone is going to have to push the reveal along.


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