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Are there any brilliant banner creators out there willing to create a banner for my DAYS fanfiction BLOG that debuts September 4th? I have plenty of pictures to use.


Would love a theme for any of debut stories: (Maggie losing Mickey/Bo & Hope separated over Chelsea/Abe-Lexie-Tek/Alex remarrying Marlena/Shawn-D drinking and the strife it causes for Belle's marriage and his relationship with Mimi/The fallout of Claire's death[Victor vs. Kate, Philip vs. Shawn, Philip vs. Victor, Belle & Shawn]/John's Sniper-Nicole-Jack-Kayla/Carrie-Austin-Lucas-Sami/Bonnie-Justin/The divorce: Caroline & Shawn and the effects it has on their family)

Or a theme for families: Bradys, Hortons, Kiriakises, Robertses, Lockharts, Blacks, Evanses...

-Mondays & Fridays on SONBC

-Headwriter: Keith

Thanks in advance.

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