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  1. If you go by the "unofficial" numbers posted by Toups for the week of Dec 30, you're right; if you don't count the classic episode on Dec 30, Y&R averaged 5,090,000 viewers for the week of Dec 26-30, which is more than the 4.98 million viewers that Y&R averaged (per the press release) for the week ending Jan 6. But if CBS goes by the numbers published by Nielsen, which showed a lower average for Y&R for the W/E Dec 30, then 4.98 is a high point.
  2. Does it happen often that you counted a never-before-seen flashback where the flashback was the only appearance of the character? I'm trying to remember a time when a character in flashback didn't appear in the actual episode as well.
  3. For the two episodes she has listed, the credited scriptwriters are Michele Val Jean (April 25) and Jack Smith (May 6). Very odd....
  4. I seem to remember these characters being on for just this story (and then never turning up again. I remembered James Michael Gregary as Dr. Fontana because he played Clint Radison on Y&R in 1989-90 (and later reprised that role 20 years later). He was one of the many actors over the years who appeared on both Bell soaps in different roles.
  5. B&B: Shelley Curtis first listed as director on April 13. (although her name was misspelled as Shelly)
  6. In the International Credits, anyway - but in the CBS credits, he was listed. Strange... And even stranger, he was back in both credits today. Maybe we should call Mr. Pinciotti the Incredible Vanishing Writer!
  7. Someone on twitter should ask what his title is. For now I guess I'll just list him as Associate Writer. I don't know if anyone ever asked on Twitter, but IMDB has him listed as Associate Head Writer starting with the Feb 1 episode. They also have him listed with the middle initial for almost all his writing credits on the show except for Episode 7000 (which wasn't scripted) and three others.
  8. Thank you! haha yeah it's weird he's credited differently. Just add the V! LOL The middle initial has been there since he was first credited as a writer in the CBS on air credits in December. I don't recall if it was there for the handful of shows he was credited for as a script writer in 2014-2015. The reason why he added it now as a writer is probably as mysterious as the reason why it took almost two months for him to credited everywhere.
  9. LSV was on two episodes of Zoe Ever After starring Brandy Norwood on BET. One aired in late January, the other (the season finale) aired last week. Is 2 episodes of a cable series that had a first season of only 8 episodes a reason to leave a regular soap gig? Might be more likely that he knew he was going to recurring, so he went looking and found the BET part. Unfortunately, Carter had been reduced to little but a sounding board for Zende and eye candy in the Sky Lounge scenes. When they started showing him with that other "up and coming executive" at Forrester - the one he was trying to introduce to Zende - I wondered if something might come of that. Looks like Forrester will be using lawyers of the week for their legal stuff unless LSV is available on recurring when they need him.
  10. Someone on twitter should ask what his title is. For now I guess I'll just list him as Associate Writer. He was just credited on this one episode so far... Weird! But he is in the US credits for more than a month? He's been in the US credits every day, starting Dec 14.
  11. John Smith? Has he not been gone since Y&R since 2006 in the 'Great Purge of Latham'? Correct. Jack Smith has been a script writer at B&B for the last few years
  12. B&B: Mark V Pinciotti first listed as writer in all credits on Feb 1
  13. In the 2015 thread, I had mentioned that the CBS on air credits for B&B showed Mark Pinciotti listed as a writer every day since late December. The CBS.Com/International credits still don't list him. Last week, Heather Tom tweeted a picture of the script for the next episode she's directing (tape date, Feb 3, Air Date March 14). It lists Bell, Minnis, Pinciotti and Patrick Mulcahey as writers. So I guess Mark is part of the writing staff now if his name is listed on the script. I wonder when it will show in the CBS.Com/International credits?
  14. Maybe that's why Casey Kasprzyk was promoted from producer to supervising producer in 2014? It seemed odd that B&B, which originally had only one supervising producer until Ed Scott came on board, suddenly went to three in 2014. If Rhonda let Brad know her intentions back then, promoting Casey could have been a succession plan. In a recent interview with Brad Bell at the end of 2015, Michael Fairman asked Brad to tell him about the B&B Production team. http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/the-bold-and-the-beautiful/the-brad-bell-interview-the-bold-and-the-beautiful-soapmaker-of-the-year-2015/2015/12/29/
  15. Between scenes on Tuesday and the "bonus scene" - elongated scene made for airing outside the US, where the show runs longer - for Thursday, they sort of explained why the larger Forrester family wasn't at the mansion on Christmas Eve. On Tuesday, Steffy and Thomas mentioned that Ridge and Caroline wouldn't be there for Christmas Eve, but would be at the big bash for the immediate family on Christmas Day - which, per the bonus scene, Pam was busy cooking for with Charlie on Christmas Eve. Eric originally expected Rick and Ivy to be there on Christmas Eve until they made plans to go to Hawaii and Cancun, respectively. Liam and Wyatt were probably invited because of Steffy and Ivy - and I guess Eric decided to invite Bill and Katie, too, since Bill's sons would both be there. That's the running gag that Stephanie's portrait falls off the wall when Eric kisses a woman - like Taylor or Quinn - in its presence. Brooke asked for permission, and she and Eric both paused and waited - and when the pic didn't fall, Eric said he thinks they're OK. Brooke kind of backed away from Jack when Nick became involved with Bridget again. Bridget kind of became the mother figure to Jack when she and Nick got married - and then Nick and Bridget divorced and Nick just disappeared one day, never to be seen since. Jack is probably with him, and who knows whether he and Brooke ever talk these days,
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