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  1. A Vanity Fair article calls the show "the most progressive on TV": http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/2014/10/how-to-get-away-with-murder-gay-sex I wonder if the more conservative viewers are turned off. Like I said, even I was surprised by the frankness of the gay sex depictions, especially when the assistant took off his pants, clearly glancing down at his erection. I haven't seen many heterosexual scenes that suggestive on network TV. Happy that they are pushing boundaries, and good for Paul Lee and his team for allowing it. Too bad the show just isn't good.
  2. Ok, I lied. I turn on the show and Connor is banging another dude. I will give the producers credit for bringing frank depictions of gay sex to broadcast TV, even if there's no substance to any of it. The ratio of gay-to-straight sex on HTGAWM is high. But wow, the acting is baaaad. Like syndicated adventure series in the early '90s bad. Connor's conquest's speech before he fell out the window was just sub-amateurish.
  3. This show is marvelous. Wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much I am. We've been so shortchanged as soap fans in this era. And Dr. John Rice is my favorite. Sort of pathetic but also the smartest guy in the room.
  4. I want to support Shonda as a producer, but this show is already a frantic, hideous mess and has lost my attention. The acting is poor, especially from Harry Potter kid. At least Scandal has a handful of fantastic actors (Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Darby Stanchfield, Kerry when she applies herself) to make up for the often weak, repetitious, and contrived writing. HTGAWM has Viola, and forgive me, but she seems uncomfortable in this role. This is an Angela Bassett role, in my opinion. Need to catch up on Parenthood.
  5. Beth Maitland is really beautiful. Only in a soap world would that be considered the "ugly duckling." Granted, the show often styled her to look dumpy and BM played Traci's insecurities to the hilt, but she's really gorgeous there, even with the unbelievably smokin' Don Diamont in her midst.
  6. Might I get the link as well? Thank you!
  7. "Phaedra is having an affair with some African man named CHOCOLATE?!?!" LMAO!
  8. It feels so weird to hear that same patrician, grande dame voice coming from a much younger Liz Hubbard. It freaks me out a bit.
  9. A great scene. TL was fantastic as we all know, but Jerry Douglas is just criminally underrated. The level of restraint and precision here with his performance is masterful. Too bad the latter-day regimes at Y&R saw it necessary to dismiss him.
  10. Looking did a rimming scene, but that's on HBO, which sorta speaks to your point. The British QAF did one years ago, I think. I forget if the American version repeated it. The guy playing the gay law student is all kinds of hot.
  11. Scott Foley's delivery of that line was poor. What should have been sexy was just kinda EW. He's great-looking but he's not the finest actor.
  12. Faulkner

    HBO's Looking

    Yeah, my hope is that they don't do diversity for its own sake. Nothing is worse than forced diversity, especially coming from privileged white male creatives. The introduction of a trans character struck alarm bells for me, as in-PC as it sounds. It just doesn't sound organic to the story the show was telling, and I was generally fine with the show as is. Perhaps I'll be proven wrong, and they'll seamlessly integrate the character into the story.
  13. David Vickers should have never been a comic relief character/joke character in the first place, Tuc Watkins gift with humor be damned. He was such a sexy, sly character when he started on OLTL back in the '90s. It's sort of mind-boggling that he's being compared to Ivan, but that's exactly what the character was lowered to. Sad.
  14. I want to like JLB in those scenes, and I think she's gorgeous and has tremendous star quality. But that ****ACTING**** is just rodonk, even accounting for Lorie's horror at her sister's betrayal.
  15. Brenda had a slammin' body herself.
  16. Oddly, for the very first time, I understand why people think Stevie J is sexy. When he pulled off his shirt...wow. I'm not proud!
  17. Jill to Katherine: "You miserable, vindictive old fossil..." "You filthy-minded old hag..." LMAO.
  18. Wait, did they edit out Tamra's "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!"? That's the only reason why I watched this season. LOL
  19. . Oh God. IK would have been all wrong for Selena.
  20. So sad. He was relatively young at 72. I think it's worth posting on the main board.
  21. Will each season end with someone being stuffed in the trunk of a car? Pretty ridiculous and anticlimactic, given that we know nothing's going to happen.
  22. I Googled Petronia Paley and found this interview in which she speaks very highly of Paul Rauch for getting her the gig on AW. Interesting considering his rep with black actors: http://www.welovesoaps.net/2011/11/petronia.html?m=1
  23. I know TP can be incompetent, but he does have his moments of brilliance, and that Veronica/Jeffrey scene was really, really great. When Veronica was encouraging Jeffrey to try to overcome his disgust at hetero sex by "doing it again, and again, and again - until it becomes you," that was so cold-blooded and callous and played so well. TP really steps up his game for their scenes. They must resonate for him for some reason.
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