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  1. They both did so well at last year’s USO, but I wonder if they’ll even be there this year.
  2. I guess with Mishael gone they needed a dynamic female character to be “the straw that stirs the drink.” But less is a bit more with Phyllis and always has been, whether it’s MS or GT playing her.
  3. JMW/Steffy is great when she has the right material.
  4. Oh gotcha. Sorry, my bad. I had forgotten she was on ATWT, in addition to the gazillion other soaps she did.
  5. Devon dragging Lily left and right like a rag doll is SOOOO satisfying. I don’t care if it’s short-lived.
  6. Because Maura West’s Carly had to be daytime’s one and only? People are insane. (Also: newsflash. Crystal Chappell did it first.)
  7. Yeah, that was... not fun to watch play out. But that storyline seemed tailor-made to produce the maximum amount of fan vitriol. And John treated them both like crap. I forgot one: Carjack (Carly/Jack) vs JnJ (Jack/Julia) fans, ATWT. That got messy QUICKLY.
  8. The NYTimes recently did a podcast on online music fans/stans (followers of Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, BTS, et al) who dox and attack journalists who are the least bit critical of their idols. It made me think of the massive fan wars when I used to post on Mediadomain back in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s. What were some of the most contentious fan battles you’ve witnessed in your time on the Web? Most of them center around couples and love triangles, usually with two women and a man. TnB (Todd/Blair) vs TnT (Todd/Téa) fans, OLTL - I think that was the first time I saw things get really ugly between fanbases, and all of that over a rapist. TnT fans were sooo black-out enraged when Todd punched Téa’s lights out in that cave, yet it didn’t dampen their devotion to that couple. Jovan (John/Evangeline) vs Jolie (John/Natalie) fans, OLTL - nasty with a side of racism Broe (Brady/Chloe) vs Phloe (Philip/Chloe) fans, DAYS Brenda vs Skye fans, GH Any other examples?
  9. Yeah, I noticed it in a couple of scenes Devon had with Victoria when he was doing Newman business while Neil was away. Amelia feels looser and less self-conscious with Bryton. That’s big.
  10. The Devon/Mariah mess was one of the many failures of Sussman/Young’s shared tenure. They have no chemistry whatsoever. Not sure why they want to keep them involved, especially after the somewhat successful chem test with Kyle. I may be the only person who felt it, but I liked Bryton with AH. I’m almost certain they’d never go there.
  11. Good actress, annoying character. But isn’t that true for a lot of people on B&B? She’ll fit right back in.
  12. That deserves the ubiquitous Chris Pratt Parks & Rec gif:
  13. Totally. Those two characters have a complicated history, especially considering Lily spent years dating Phyllis’s son. Somehow we get 30 references a week to John Abbott, yet we can’t get a single Dru mention even when it’s germane to the story.
  14. Do you mean Nelle, his baby mama? I’m going to be the odd man out and admit to enjoying this story, even with the hackneyed baby switch angle being trotted out.
  15. I FF’d everything but Winters drama, and probably will continue to do that moving forward. Loved Neil calling out Cane, and I only wish he’d gone in harder. For some reason, Nate really irritated me today. Shut up, Phyllis. I almost wanted Lily to clap back with a dig about her role in Dru’s death. Great acting from Bryton and Christel. Devon really toppled St. Lily.
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