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  1. We’ll see if he can sustain it. I doubt it given the negative post-SB narrative and the lack of momentum the songs have on streaming.
  2. TV Guide dropped Michael Logan’s soap column, so that’s one cheerleader gone (although he still tweets soap stuff, which in 2018 matters more). I do wonder how much international matters. I’m sure it could find another platform in the U.S. to pick the show up, but they’d net nowhere near the license fees a big broadcast network would provide. I think it would be crippling honestly if CBS ever cancelled it. B&B has a cushy timeslot, and it’s much harder to replace a half-hour slot unless they decide to hand it back to the affiliates who want hourlong news at noon. I wish B&B would take more advantage of its LA locale too, but doing that on the regular costs $$$$$ that the show probably doesn’t have.
  3. HoC is one of the shows where I said to myself, “Why did I bother?” The British original was just better in every way and shorter so that the darker elements weren’t quite as relentless. It’s crazy that fans want Claire to be president given some of the heinous things SHE has done (unless there was some redemption arc I missed after I stopped watching).
  4. I honestly don’t know what can be done about Brad Bell. It’s like Ken Corday at DAYS. He just comes with the package. You definitely see how the show pays for remotes and stunts by drastically cutting corners day-to-day, like shooting most of the scenes in Liam’s grungy hotel room. Is the show as popular internationally as it was 10-15 years ago?
  5. New Girl is a weird case. It’s going into its final “mini” season, and there’s no buzz at all. People got over that show QUICK. The cast has totally moved on (Max Greenfield is everywhere) as has Liz Meriwether. Grey’s is a show that’s somewhat easy to go in and out of. It still gets covered in the media rags, so you can keep up with the goings-on without having to watch. It’s terrible TV for the most part like all Shonda shows, but it has its moments. I was too young to fully appreciate Knots, Dynasty, and Dallas, but I loved 90210 and especially Melrose Place in their first couple of seasons, but seemed to just lose touch with both shows. Murphy Brown I didn’t watch to the end. Wasn’t interested after she had the baby.
  6. Yeah. There are SO many talented people working behind the scenes at B&B, but you’d never know due to the man at the top. Some of it has to be CBS getting spooked by the plummeting demos in the past few months.
  7. Oh god. Brad Bell is just winging it. Courtney Hope is the most talented actor B&B has hired in quite some time.
  8. Hello! It appears the bobsled team is where the hotties are.
  9. She’s doing that Divorce show on HBO that no one watches and has gotten “meh” reviews. Surprised it got renewed for a second season, but that goes to show how desperate HBO has been with series. Also Team KC here. SJP is besties with mean girl Andy Cohen, which only makes her more suspect.
  10. They’re just making Will the center of the triangle moving forward instead of Sonny, whom they don’t find interesting or prominent enough to be fought over. Which is true.
  11. This is probably is the high point (no pun intended) of JT’s new album, and it does rank with some of his very best.
  12. Why hasn’t there been a definitive documentary or book about Stevie Wonder, one of the immortal legends of 20th century art?
  13. Ugh. I hate funerals where they leave the casket open during the service. I suppose Ryan Paevey’s woodenness finally seems appropriate.
  14. He’s such a mean girl, and I feel Tara Lipinski drops down to his level. Yeah, Nathan appeared to struggle with nerves the first time out. I like him so I hope he recovers.
  15. Oh dear. Disastrous short program from Nathan Chen. He’s lucky this isn’t the individual competition. Can I just say how annoying Johnny Weir is?
  16. This is the bodybuilder-turned-bobsledder Hakeem Abdul-Saboor, and he is QUITE dishy.
  17. Devon has been a definite beneficiary of Neil’s absence. I’m really enjoying Amelia Heinle lately, which means penguins are flying in hell. Pitting Ashley against Victoria in this way has been an absolutely genius move on Mal’s part, so I’m willing to forgive a lot of other BS.
  18. Staz Nair from the Fox version of Rocky Horror. And yes...there may not be a more beautiful man in existence.
  19. Adam Rippon (the figure skater) was the one who refused to meet Pence.
  20. Chris Mazdzer is just about perfect and clearly knows it. And Mantia’s thighs are like WHAT? Funny to see Gus Kenworthy try to butch it up and totally break character.
  21. Wow at the big HH gains for Y&R, B&B, and especially DAYS with the new high for Ron. But.. Are all of the new/returning viewers in nursing homes? EVERY soap is down in the demos YOY, even for 25-54.
  22. This is embarrassing and arousing in equal measure. It’s not a very diverse lot, but I don’t expect it from USA winter sports.
  23. So dumb that B&B has all of these strong young actresses and wastes them to play the same played-out characters. The Hope recast was NOT needed.
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