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  1. The new trailer for RHOBH is up on us weekly's website. Great trailer. Can't wait for the new season to start.
  2. Just a quick question. I have the opportunity to watch all off season 5 of RHONY. Is it worth it I gave up on New York after season 3.
  3. Brandi please shut your mouth your really becoming toxic waste. Thought it was nice to see Kim totally admit to missing events and such in the past. It was nice to see that she can now admit to her faults. Still not a big fan of Carlton. Loving Joyce more and more each week.
  4. Great Show, Great cast. Loved every minute of it. A show set in Nashville and based on the music business is a dream come true for me. I love country music and have traveled to Nashville for the past 8 years. I've made tons of friends that our song writers and singers so it's going to be interesting to hear there take on this show. Bravo ABC you have another hit on your hands.
  5. RIP Kathryn Joosten. God Speed and Thank you for your talents you are missed already.

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    2. alexisfan07


      I am beyond sad about this. She was so full of life on DH. We lost a tremendous talent today.

    3. DRW50


      Sorry to hear about this. At least to the end people got to see what a great actress she was.

    4. SweetPea36


      This is sad news. I loved her on WW and always wondered why she left. Now I know it's because she was battling the lung cancer that killed her all these years later.

  6. Thanks CBS for not giving CSI: Miami a proper sendoff. IDIOTS!!!

    1. DRW50


      Maybe if enough people protest they can wrap it up in another CSI episode.

    2. wingwalker


      They gave "Without a Trace" a proper send off either after 7 successful seasons. I'm still mad about that.

  7. Hate that she's not coming back. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20581631,00.html
  8. I totally agree about the reunion and the editting didn't gel ust right at all. I still thought the reunion was great thought. I just want to give Kim and big hug. i really like her. When they announce season 2 i really hope Lisa, Kim and Adrienne out apart of the cast.
  9. Lovin All the threads on old Sitcoms it's been a blast reading through them all

  10. I loved Titans and was really upset when NBC pulled the plug on the show. BRILLAINT cast with excellent writing to boot. DAMN YOU NBC
  11. Rebecca Lynn Howard - What Dying feels like
  12. Just wanted to thank you for all your insight. IT's been great to read what you post. Keep it up.


  13. I loved PC God to this day I miss this soap. I started watching PC during the Arc's I believe the first Arc was Secret's (the one filling the Fifth Chair.) I really fell in love with Julie Pinson and Thorsten Kaye and there characters. It's to bad Thorsten has to be settled with such a one-note/stale character on AMC. I"d love to see Julie and Thorsten together again.
  14. I really loved "Titan"s and was so upset that it was canceled NBC though really never cared for it. Loved the cast and the stories were great. Casper van Dien and Yasmine Bleeth had awesome chemistry. Robert
  15. Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix- Great Movie
  16. Transformers- Loved it, fantastic from beginning to end
  17. Fracture- Great movie Loved the ending very, Hitchcockian
  18. Rented Susanne's Dairy for Nikolas -good movie love Christina Applegate and Johnathon Schaeh together Didn't read the book though Theatre- Catch and Release GREAT MOVIE Jen Garner has awesome chemistry with the whole cast something that is really rare in movies Children of Men- Dark, gritty great cast fantastic movie deserved some award attention for Clive Owen IMO Babel- Awesome movie loved the way the 3 stories intwined into one story woven prefectly I plan on catching Notes on a Scandal, Epic Movie and Because I said So this weekend and next Robert
  19. I've been on a movie watching spree the last 5 days since I had off work so I watched Aeon Flux-Loved it Charlize Theron Rocks Surviving Christmas-Enjoyed more then what I thought I would Cristina Applegate shines The Family Stone-Seen it a dozen times and I always enjoy this movie even with the awful SJP (she really needs acting lessons IMO) Rachel McAdams stole the show for me Star Trek Generations,First Contact & Insurrection-Yep I'm a trekkie love these movies SuperMan Returns-Scene it twice now number next Let me Brandon Routh soars awesome movie very instense and emotinal Pirates 2- Awesome, funny movie Failure to Launch-It's ok The supporting cast really carries this movie, Movie could have been better if SJP was replaced(she's so wooden in everything she does Hollywood should stop hiring her) That's all for now Robert
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