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  1. Paul was the second actor to play Max, an urchin who Drew thought was her long-lost brother. She adopted him after finding out Selena was her actual mother. Max dated Susan but didn't do much else. Jesse Soffer was the first actor to play Max.
  2. I feel bad for Paulo. He is the only one in this group who has not gone on to success in primetime tv, films, or theater. He has also made several references to his weight gain.
  3. Locher: "I met you backstage after your play!" "I remember what you had in your dressing room!" "Anthony Addabbo died on my birthday!"
  4. Using mannequins for intimate scenes is ridiculous. Why don't they just write COVID19 into the story? That would easily explain any social distancing or lack of intimate contact.
  5. Exactly. Search For Tomorrow, after the flood, moved everyone into an apartment building. Lindenstrasse centered around an apartment building. Soaps could get so much use out of a couple of apartment sets, which could be redecorated day-to-day depending on the resident. It would at least be an improvement on the tiny hotel rooms that are usually shown.
  6. I have always liked Hope but I agree with the majority of comments here; the character has been an empty shell for years. If/when she returns maybe Hope can be revitalized under a new writer. I am not sure she will be able to come back by the time DOOL gets the axe, however. These departures are just more indicators of DOOL's budget squeeze. By this show's end, everyone will have doppelgangers (to save money on cast) and will live in the same hotel room (to save more money on sets).
  7. The fashion show reruns are not fun to watch if you have already seen them before. It's pretty standard; random models walking down the runway while the Forrresters/Spectras observe from the sidelines. I would have been more interested in seeing other episodes from the Portofino shoot, especially Macy's reunion with Thorne and Sally. The scene where Sally is listening to Macy singing on the stereo, only to hear the real Macy singing behind her is chilling. I never understood why some are so eager to recast roles which have played by 1 actor for 20 or 30 years. It's not like HT is unavailable. With that said, I wouldn't mind KA coming to B&B as a new character, of course Bradley would get bored and forget about her after 6 months.
  8. It was so unique for an American soap to have a backlot set. I would rather have this than Horton Square, which reminds me of Sesame Street.
  9. A few thoughts: I liked hearing about Simon and Taggart's time on Search, and how they transitioned from writers to actors. I wasn't surprised to hear that Jonathan was basically Kreizman's surrogate/stand-in character. He also mentioned Harley as one of his favorites. When Taggart asked Brown if he was "responsible" for the clone, he blamed Rauch for the idea. I didn't expect him to declare that he was a fan of kitchen sink drama or that Ryan's Hope was his favorite soap, given the kind of writing E&B are known for. Also heard some new details about the Zaslow situation. Apparently E&B convinced Rauch to give Roger ALS, but the story was pulled at the last minute. Also, no one on the panel knew that MZ played David Rinaldi in the 80s, and that when he went to OLTL he was reprising an old role, not creating a new one.
  10. I was looking for the same information and found this blogpost explaining what happened to Keemo: https://glmanny.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/faq-whatever-happened-to-keemo-abbott/ Watching as a kid, I was a fan of Volien family and wondered where Keemo went and why Jack never mentioned him. Despite the awkward scenes with Luan and Keemo learning "American customs," the actors involved were excellent. Elizabeth Sung played Luan's excitement and reticence over going away with Jack perfectly. She fit in well with the other cast in the bachelorette party, too. I think 1994 had one of the best casts in Y&R's history.
  11. I have been meaning to pick up those 90s coffee table books for some time but never got around to it. This is my small collection: Guiding Light: The Complete Family Album - Julie Poll Soap Opera Encyclopedia - Christopher Schemering Lorelei's Guiding Light: An Intimate Diary - Beth Chamberlin I also have some soap-related autobiographies, Susan Lucci, Kim Zimmer, Jeanne Cooper among them.
  12. Looks like I get to skip all of B&B next week.
  13. If you haven't found them yet, here are some scenes leading up to showdown.
  14. Watching the Cooper reunion now, Beth Ehlers's first comment upon meeting Justin Deas was "Here's the executive producer's boyfriend." LOL!
  15. I think it's also because Alan was part of PGP management, and still sees himself as part of management. I didn't like how he protected PGP and MADD by pivoting when Denise Pence brought up the Zaslow situation. Also if P&P someday realizes that it is sitting on a potential IP goldmine in the form of its soap archives and licenses, who are they going to ask to organize/market it? He probably doesn't want to burn bridges. He should solicit questions from fans in advance, and have a list of those questions ready at hand during these awkward pauses. It's not that difficult.
  16. Aside from the cringe-inducing Rick/Phoebe semi-incest, today's episode was strong. Despite the retcon issues, Pamela and Ann added so many dimensions to Stephanie and Alley Mills and Betty White were exquisitely cast. This was one of the few times when B&B's stunt casting paid off. Also liked seeing Lesli Kay and and Ashley Jones sharing scenes. They both deserved better material and more prominent stories. The scenes at the Forrester mansion were incredible, with Stephanie justifying her work at House of Forrester to both Ann and Eric. Today's classic ep didn't have any big weddings, parties or epic confrontations, it just showed a soap doing what soaps do best - domestic psychodrama.
  17. It was sad to see Gina's for the last time. That set was such a big part of Y&R for me growing up and the GCAC was a poor replacement. Were Gina and John an item at this time? My viewing was sporadic during this era.
  18. I missed the first half, but today's show was the best so far. I echo the comments of everyone wanting Alan to improve his compere skills. It shouldn't be that difficult for him to get guests to answer questions in alphabetical order or to ask questions to guests directly. The free-for-all format doesn't work online, especially in big groups. Seeing Kristi now me made even more convinced that we were robbed of a Roxie return in the late 90s in favor of the Cassie Layne story. I didn't dislike Cassie as much as some fans, but it would have been awesome to see Kristi as Roxie return to Springfield, having lived a rough life in prostitution and/or addiction, moving in with the Lewises and stirring up trouble for Rick and Abby, or getting involved with Billy. She would have added a lot of color to the show when it (and Reva as a character) needed it. KZ was funny and blunt as always, Terrell's story about Larkin Malloy warning the younger "stud" was hilarious, Michael's story about meeting Charita was touching, and Krista is delightful.
  19. Her second run on B&B started out promisingly. There were some great scenes of her lurking outside the Forrester mansion remembering what they had all done to her, a nasty murder-by-bees, the scene where she shoots Taylor was awesome. It later led to a goofy and forgettable arc involving a tropical country and a character played by Robin Mattson called Sugar.
  20. I was raised in a CBS-watching household and my earliest tv memories are of Y&R and B&B. I remember coming home from kindergarten to watch David Kimble and Sheila Carter running wild in Genoa City. Whenever I was home from school, I would watch the CBS line-up. I especially loved watching scheming women like Sheila, Phyllis Summers, Sally Spectra, Stephanie Forrester, Dinah Marler, Lucinda Walsh, and Orlena Grimaldi. In the late 90s, I became glued to the Annie Dutton saga and became a diehard GL fan. I stuck with GL until the Kreizman-Wheeler era drove me away for good. I still have not brought myself to watch episodes from the Peapack era, I have not even seen the series finale. I have dabbled with every long-running American soap except for GH, but in the mid-2000s I stopped watching US soaps. In 2004 I started following EastEnders, Emmerdale, and Coronation Street. I also watched Doctors (the UK serial/procedural hybrid) and Home and Away for a while. A few years ago I started watching US soaps again. I began watching Y&R again to see what Mal Young was doing with it. I got back into B&B when I saw that Kimberlin Brown was back. Eileen Davidson's return as Kristen got me back into DOOL. These days I watch DOOL, B&B, and Y&R for actors and characters I like and the occasional good story/scene. The last storyline I was really compelled by was the Abbot power struggle last year. I do not have high expectations for US soaps in this era, but I do hope that these final four will rediscover their identites some day.
  21. Today's "classic" episode reminded me why I was fading out of B&B around this time. Boring, cranky, miserable Nick Marone took over the show, Stephanie became inexplicably pro-Brooke, and the beginning of the Logan revival led by unfortunate recasts of Beth and Stephen.
  22. I agree. I don't buy Thorsten Kaye as Ridge or a Forrester and I don't think you can recast such an iconic, long-running role. With that said, I do wonder what Robert Kelker-Kelly would do with the part.
  23. I wasn't expecting much, but this "documentary" was so scattershot. There was no sense of chronology or coherence - it was disorienting to watch. This wasn't helped by the zoomed-in 4:3 ratio clips, many of them apparently ripped from youtube. I am confused by the argument that reality shows have displaced soaps. Most reality is programmed in primetime, is it not? The only daytime episodic reality show I can think of is the early 2000s show Starting Over, produced by Bunim and Murray. Talk shows did more damage to soaps as counter-programming. I mean even ATWT, OLTL, and AMC were all directly replaced by talk shows! What if the producers imposed some narrative and chronology on this special: Quarter One: The origins of soaps on radio, Irna Phillips, the structure, logic, and economics of the daytime soap opera, their importance to early tv Quarter Two: Social issues in soap opera, Agnes Nixon, controversies, milestones, expansion of soaps to an hour, importance of soap ad revenue to network budgets Quarter Three: Inter-generational soap watching and soap fandom, Supercouple era, Luke and Laura, diversity issues in daytime, rise of primetime soaps Quarter Four: Decline of soaps, competition from talk shows, OJ, the erosion of network daytime divisions, desperate stunts and diminishing budgets, legacy of serial drama on the current peak tv era
  24. The essence of this "doc:" Everything is a soap! LA Law, Real Housewives, the Real World and PewDiePie are soaps!
  25. Even Saundra mentioned that she felt Carmen was too one dimensional, she got tired of bullying Michelle all the time, and that she wanted Carmen to have a romantic storyline. I remember Carmen having a brief flirtation with Edmund, but what if she married Alan, tried to go straight and gain the acceptance of Springfield society? Carmen was never properly integrated into the cast, and we never saw any vulnerable sides to her character. There was so much potential in Ray, Maria, and Pilar as well that was never realized because of the cartoony nature of the mob stories. I remember SS saying in an interview years ago that she and Miriam Colon never got to have a real showdown over Carmen killing her son. I liked the Santos family at first but by the time JL left they had run their course. The mob storylines weren't right for GL, if the Santoses were to ever be a major family of GL they needed to get rid of the organized crime element. Same with the Winslows and the San Cristobel storylines which were running at the same time as the mob storylines. It just didn't fit, and gave GL an identity crisis which it briefly recovered from in 2002.
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