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  1. I posted months ago that Detective Hardy was the killer and got shot down on the board about it..sorry to say I was right..Love the actor who portrayed him.
  2. Guy is an awful actor..He needs to go not Sonny He is awul.Sonny deserves better..My God I hop they do not put Will with Paul..I adore that actor. Why????
  3. Is that really AVA or really Denise? Also where is Silas? Have been FF alot..Thanks.
  4. Misguided?? who misguided her? Her mispent youth..Always hated that ..There was no excuse. She is self absorbed and NO MOM would do that she has no idea what is means to love a child...Maybe the one time when JJ and her were drunk but over and over again ?? No way.
  5. Making Ridge the villian mad me angry at first but it may be great to see Ridge take down Eric and his whiny little Ricky..and the Rick I know and loathe would never want to be married to a former male.
  6. What would you call a grown 50 something year old woman who has sex over and over again with the boy her daughter loves? JJ, at his age, hormones are raging..and his mind is still that of a adolescent ..I was being kind calling her evil.
  7. Could not agree more..the Rick I know would not say.."okie dokie" He would feel betrayed..Even on the "first date" you need to TELL!!! What lousy writing. Society or human nature will never be there...They had even talked about having kids..If that is not betrayal I do not know what that word means.
  8. Paige was great..sorry guys but I thought she did an incredible job of acting..Gave it to her evil mama and JJ. and many people invite every person they know to birthday parties and I never understood it in real life..so it was realistic to me that Kayla was there..She loves Paige. The restraint Paige used to begin with was great and then you could see she was going to lose it..Been waiting a longtime for this and and it was more than I expected, especially how she found out..Would have loved to have seen her listening to Eve and JJ talking about their sex life though..other than that I thought it was great.
  9. Could not agree more..I was hoping Paul would have hit him again!!!Recast PLEASE!!!
  10. All of this is not realistic..the Rick I know would kick her to the curb. He only dated her to make Caroline jealous and now this??? Give me a freaking break!!!
  11. Billy Miller has chemistry with anyone..Love this guy..Jason or no Jason.
  12. Me too..cannot wait to see this after work..I like the actress that playes Paige..she did a bang up job yesterday..the cool way she took her mom down was great.
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