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  1. I posted months ago that Detective Hardy was the killer and got shot down on the board about it..sorry to say I was right..Love the actor who portrayed him.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXwMBKsdPgI Her is the very first show promo 1970 with Nick and Rosemary Prinze
  3. I miss AMC so much..Watched from day one and you can find clips from the beginning online..Watched one today. Why, oh why did they take this show off the air.
  4. Flannery for me...she looked so different than she did on B&B. Very good actress though.
  5. I cannot post..says I am not allowed? I gave you my info and never got an e-mail confirmation

    1. Errol


      You're account was approved and you shouldn't have any problem posting. Let me know if this is still the case.

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