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  1. P.S. The LuNacy fan in me loved how in the article TG said, "There's no one I'd rather work with..."
  2. Thanks for the article and info, hooked. I am happy we'll be seeing more of Tracy very soon. We just have to get through the 2-week drought first; however, it's a good thing the show has been on fire lately and much easier to watch than in the past. I agree with halee. I think we should have Ned and Dillon back before any potential long-lost child shows up out of the woodwork. I don't think the Q's will ever be top priority to RC/FV. Vet returns are nice, but they really stink when your faves are overlooked in favor of others.
  3. Just bumping the thread... Also, I loved yesterday's episode. From Luke giving her the pony to her telling Anthony not to take the tags off the clothes because they were all going back. So much awesomeness. Too bad Tracy isn't on every day.
  4. Oh, you've made my day, hooked. I am happy to finally have some good LuNacy scenes to look forward to in the near future.
  5. The show has been so exciting lately. It is the first time I have ever wanted to tune in to see the whole show instead of simply watching for Tracy/LuNacy/Luke scenes. It feels like a traditional soap opera now. I am thrilled with the turnaround the show has taken under the new team's leadership. I wonder if we are going to see any follow-up on the scene where Johnny told Tracy he was going to go after the Soleito money. It has seemingly been dropped. I suppose we will find out her marriage to AZ is illegal when Luke returns. He was too sure of himself when he told Tracy that everything was going to be all right. I could be wrong, of course, but I am holding out hope that there will be a resolution to the mess Tracy currently finds herself in with AZ. I can't wait for tomorrow's scenes with Sonny at the mansion!
  6. I bet TG improvised it. I think JE was rushing out the door to jokingly give him a piece of her mind. It was a great touch. The LuNacy fan in me was hoping Tracy was rushing off to catch up with Luke for a romp. The scenes with Johnny and Anthony have been amazing.
  7. I absolutely loved today's episode! I can't wait to see how this unfolds. The video was nice. I thought KMc asked great questions. Thanks, hooked.
  8. Happy Birthday to Jane! I'd have to agree with your assessment of today's episode, Remos. Luke was definitely coming across as still being in love with her, but he still seems to feel she is better off without him. His attempts to deny his true feelings are failing. There aren't many spoilers for what will happen after the wedding, so I am anxious to see where we go from here. I am hoping that when he delivers breakfast to her and AZ they will not be shown in bed together. I just might gag at the sight of that. I really hope she won't be forced to sleep with that creep.
  9. Haha... sorry to steal your thunder, hooked. I saw it and decided to post it to get the scoop out. I was thinking to myself, "I have to post something before hooked does. Just once....." You do such a tremendous job letting us know about all of the spoilers and pics as you find them. Thanks again for all that you do. Let's dish on the dress... I was under the impression it was going to be a black dress one would wear to a funeral based on spoilers, but it appears to be something you'd wear to a spring garden party. It doesn't look like something you'd wear to a winter wedding. I like it, and it does look nice on her. I am just wondering if she picks a black dress originally, but AZ finds out and makes her wear this one instead. We shall see.
  10. http://soaptownusa.com/Loose.html Here is a link to the Loose Lips section of soaptownusa. It has a picture of Tracy and AZ at their wedding and Luke handing Sonny an envelope. The look on Tracy's face is priceless.
  11. Happy New Year, everyone! It should be quite entertaining when Luke comes back to town and gets involved with the Tracy and AZ storyline. I'm still hoping this will end with a LuNacy reunion. I don't see AZ sticking around for long. His comeuppance is long overdue. He woke Lisa from her coma; killed Siobhan; ordered Lucky's dealer to shoot him up with drugs; shot Dante, and killed some other day players. Tracy doesn't need to be saddled with a psycho. It is too ridiculous for words. I remember about a month or so ago there was a spoiler/rumor that Alexis was going to marry someone while being in love with someone else. I am guessing that it was a false spoiler put out by TPTB to try to throw viewers off the track. Although, AZ had already implied before that spoiler came out, after their Metro Court date, that he was planning on killing her after the honeymoon. I wonder if that is where we are headed. Anyway, Tracy is the person the spoiler was referring to, imo. This gives me hope that she and Luke are not over. Although, all you have to do is watch them in scenes together to know that their love is still alive, especially their last one aboard the Haunted Star around Thanksgiving.
  12. Cool. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, hooked. Thanks for the link to the pictures of the build. I can't wait for more Tracy airtime. It has been so disheartening. I had just about given up on the show. I am glad there is something worth watching coming.
  13. Good luck, hooked. I hope everything works out well for your son.
  14. Hi, Ms. Q, welcome back. Today's Thanksgiving episode was so depressing compared to last year's. We got the beautiful engagement scene then, and today we are delivered pure crap. Edward is a louse. I wish Tracy would just say screw it and walk right out of that mansion for good after realizing she doesn't need her father's approval to be happy and fulfilled. Luke does that for her. He needs to get his **** together, so they can reunite. Ideally, they would leave town and go on an extended honeymoon. I guess that would be asking too much of TPTB.
  15. I totally agree, Stargazer. It was a great LuNacy episode. The wackiness is funny, but it's the genuine, quiet moments that I like best. I loved that he called her darlin' and "my beauty" today.
  16. Thanks for inviting us to your new board and letting us see all of the new pics, hooked. Lulu finally saw Luke today. She was babysitting Cam and Aiden. He came to the door at the end of the episode to find Lulu holding Aiden. The baby was so cute. He called TG "dada." There is a new promo out for the Luke/Aiden redemption story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCU_LP3I6tE Tracy doesn't appear to be in the promo, but I am happy that she is involved in the story. Luke talked with Sonny today. He said to Sonny something to the effect of if Sonny ever married someone again he should remember his previous marriages and how they didn't work out. Then, he said the best thing we can do for the people we love is to stay away from them. I think he was speaking of Tracy because he had spoken earlier about the failed marriage with Laura. I think he is afraid that he will destroy Tracy and it is better to cut her loose now. So, maybe the divorce papers are real. Luke is in such a dark place right now. I don't see a happy future for LuNacy until he is able to come to terms with his killing Jake. The guilt is really eating away at him.
  17. After watching today's episode, I am even more convinced that this divorce stuff is a game Luke is playing. He was smug and cocky when she arrived, discussing Anthony and him cutting her loose, etc. When she left, he was reaching for the bottle of scotch in disappointment because she was angry with him over his refusal to help his kids. He probably didn't even file legal divorce papers. Knowing Luke, they aren't even real. Hahaha.....
  18. Happy Birthday, TQ!!! Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Lovelukentracy! I noticed you had a birthday a little while ago. I can't wait for more Tracy! It has been a long two weeks. Although, I have been watching Luke's scenes to see if he mentions her.
  19. Thanks, hooked. I am looking forward to more LuNacy scenes.
  20. After watching today's show, I must say that Luke seemed to me to be frustrated with the rejection he received from Tracy and his kids. I think this is driving his choice to serve Tracy with divorce papers. He is overwhelmed and hurt. He is now seeing how hard it is going to be to make things be the way they were before Jake's death. He said, "I don't want to do this anymore." I don't think it was a reference to the marriage, but more a reference to him not wanting to stay in town and fight with his family. He wants them to welcome him home with open arms, and it is proving to be impossible. So, I think Tracy is right. He is trying to divorce her, so he can skip town and continue to not deal with this horrible aftermath. And, he sees AZ interested in her. He must think, "oh, she has someone who can take my place." Maybe in his own twisted way he thinks he is doing her a favor. He has so much more healing to do before he can be the Luke that existed before the accident. This whole divorce thing will become a moot point once he sees how crazy AZ is and that Tracy needs to be protected, however. The dialogue was hilarious when AZ was in the room with them. JE looked so pretty today, too. As for these rumors, there is a different one every day. I just try not to get caught up in the rumor mill too much. I have found myself getting worked up over drops in the past that turned out to be nothing. It is a waste of my time, really.
  21. Thanks for the pic, hooked. Nex, thanks for sharing . It is awesome!
  22. Ah, Lainey, that would be like heaven to me. It's a shame that we'll probably only get scraps instead. TG is making me feel sorry for Luke. Today he talked to Lucky at his apartment and gave him an AA pamphlet. He wants both of them to work on their sobriety together. Lucky dismissed the idea, but he showed up at the hospital for the meeting anyway. Then, he saw Luke and walked away. Luke turned and looked at Lucky, getting ready to talk to him when he saw him; then, his face dropped as he watched Lucky walk away. It was heartbreaking. I was so pissed that he had cheated with Lupe, but it goes to show how wonderful TG is as an actor that he can make me feel pity for this character just months later. I am interested in how Lulu will react to seeing him. Is she going to be thrilled that he is back or will she give him the cold shoulder like the rest of the family? I can imagine her hugging him and crying. He could use a hug right about now.
  23. I have to agree with you on the robe, hooked. Were there sheets on the bed? I wasn't really paying attention. I was more interested in the acting. I just loved the line about Luke's 'magic fingers' knowing where to go and what to do on her body. JE's acting today was wonderful. I love how subtle she is. Tracy's love for Luke is undeniable and it shows even when she is haranguing him. It comes across in her face and eyes. I am actually glad that she is so hesitant to take him back. He needs to repair the damage he has wrought first. The AZ aspect of the storyline is starting to bore me. He is amusing, and not in a good way. I just find myself laughing at this guy. He is such a joke.
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