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  1. Is this a pre-GL Michael O'Leary on General Hospital (starts at 8:48)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bghrMvYV7AE
  2. I agree 100% about MEK. He can stay if he isn't going to that AMC reboot. The Colonel Sanders accent can gradually be dropped like they did with Mac's Australian one years ago. As for Cyrus, I get the sinking feeling judging by the reveal that they are setting up Laura to feel some form of sympathy because of his past, maybe eventually forming a poor man's version of the Vicki/Todd sibling dynamic. I hope I'm wrong though.
  3. Floyd, GL- Went from goofy, lovable underdog to psychotic murderer.
  4. Jaison Walker (I.Q. Guiding Light) Mark Brettschneider (Jason Webb OLTL) Both actors disappeared after appearing on their respective shows despite having decent sized roles, though Brettschneider had a very small part in the movie That Thing You Do.
  5. Thom Christopher was on Guiding Light, Edge of Night, and Loving.
  6. OLTL (the Buchanan family) Guiding Light (the Lewis family) and TEXAS (all of it) all cashed in on the DALLAS craze. GL also had GREASE knockoffs Lujack and the Galahads.
  7. I always found it weird that Ed didn't realize or at least had a suspicion that Blake was the same person that he raised as a daughter when she first came back to town. Being that the writers supposedly didn't always mean for Blake to be Chrissy, I wonder what the timeline was for the change.
  8. Canary originally played Adam as simply a deconstructed antithesis of his version of Steve Frame on Another World. I agree that maybe the original plans was to kill off or arrest Adam after something evil happened,but they were able to flesh out the chatacter more.
  9. Even closer, Kate did the play All My Sons in 2018. Here is the play's web page (including a youtube interview of her and her director husband and clips of scenes): https://www.courttheatre.org/season-tickets/2017-2018-season/all-my-sons/
  10. Morgan Englund,GL-son of Cloris Leachman
  11. I think Jontz may have been a temporary stopgap when Reinholt left the show. At the time, Tony was involved in a serious accident and had a heavily bandaged face in the hospital for a while. I remember another actor for a short while in the bandages, but when they came off it was MacHale. Interesting, when you do a Google or IMDB search, a Jimmy Jontz doesn't come up as an actor. As for Strasser, she was offered the role of Cathy Craig during that time, more than likely to replicate the AW dynamic. As it was, Cathy did for a certain extent play the Rachel role between Tony and Pat.
  12. Does anyone know what happened to Jaison Walker? He seemed to disappear after Playing IQ.
  13. This all reminds me of a GREAT story. In the late 1980's.5AM in the morning I was switching to the E train going to Manhattan at Queens Plaza. I happen to see an old acquaintance of mine standing at one of the subway doors. He calls me over when I notice a bunch of dark suited men in his car (weird at that time in the morning). I come in and see he is there with Jimmy and Roslyn Carter sitting in the corner seats decked out in work clothes!! They were all heading for the South Bronx to work for HFH in coordination with the guy's church(no press was present). I had a nice conversation with them but couldn't go because I had miss too many days of work (should have got Jimmy to write an absentee note...).
  14. Eisenhower and the 1956 GOP would be considered "commie liberals" by today's GOP.
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