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  2. My timing was off because I thought Marland wrote the rape, then left and PFS picked up from there. But I just did a deep dive on her obits and she started in 1979 so that was before the rape. Which makes a difference in how I perceive her work. I also saw that she left in 1981, but I guess it was after the WGA strike that year. There was an article about her re-hiring at Days which stated that she was pilfered along with six members of her writing staff. Can you imagine that meeting? https://newspaperarchive.com/bluefield-daily-telegraph-nov-01-1981-p-337/ I'm with you that flattening Rick would have been the best alternative (although I've always questioned the logic of a skylight in a nursery). But, who wrote those Monica/Leslie scenes when Monica lays into Leslie for her lack of lust? On YT that remains a throughline to their relationship including when Leslie helped birth AJ, and later in the early 80s, so there are a lot of arguments between the two. There is a scene that is frequently referenced when Leslie is pleading with Monica to give up Rick, but Monica talks about how Leslie doesn't fulfill his needs, and I wonder who claims responsibility for those remarkable scenes? BTW- Monica's arc is underrated/amazing. Without any specific redemptive plot, (except for age, breast cancer, and motherhood), she has evolved from a very selfish character to the voice of morality for Jason. That is a leap you only get from a show that's been on as long as GH. So many bitchy characters are punished before they become better humans, but Monica has just evolved that way on her own.
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  4. I thought it was weird that they never really showed the siblings interact with each other. Courtney was on the show for month I think before she even showed up at the Marshall farm. Dawn and Paiges fued over Dennis was almost like two long lost enemies. I come from a big family and see weird things but they were all young people and just so disconnected.
  5. I always see writers on soaps (back then) No idea how the 3 on air operate today have nothing really do the actual writing. All soaps were set up with a certian theme and I believe the EP is the one who does all the driving. I have watched certain writers on shows and thought it was amazing only to yawn at their next gig show. I believe they dont have control of how they really want to write. Wasn't Susan Sussman ( i think her name) bringing the Y&R to star ratings and then she writes and creates her own show Generations which was just awful and so boring.. They write based on the direction who controls it all. Harding Lemay worked very closely with Paul Rauch on AW in the 70's and the EP knew he was doing a great job and let him have it but that is not typically the case
  6. Yeah the Steve Frame thing was a complete reinvent but maybe Harding Lemay used this as he lied about his past. He came from some big family and as we saw over the years the Frames were a bit nuts. Not sure If that discussion occurred in the early 70's that Steve never talked about his large family. Harding Lemay used the character Steve Frame off his own farm family. I thought it was even odder in 1987 when the Frame farm suddenly on the canvas. They were all from Chadwell and never was their a farm in the 70's when all the Frame siblings were introduced..
  7. Kevin and Jason were aged to teens in 2006 when Ross died. Mick Hazen (later Parker on As the World Turns) and Eric Nelsen (AJ on on the All My Children reboot) played the roles.
  8. The lady in red is Cynthia Dozier (Emily Hall) The women with Brian McGovern are listed simply as beauty queens
  9. There was also Justin and Adrienne's adopted twins, Joey and Victor, on DAYS.
  10. Julie and Jordy Clegg were twins on Capitol, not born on-screen, but also not retconned as siblings I seem to remember a plan to SORAS Blake's twins before GL ended. Does any recall that? Also, technically Marley and Victoria Love's birth was shown on screen in a flashback, but I wouldn't want to be too provocative because, obviously, Vicky's whole existence could be considered a retcon.
  11. So close to their faces and for so long. Leo looked pissed.
  12. Just for clarification, I was 3-years-old when it premiered, and we only went to nursery school three mornings a week, but it was an emblem in my memory of how boring tv could be for a kid before children's daytime television became a thing. This was right before Sesame Street premiered, and kindergarten was still voluntary, so pre-school kids my age in big cities wound up watching a lot of adult TV. My most visceral memory is the talking heads, which in retrospect, were probably way ahead of their time. To be perfectly honest, I thought SB ran for more than a decade, otherwise, it would have been on my original list. It is my favorite first episode of a soap and I think the use of the time jump in the pilot was very influential for future soaps. I also considered Loving, but it was so variable in its run that I cannot decide which list I would place it on, overall.
  13. there are only two that I don't recognize: the lady in red shooting a rifle and is that Chaz in the black & white shot in the tux? Who are the ladies surrounding him? Also, how does their version of King Tut's tomb look worse in photos than it did on tv?
  14. Putting the camera so close to their faces is just awkward.
  15. Well, thought GH was very popular during that time it was never really praised for great writing. I guess a lot of it doesn’t really hold up in 2019 either if we look past nostalgia. It was generally very plot heavy. Monty seemed to love employing her sister Norma to write the show - maybe because she knew how much control she would have in that dynamic.
  16. Marland and Monty set the foundation for the show at that time. It is not the GH that was created in the 1960’s. But PFS and Monty created the tone that made me love the show. And then she came back and created Anna Devane, my favorite character in the history of the show. As a viewer I owe them so much for the fun I had watching the show. Labine took those bones and gave them a deeper soul than they had ever had before, but the bones were still the ones created by Monty and PFS. As Monty described it- Capra and Hitchcock blended together. That is the tone and style of the show when she was there. I know lots of people deride what they did, and how daytime changed. But I loved it. However- I still think to this day that Monty was best with a strong HW.
  17. I was going to link that exact scene with Nadine and David. This is one of my favorites. I know 1993 was not as good as the two years before it in general, but the scripts were truly brilliant stuff. Another favorite is the conversation between Ross and Ed from fall of 92.
  18. ratings continue to fall because even the actors/producers/writers/directors/hair + clothes people/set designers don't care and that shines through to the viewers. Everyone involved in "soap" rn are just doing it for a paycheck and that shows more so today than it did back in the soap hay day. And the actors that seem to care about their roles get pooped on by fans for being "too much" so it's just a self-fulfilling prophecy of "mehhhhhhhhhh" that's churned out on the daily. Sad, tbh.
  19. For every soap I've watched, I've come to expect that at least one prominent family has a cabin somewhere.
  20. That lack of direction and rehearsal time hurts young and inexperienced actors who only have enough time to memorize and slog through 20-40 pages of dialogue at a time, without any guidance from a director in rehearsal to try to pick up the nuances and subtext of what could be on the page. As a result, we get some flat, basic, very matter-of-fact acting with no levels or layers. Usually what we get is some very straight-forward and dull characterizations.
  21. Don't mean to be a pest but PMs don't seem to work (I only know because someone tried to PM me and I can't respond because the Error message pops up when I click the Reply button) and YouTube video no longer embeds in the post. I hope I'm in the appropriate thread for this. I wasn't alerted to your response @Vee even though I clicked the "Notify me of replies" button. I had no idea there were any replies to this thread until today.
  22. This was a great example of the type of dialogue that I was talking about. I guess the show often used Nadine as a talking point to show that she was open to concepts that might be considered "out there" to other characters. I don't see characters on any of today's daytime soaps even broaching concepts of these sorts. Actually, even back then, this type of discussion was pretty rare on most soaps of the day. IMO, it was presented in a way that was not meant to mock but explore those topics and go beyond the usual soap chatter. The scene starts at 6:16. https://youtu.be/bqCOIvCHv0g?t=376
  23. I think that's true in most countries nowadays. It's hard to imagine now that there was a time when already established acts like Sandie Shaw, Cliff Richard, Nana Mouskouri and Baccara took part.
  24. Garren Stitt should stick to a career more in his wheelhouse. Walmart greeter, Piggly Wiggly bagger......... to a twin for Oscar.... EVER
  25. I always will enjoy the first 3-4 years of Passions, 1999-2003ish. I can always re-watch those years and still be entertain.....not so much 04-08 Passions.
  26. Cory and Elizabeth Hutchins were born in the summer of 1997 to Rachel and Carl Hutchins during a hurricane at Carl's Key West beach house.
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