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Days fans were told that this week would be shocking as the show returned from hiatus. They were also told that massive cast cuts were coming. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) and Matt Ashford (Jack Deveraux) were first (and to a lesser extend Brock Pierce's Josh was let go). Wayne Northup is out to as his character, Alex North/Stefano Dimera, was killed in May as well. Fans were told the week of June 12 would change the show forever and it has. Nine actors were killed off in a plane explosion set by beloved and now maniac character Marlena Evans Black (Deidre Hall), who revealed she was also responsible for the demise of Abe Carver and Stefano Dimera as well. This has many wondering if Hall is out too since her contract is up this summer. The show will not comment on this or anything else story-wise. However, these departures are confirmed as these actors last aired on June 12:

IPB Image

Bo Brady (Peter Reckell): No doubt the most shocking exit. This was the exit being referred to as "shocking" in the rumor mill. This exit has stunned the soap world as Bo was one of the most recognizable characters on Days. Insiders speculate that the show felt it was time for Bo to exit at this point. The actor himself was "stunned" by the news.

IPB Image

Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow): Another exit that shocked the masses. Some show reps say "the character had been played out" and that the character of Kate had served it's purpose. The actress was also surprised by the news.

IPB Image

Carrie Brady (Christie Clark): Another surprise since the character had major story possibilities and just returned. Carrie had just learned she was pregnant and did not know who the father was. She and her sister, Sami, were also being stalked. Insiders can't understand this axing and wonder if the show just scrapped her story all together and decided to cut their losses.

IPB Image

Austin Reed (Austin Peck): The second time the actor was fired and this was shocking as well given the front burner story he was involved in (see above).

IPB Image

Lucas Roberts (Bryan Dattilo): This came as a surprise again considering the story he was involved in (see above) and the fact that he is a Horton. Rumor has it the show is phasing out the Roberts/Reeds and that is the reason why the characters of Austin, Lucas, Billie, Kate, and possibly Philip (portrayer Kyle Brandt announced in April he was leaving but had extended his contract short term) have been written out.

IPB Image

Billie Reed (Julie Pinson): Pinson took over the role in 2004 and her departure is not that shocking as the character was not a favorite with a good deal of fans. For reasons behind her exit, see the details on Bryan Dattilo's exit.

IPB Image

Roman Brady (Josh Taylor): This exit was not too surprising considering Taylor never took off as a recast of the popular character and has had not story in awhile. This exit appears to be story-dictated.

IPB Image

Shawn and Mimi Brady (Jason Cook and Farah Fath): These two exits were very shocking given they are part of the young generation in Salem and are in a front burner story right now. It appears the show is cutting cast and age is no part of the equation as the new HW wants to focus on a smaller cast and bring some former faves back. The issue of Shawn's daughter, Claire's, paternity will still come out but the show will do it without these two pivotal players.

Insiders say the exits won't stop there. Expect two more characters to die on tomarrow's show (June 14) and two more to die June 16. Another will be killed off screen next week and as many as four others will also be killed off next week. Expect to hear the news that many former faves are returning in addition to those already returned and next week summer previews and a list of who is definitely staying will be released. The show hopes fans will stick it out-there is a great reward ahead. Since this story is clearly revisiting the SSK/Captive Island story, will there be another ruse with everyone being alive. Insiders say not this time-but there are a good deal of surprises ahead. RED HOT SUMMER DAYS IS HERE!!!


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If ONLY the show would be this bold. Except for Peter Reckell, I wouldn't mind any of these cuts being made :lol:

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Oh there are more to come

Keith. I am only focusing on

a smaller cast and bringing back

old faves. I already brought back

Greta, Eric, Nicole, and Nico. I have

also upped Celeste and Victor to

contract. I just think a smaller cast

will be beneficial. I hated getting

rid of people like Bo, Carrie, etc but

I want to get people to read my stuff

just like writers get people to watch

the show. Plus, to do what I want to

do I need to kill off who I am killing off

By the end of the week, if this was the

real show, I think people would want

my head :lol: .

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You'd be the new Reilly; thank your lucky stars you haven't got yourselves a Ken Corday! :blink:

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I could think of so many others to kill off. Not vital cast members,,,

But....LOL......This is your blog.

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