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Monday, March 12th



Monday, March 12th

Anna rings the doorbell at Yvette and Chester's, Chester answers.


Chester: Anna, this is a surprise. I didn't think you'd be back for a couple of more weeks.


Anna: I figured I needed to come back quickly in light of what is happening with the company. It's good to see you, Chester.

Chester: You too. I'm guessing you want to speak with Yvette.

Anna: Yes, we do have some things to discuss.

Chester: She's out on the terrace.

Anna: Thank you.

Anna goes out to the terrace.


Yvette: Mom, you're back.

Anna: Of course, the company is falling apart and I had to find out on television.

Yvette: I apologize for that, I had no idea that Cassandra was going to do that. How did you even know about her show?

Anna: Someone from the board called me.

Yvette: Great.

Anna: While Cassandra is a very vengeful person, I would expect nothing less than cheap tactics from her. But from you,

I expected to hear from the truth right away. Why didn't you tell me that the company had a shortfall?

Yvette: I only found out a few days ago myself and I did not want to burden you with this problem

while you and Dad are trying to get back on track.

Anna: Your father and I are getting there, you telling me the truth wouldn't effect that. I had to come home, it's the wrong time to be away,

especially when we may have to put up some of our own savings.

Yvette: You put me in charge and I felt I had to fix the issue.

Anna: That's all well and good, but I need to be clued in when there is a crisis. This is our family legacy, I want it preserved

for the next generation.

Yvette: And you can rest assured that Joseph and I are handling it.

Anna: It's a pretty large shortfall, what measures have you taken to cover it?

Yvette: Well, we sold off the stores we opened in the Upper Peninsula, as well as various assets.

We are also considering selling the in house Men's clothing line.

Anna: That's a big cash generator for us.

Yvette: I realize that, but I've been shopping it around and I can get a good price for it. We can always start

a new Men's line from scratch.

Anna: Will it be enough?

Yvette: Barely.

Anna: Fortunately, I think I can sink some of my savings into it and borrow against the estate.

Yvette: Wait a minute, borrowing against the estate should be off limits. That's the family home.

Anna: It might be the only way to get some cash quick.

Yvette: I'm just afraid of losing.

Anna: Listen, you've got what it takes, you just hit a roadblock. You can handle challenges.

Yvette: I thought I could, but this one is really throwing me for a loop.

Anna: You got to hold it together, that's why I put you in charge, because you have the strength.

Yvette: Thanks, Mom. It means a lot that you believe in me, but I'm still scared.

Anna: Well, not much can be done to avoid that, it's a human reaction.

Yvette: If we lose this company-

Anna: Don't even think about that.

Yvette: You're right, that doesn't even sound like me to be so defeatist. Tomorrow, I'm going to wheel and deal to keep McGregor from going under.

Anna: That's better.


At Number 37, Andrew finds Cassandra at the bar.


Cassandra: Well, look who is here.


Andrew: That show of yours, I have to give it to you. I never thought anyone would bring tabloid style to the business world.

Cassandra: Drew, you know I'm an innovator.

Andrew: I call it spiteful.

Cassandra: You've obviously never heard of not attacking the messenger. I just reported the news, if you wanted to keep it

private, you should make sure McGregor is airtight when it comes to public relations.

Andrew: You've got beef with me, I get it, but I built that company for my family's security. Don't take it out on them.

Cassandra: You are confused, this is not personal.

Andrew: No?

Cassandra: I started my station and I needed a good story to get started, I found one and grabbed it.

Andrew: And in the process, you can get back at me.

Cassandra: I didn't cause McGregor to have a shortfall, you should ask your children about that.

Andrew: But you knew the investors would be sent into a panic by the information you put out.

Cassandra: In reality, they deserved to know the truth.

Andrew: That's what gets me, how did you know about the shortfall?

Cassandra: I have my sources.

Andrew: You've found a leak in the company.

Cassandra: Nothing of the sort, I came by the information honestly.

Andrew: That's the thing, you couldn't have come by it honestly. I may have been out of the corporate game for awhile, but

I know the privacy hasn't changed.

Cassandra: Perhaps it has. You don't tend to get good results when a home maker runs a corporation for years.

Andrew: Anna's a sharp lady, she ran McGregor like a professional.

Cassandra: We all tell our lies for the people we're caught up with.

Andrew: You are so bitter. Have you really been this way for over 40 years?

Cassandra: Look, why don't you go home and see if you can manage to repair your marriage or should I say, what you thought was your marriage.

Andrew: Have you signed those papers yet?

Cassandra: They are in the mail, obviously I want our long deceased marriage to be nullified as much as you do.

Andrew: Good, then we can both get on with our lives.

Cassandra: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to finish my drink in solitude.

Andrew leaves.


At Donahue, Carol is holding a meeting with Trish.


Carol: We have a surplus.


Trish: Yep, what do you want to do with it?

Carol: I was thinking of making a purchase, one that will yield big dividends.

Trish: Okay, I think that's feasible right now.

Carol: Yvette McGregor is putting out the word that McGregor's Men's Line is up for sale.

Trish: They must really be in trouble if they are going to let that go, it's made millions.

Carol: And it can do the same for us.

She hands Trish a folder.

Trish: You've got everything mapped out.

Carol: What we would do is give the brand a renewal of sorts.

Trish: And there is the added incentive of pulling off a coup against the McGregors.

Carol: That is not part of this, it's only a good opportunity.

Trish: But, you have to admit, it is a good one up in this rivalry.

Carol: It's barely even that anymore, McGregor is on the way down and Donahue is up.

Trish: Don't underestimate what they can do over there.

Carol: There's a difference between underestimating and simply know that we are more formidable.

Trish: I do feel bad about the troubles McGregor is having.

Carol: Of course you do, you've always been the compassionate one.

Trish: My son does work there and the company is his future.

Carol: He knows he has a place waiting for him here.

Trish: You always have a deeper motivation for everything, Mom.

Carol: None at all, but there is that added incentive of potentially having all my family running the company.

Trish: Do you think McGregor will sale to you?

Carol: They need the cash flow, they won't be turning down any offers.

Trish: Depends on where the offer comes from.

Carol: I think they are more shrewd than arrogant at this point. It takes a crisis to bring the high and mighty down a peg.

Trish: Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, there have got to be more than a few other interested parties.

Carol: I feel confident. Buying this line is the next step in being number one.


At Number 37, George walks in. He sees Joseph at a table and goes over to him


Joseph: Come to gloat?


George: No, I want to clear a few things up about my mother's new show.

Joseph: It sent a real panic through our pool of investors.

George: I know and I want to be clear that I had nothing to do with that.

Joseph: And why is it that you needed to make that clear? Not long ago, you were ready to take control of the company.

George: That was then, this is now. I finally realized I have a family I know nothing about and fighting them was a waste of time.

Joseph: I'm not sure if you are serious, but I got to at least hear you out.

George: Now that I have a child, my perspective has changed.

Joseph: That does tend to happen. When JC was born, I looked at everything differently.

George: I was angry for years because I felt like our father didn't care anything about me, that wasn't true and

I'm finally past it.

Joseph: And you can believe that if Dad knew where you were at those years ago, he would have been right there for you.

George: Anyway, that's all in the past and thankfully I can finally move forward.

Joseph: Good for you.

George: Part of me was also sort of envious of how privileged the rest of you grew up.

Joseph: I thought your mother did decent financially when you were growing up.

George: I don't mean money, I'm talking about being part of a good family.

Joseph: We had our ups and downs.

George: Nothing like mine. I have an older brother, Vance, who my grandparents raised and when he did come to live with us, it was a mess. He ended up on drugs and just went away without a trace.

Joseph: That's rough, sorry to hear about that.

George: Yeah, I usually don't like to talk about it, but it's been such a long time and I'm just now dealing with it.

Joseph: I can understand.

George: And just to be fully honest, I also want to talk business.

Joseph: Really?

George: I heard that you are selling off some assets and I thought I would make some offers, just to keep some of them in the family.

Joseph: What is the catch?

George: None at all, I just have this need to help clean up my mother's messes.

Joseph: I think we'll be able to handle it, some good offers are already coming in.

George: I get there is probably not a lot of trust.

Joseph: It's a little shaky, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

George: It takes a time, that's no problem for me.

Joseph: Took awhile to sink it, but it has really hit me that I have another brother.

George: The way I showed up was a shock.

Joseph: Like I said, I'll give you a chance.

They shake hands.

Joseph: Every other Friday, I play cards with Edmund and JC, we could use a fourth McGregor.

George: I think I'll take that invitation up, I'm not a bad card player.

Joseph: All right then, we'll see you.

George: Thanks.

George leaves.

Joseph: I guess time will tell if he's being sincere.


Cassandra is at an office in somewhere undisclosed.

Cassandra: I really have to hand it to you, this work you did was amazing.

McGregor Board Member Leonard walks out of another room.


Leonard: I never half do anything.

Cassandra: Your reputation preceeds you. I just hope the McGregors don't find out you

are backstabbing them.

Leonard: When my uncle passed away, he left his board seat to me, they trust his judgment. They won't be any the wiser.

Cassandra: Getting me classified company information was not hard, but I how exactly did you cause the shortfall in the first place?

Leonard: I planted a bug in the accounting software, one that can't be traced and looks just like one that the manufacturer had problems with in the past.

Cassandra: Per our agreement, you get a certified check. There will be more if you keep up the good work.

She hands him the check.

Leonard: Pleasure doing business with you.

Cassandra: The same here.

Cassandra and Leonard fist bump over their deal. Fade out.


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So glad you finally decided to give me another episode of Novi. I still love it. Love how tight knit this plot is. Novi is so great and it s sad we dont see more of it.

You also have the best casted soaps I've ever seen, of course right behind STEAM that still is my baby.

Cassnadra is always up to no good and I just love that bout her.

I alsp wonder if the McGregors will get out this mess and who's offer they will accept.

Redd man come on I told you, you sitting on a gold mine. I love youw series and your work. Can we see more of Novi? ( It will always be Noci to me) If you need help bro pm me. I don't know what is going on, but it's not often I look forward to writers series like yours.

Please keep this going. DO you have any idea when we will get the next episodE?

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I am aiming for once a week episodes, that way I can write more episodes in advance and be able to write when I have time. Some weeks may have more, but I am aiming to post more regularly.

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