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Saturday, June 25



(to allow for more regular episodes, Varied Lives will be posted on weekends mostly)

This episode was Co-written by S.T.E.A.M'S ML Cooks

Anna and Andrew are at a resort in Italy.


Andrew: This is working out better than I thought it would.


Anna: Yes, I feel like we are getting back to normal. As normal as is possible after everything that has happened.

Andrew: I know I keep apologizing, but I really am sorry for all those years that I wasn't around.

Anna: I'm trying not to dwell on that. At this point in our lives, we can't afford to be caught in the past.

Andrew: I know, it seems like that's all we were doing before we came here.

Anna: I just want to be sure that this is the right thing for the both of us.

Andrew: Which is why you haven't answered my question.

Anna: I really need time to think about it.

Andrew: Our first marriage was not valid because of all the mess with Cassandra and not filing the correct papers. I want to make that right.

Anna: And so do I, but before that can happen, we have to make sure the issue we have are settled.

Andrew: What it's going to take to do that?

Anna: We are almost there. When you first came back, I wanted nothing to do with you. Now, we are on a vacation and really talking things out.

Andrew: You know, you made me wait before you accepted my first proposal too.

Anna: Yes.

Andrew: I recall you saying that you had to be sure it was exactly the right thing for the both of us. Not just you, the both of us. It wasn't a selfish thing.

Anna: Marriage is a bond, you've got to take your time.

Andrew: And I respect you for that.

Anna: Thank you.

Andrew: I'm also very patient and can wait it out.

Anna: Oh, I know that well.

Andrew: Any chance we can work this out before we head home?

Anna: I think we need a little more time than that.

Andrew: I only say that because you know that we are going to probably have a lot of family issues to deal with.

Anna: Yes, there is never a quiet moment back home sometimes. I've learned to juggle, though. Over the years, I had to set aside time for me, while also being there for the family.

Andrew: If you can do that, so can I.

Anna: Hopefully, we'll have no drama when we get back.


WNOV Television Studios

Cassandra walks onto a news desk like set as make up people, hairstylist, and reporters all bombard her. Sterling walks up to her.


Sterling: Well Look at you. You are doing the big time now.


Cassandra: Oh Shut up Hart. This is not what I had in mind.

Sterling: In the end it will be all worth it. So are you ready for your big debut? The new WNOV?”

Cassandra: Most Certainly.

Director: Ok People, off the set. Get into position. We have the two minute warning.

Cassandra reviews some of her cue cards. Some topics she is going to cover are the McGregors. She sits back and relishes in the fact that she is about to unleash her soft power to launch an attack on the McGregor’s. She then thinks back on the scene she had with her son a few days earlier. She remembers telling her son that she would not interfere with the McGregor’s.

She thinks to herself

“I’m not interfering. I’m just reporting on the issue. Big difference. George should be ok with that.


Meanwhile at McGregor, the Exucutive office.

Yvette and Joseph take a seat at a table and turns on the TV.



“Ok remind me again what we are watching that is so important that couldn’t wait until our business crisis is over?”



“Relax. We have to be in the know of business here in the city and Michigan. Rumor mill has it that someone bought the old WNOV and they are debuting their new programming today. It’s a new business show. I want to see if we make the cut.”

Joe turns the TV on and they are stunned to see Cassandra on the screen


“I don’t believe this. Cassandra? Really come on. You better hope McGregor doesn’t make the cut. It’s no telling what that woman will say.”


“I just hope mother and father aren't watching this mess.” He turn the TV up.


Back in Italy, Anna is addressing some postcards, when the phone rings.

Anna: Hello? Yes, this is Mrs. McGregor.


Leonard: Yes, this is Leonard Underwood.

Anna: Leonard, I'm surprised to hear from you. Is something wrong?

Leonard: I would not have called you on your vacation if it wasn't urgent, but as a board member of McGregor, I'm very concerned about some of the things I've heard.

Anna: Like what?

Leonard: There seem to be some very big problems at McGregor and yesterday, we found out about them at the board meeting.

Anna: Yvette was supposed to keep me apprised of anything serious that was happening.

Leonard: I'm sure that she just didn't want to bother you on your vacation, but I felt I had to tell you.

Anna: Of course, thank you very much for calling, Leonard.

Leonard: It's no problem.

Andrew walks in as she hangs up.

Andrew: Is everything all right.

Anna: No, apparently there are some big problems at McGregor and no one was going to bother to tell me.

Andrew: You know that they probably didn't want to disturb us.

Anna: When I handed over control, I specifically told them to keep me up to date. I'm not CEO anymore, but I've got a lot of assets tied up in the company.

Anna boots up her laptop.

Andrew: Remember, we are supposed to be relaxing.

Anna: I'll relax when I see if the business media has picked up on this.

Anna does a Google News search for McGregor and a link to Cassandra's new station pops up as the first result.

Anna: What in the world?

Andrew: What is it?

Anna: You will not believe who bought the old WNOV station.



Cassandra is sitting behind the news desk reading from the teleprompter.

“Hello Novi. Thank you for joining us today. I am Cassandra Lightner. Some of you may know me from the Lightner Corporation. I want to welcome you to Novi’s newest local access channel owned by me of course. And we are going to start things off by talking about local businesses. One in particular. It seems that things are not what they seem. I have all the latest details and gossip about... wait for it….( A Graphic come up with the McGregor office building with the text being McGregor being in big red letters so no one can miss it) Cassandra continues reading her script

“That’s right Novians. McGregor. They are spinning lies and I got the latest. Stay tuned and after our short message from our sponsors I’ll tell you who’s been sleeping on the job.”


“Ok fade out! And Cut.”

Makeup and Hair people bombard Cassandra one more time. Sterling walks over to her as well

“You’re doing great babe.”


“I know. That’s what I do Hart. Great things.”


“Well you keep delivering your brash delivery and the McGregor’s won’t know what them, again.”

Anna is watching a web stream of Cassandra's show.

Anna: This looks very bad.

Andrew: Cassandra's always been sneaky, that's never changed I see.

Anna: And she still isn't done trying to make problems for the company.




“How in the hell does she know inside information here at McGregor!?”


“It seems we have a mole.”


“It couldn’t be George. We hardly give him the time of day.”


“We have to do something. I’m going to call our attorney and see if I can order a cease and desist order.”




“STAND BY! And were back in 3, 2 1-“


“Before the break I told you I had some inside information for you about McGregor.

Well it seems someone at McGregor actually was asleep on the job as a major error was found on the balance sheets. Now the company has to go public and are in the process of selling soft assets to raise capital. Since new owners Yvette and Joe took over a year ago from the found parent duo, Anna and Andrew, turmoil and upheavals has followed the next generation of owners. It seems McGregor is in serious trouble and is in danger of going in the red. Even possibly default to creditors and loans and there are now whispers of bankruptcy. Investors and Creditors beware; McGregor is hiding the truth from you.”



In a rage, Joe throws the TV onto the floor.

“This is war. She is going to pay for doing this. That snake just black listed us and exposed our dire financial straits.”


“The better question is, how did she know all of this info? She has to have an insider.”

Then their secretary runs in

“Excuse me guys, the phone lines are blowing up with investors and creditors wanting out. What shall I tell them?”


“We are about to lose McGregor.”


“Never. Call a company meeting immediately. We have to find out who this mole is.”

Cassandra steps off set to a phone call waiting for her.

Cassandra: I'm so glad you called. I really want to thank you for everything you are doing, it's a big help. You just keep up the good work and you'll be rewarded.

Cassandra hangs up.

Cassandra: The McGregors do not know just what has hit them.


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I do love the storyon here and the episode flowed so nicely. Only me and you will know who wrote which scenes. Thats how good it flowed. I can't wait to see all the reactions and who the mole is. Also I got one question if The McGrergor estate is in such dire straits how can Anna and Andrew afford the big life across the ocean. I hope we dont have to wait for a month of Sundays before the next ep is posted. If u need help writing let me know. Novi is my fav blog. I can never get enough it

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  • Members

I really admire your series you show me you dont have to use cuss words and over the top plots to tell a good and entetaining story.

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I'm going to try to write more episode in advance so that it won't be so long, sometimes I don't have a lot of time to write.

The financial errors at the company happened after Andrew and Anna left, everything was supposed to have been in order before then. I'll address that some more in the next episodes.

I try to keep it traditional and modern at the same time, which hasn't been easy all the time, so I'm glad you like the blog. Thanks for reading.

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I would have never guessed it didn't come with ease for you. It seems like it does. You do a great job at keeping it modern and traditional. What I like to call a no bull [!@#$%^&*] ass show.

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