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Monday, March 19th



Monday, March 19th

Anna is having coffee with John at the estate.


Anna: I know this was quite short notice, but I needed your expertise immediately.


John: It's fine, my day was slow today and I always like to help out a friend.

Anna: You've probably already heard the news about McGregor.

John: That shocked the heck out of me. What's going on?

Anna: Apparently, it was some software error.

John: But you suspect otherwise.

Anna: Cassandra was the first to make the news public, she had the scoop. It just seems as if she had

some inside information.

John: Wouldn't be the first time.

Anna: She's committed corporate espionage before?

John: It's how she started in the corporate world.

Anna: Well, if she has a spy in McGregor, I need to find out who it is.

John: Spies are usually long gone after they deliver their information.

Anna: Makes sense, but I haven't a clue about who inside the company it could have been.

John: Low level staffers can do a lot more than you'd ever imagine, even temp workers.

Anna: And we have a lot of those.

John: My advice would be to have Yvette and Joseph keep everything very airtight right now, keep as much between them and board as possible.

Anna: Investors will want to know.

John: Secure communications over a secured network.

Anna: We already have that.

John: Not the kind I'm talking about. My firm has some special software that is made especially for this sort of situation.

Anna: All right, I'll tell Yvette to contact your firm.

John: We will get you squared away.

Anna: Thank you, we've never had to deal wit a spy before.

John: In this economy, it's more common. Everyone wants to make a quick buck.

Anna: When we find out who it is, they will be dealt with accordingly.


Yvette and Joseph are discussing the selling of assets at McGregor, when Leonard walks in.


Joseph: Afternoon, Leonard.


Yvette: Yes, we were expecting you.


Leonard: First things first, since some of our board members can't be present constantly throughout this crisis, they suggested that I

speak collectively for them.

Yvette: That's fine, just as long as we have clear communication.

Joseph: Here is the latest, we have liqudated seven stores already, plus several unused properties.

Yvette: And unfortunately, we are expanding into furloughs. We have to let a ton of people go just to free up the cash.

Leonard: Is that enough to fill the shortfall?

Joseph: Not just yet.

Leonard: I'll report that to the board.

Yvette: I'm sure you will.

Leonard: Just a word of caution, I've talked to some investors, they are growing more restless.

Joseph: That's not a big surprise. We are working on unloading the men's line next.

Leonard: Now that ought to fetch a pretty penny, that's a gold mine.

Yvette: That's why it's up for sale.

Joseph: We did get some good news today, the bankers granted us an extention.

Leonard: Yes, that's fantastic news.

Joseph: It still is uphill from here, though.

Leonard: I've got to go, but please keep the board apprised.

Yvette: Of course.

Leonard leaves.

Yvette: I think it was him that called Mom and let her know about this mess.

Joseph: Why would he do that?

Yvette: I have no idea, but he's been the most vocal since this happened.

Joseph: His family does own stock, he's probably just protecting their investment.

Yvette: Could be, but I still think he's a little sneaky.

Joseph: His uncle was a loyal board member and although he was abrasive at times, he was reliable.

Yvette: I don't know. At this point, I need to focus strictly on the shortfall.

Joseph: We are closing the gap, if we get lucky with the men's line sale, we are in the clear.

Yvette: The offers I am getting aren't quite enough.

Joseph: I do have one potential offer, but I don't know if you'll like that buyer.

Yvette: Who is it?

Joseph: George.

Yvette: Absolutely not, after all the trouble he caused us, I wouldn't trust him.

Joseph: He sounds like he's changed and besides, if he's willing to buy the line, it's a clean sale and we owe him nothing.

Yvette: You've got a point, I'm just very leery about everything now.

Joseph: Hey, I have my reservations too, but if it comes down to his offer being the one saves this company from falling apart, then we have to take it.

Yvette: I still cannot believe that this happened. Everything had been going so well.

Joseph: Let's keep it together and stay focused, we can't afford to miss a step here.

Yvette: It's just overwhelming, especially now that Mom knows.

Joseph: We had breakfast this morning, she wasn't pleased that we didn't inform her immediately.

Yvette: I got the same talking too.

Joseph: Motivation, that's all I see it as.


Cassandra and George are at WNOV's studios.


Cassandra: So, what do you think of my new station?


George: You've done well fixing it up, but

Cassandra: There's a but.

George: I think you goals are all wrong.

Cassandra: Listen, I know that the McGregor story was to your liking, but is is news.

George: Which you have used to continue your games.

Cassandra: This goodie good act doesn't fit you

George: I grew up bitter and full of anger, hatred. It didn't feel good and I had to let go.

Cassandra: I'm not bitter and angry at all, I'm running a business and finally doing for myself.

George: I am glad you doing that, but I can tell you still are consumed with anger. I don't like to see that.

Cassandra: Call it what you like, it's your opinion.

George: When are you going to see what this is doing to you?

Cassandra: It's filling up my bank account, that's what it is doing.

George: You already ended up in trouble with the SEC over your antics, you may not be able to beat them again.

Cassandra: That is for me to worry about and trust me, I'm keeping my powder dry.

George: I guess that's the best I'll get from you.

Cassandra: Worrying about me is not something you need to be doing. Focus on what is going on with you.

George: I'm just afraid I'll end up implicated in something you've done.

Cassandra: You should have no fear of that.

George: Please, keep it like that.

Cassandra: Everything I'm doing now, I will own and very happily.

Sterling walks in.


Sterling: Cassandra, some of our advertisers want more time, what should I tell them?

Cassandra: Give it to them, with the money they pay, it's a no brainer.

Sterling: Cool, I'll get back to them.

Sterling exits.

George: Your old partner in crime is helping out, now I know you're headed for trouble.

Cassandra: Like I said, you need not worry about me.


Carol arrives at Yvette's office. Yvette's assistant shows her in.

Yvette: Good day, Carol.


Carol: Likewise.

Yvette: I was a bit shocked at you wanting to make an offer on any of our assets, especially since

it would help save McGregor.

Carol: I see a lucrative buy and I go for it. I know how strong your men's line is and I'm confident I can make it stronger

under the Donahue banner.

Yvette: We are looking for the best offer, because it is such a gold mine.

Carol: I'm willing to offer you over market value, in fact, double.

Yvette: Seems you really want this.

Carol: Oh, yes.

Yvette: Double market value is good, but I do have to run this by the board.

Carol: Expected procedure. My bank is ready to cut a check within minutes of this deal being accepted.

Yvette: You definitely are well prepared to close a deal.

Carol: This is a rare opportunty, acting fast was something I didn't have to think about.

Yvette: It has it's risks for us, handing our best asset to our main competition could be suicide. But, our options are limited.

Carol: You know my offer, so I'm going to make my exit and let you sort things out.

Yvette: We'll get back to you soon.

Carol: Oh, I know.

Carol passes Joseph as she leaves.

Joseph: What's she doing here?

Yvette: She put an in offer for the mens line, double market value.

Joseph: Not hard to tell why she wants it so bad.

Yvette: Yep. So, what did the rest of the bankers say?

Joseph: Bad news.

Yvette: How bad?

Joseph: They've seized our main stores.

Yvette: No.

Joseph: And each day that they don't get a payment, there is a penalty.

Yvette: We can't cover that.

Joseph: I know, at this point, we'd have to have someone else buy into the company just to cover cash flow. We just

don't have enough to sell.

Yvette: Who?

Joseph: George offered to help.

Yvette: If he gets into this company, it's trouble.

Joseph: I'm afraid that he's the only one we can go to, no one else would be willing to buy into the company, he'd do so

just to protect the family company. I think he may be sincere

Yvette: Not long ago, he wanted to bring us down, now he wants to help? I'm not holding my breath.

Joseph: It's worth a shot. We can't lose what Mom and Dad worked so hard to build.

Yvette sighs and looks conflicted about what to do. Fade out.


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I love the strong buisness asssets. Its really to me going back to the roots of the show. The long standing rivarly between the two families. I love how Carol was in her pitch. Ur story is very tight knit And I also love that. I am anxious to see what Vette and enm will do and if George is really sincrece.

Great job and keep them coming.

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