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FTL Movie: Welcome to New York P4



Welcome to New York...

Marti's Bedroom:



An emotional Leah goes into the bedroom.

The teens follow her.

She is crying, "I'm so tired of this!"

Marti sighs, "I'm sorry Leah."

Leah shakes her head, "They aren't kids anymore. My parents can't just keep fighting and breaking up and getting back together over and over again. It's so messed up."

Zach nods, "I know how you feel. I had no memories of my parents ever liking each other. I never understood how they could have been married. Then when I'm in high school suddenly they fall back in love and want to make it work. It was weird, then they broke up again and I didn't really care. At least they don't fight anymore."

James sighs, "Dad was always off and on with my Mom. I think a part of me always figures they'll get back together in the end but... I'm not holding my breath anymore."

Marti nods, "I don't even have a Dad. But I know how it feels to be frustrated with you parent's decisions. My Mom dates the fakest guys. Guys who don't even appreciate her."

Leah shakes her head, "I will never be like that when I grow up."

James sighs, "Same here."

Zach laughs, "I'm sure our parents said the same things. But in 10 years we'll all have kids with different parents. Several marriages. And we'll have that one person we keep bouncing back and forth with."

James takes Leah's hand, "Not necessarily."

The two smile at each other.

Marti looks at Zach, "It's possible to have happiness without unnecessary drama."

Zach nods, "Maybe..."

Marti sighs, "But I guess you and I are always going to have those problems. I'm not coming back to Springfield. The sooner we accept that the better."

James sighs, "Parents make life way more complicated than it has to be."

Everyone looks at each other.

Living Room:



Rick is helping Mindy dry off.

Phillip and Beth come over.

Phillip stares, "What the hell?"

Mindy sighs, "Mel is insane."

Rick sighs, "No she's upset. She had a right to be."

Mindy shakes her head, "Don't make excuses for her. Mel is just cold Rick. You deserve someone who's not going to run out the door on you."

Beth looks at her, "Mindy enough."

Rick shakes his head.

Mindy puts her hand on his shoulder, "Rick, I care about you. Why don't you stay here with me for a while and let Mel take the kids back home."

Rick stares at her, "What the hell are you talking about? I can't stay here Mindy."

Mindy stares at him.

He nods, "I'm an adult. I have 3 children. My son is about to graduate, my daughter is going through a hard time, my baby is at home needing his parents."

Mindy stares, "But... I thought-"

He sighs, "Mindy your drunk. You don't know what you're saying."

She grabs his arm, "No Rusty please!"

He pulls away, "Rusty?"

She sighs, "I mean Rick. I'm sorry I'm just flustered."

Rick sighs, "I don't love you Mindy. I love Mel. Mel is the love of my life."

Leah walks over and listens.

Rick nods, "Don't you get it? I spent years feeling like I was never good enough for any of the women I fell in love with. But with Mel... she just wants me to be me. She just wants me to be there for her and support her and love her. But it scares the crap out of me. That's why I do stupid things like..."

Beth walks over to him, "It's not too late Rick."

Rick looks at everyone.



Mel walks out of the building.

She is in tears.

She is still dressed up from the party.

It's pouring rain.

Mel looks around.

She grabs a newspaper and puts it over her hair.

Mel walks out and tries to get a taxi.

She continues walking along the sidewalk.

Mel keeps crying.

She keeps thinking back to what Alan Michael said.

She stands still for a moment.

Mel takes a deep breath and then turns back to the building.

She sees a man running towards her.

Rick calls out, "Mel!"

Mel stares as her husband runs through the rain.

She walks towards him.

He looks at her, "Mel! I'm so sorry!"

She stares, "What are you doing?"

He nods, "I'm sorry for being afraid to show you how much I love you. I'm sorry that I keep screwing things up left and right. And I'm sorry that I let you walk out the door again. I'm sorry it took me so long to get here."

She looks at him, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I get jealous. I'm sorry that I have trouble letting go of the past. Because I'm scared too. We got married so fast... and I fell in love with you so fast. All I know is that I never knew what love was before I met you Rick. I'm tired of these games Rick, I know I want to be with you in the end so I'm tired of wasting anytime a part. I love you."

He grins, "I love you too."

The two kiss.

Mindy's Penthouse:


Liz stands with Kourtney.

Kourtney nods, "You weren't kidding about these people."

Liz nods, "Yep. Springfield is full of this drama 24/7. You go to any public place and there is someone breaking up, getting arrested, or revealing some huge secret."

Kourtney looks at her, "See that's the thing about the Midwest, it goes under the radar. Sometimes I wonder if the whole place blew up, how long it would take for us to hear about it."

Liz laughs, "You'd be surprised how much stuff happens that you don't hear about."

Kourtney nods, "Maybe you could be the gateway to sharing it with the rest of the world."

Liz ponders the situation.

Rick and Mel walk back inside.

Everyone looks at them.

They are soaking wet.

Leah walks over, "You guys okay?"

Mel nods, "I'm so sorry we did that Leah. It's time we got our act together and started acting like adults for a change. I'm so sorry."

Leah hugs them.

She looks at her parents, "Whatever you guys decide I'll love you both. I just want you both to be happy."

Rick smiles, "We are and we will have more fights I'm sure. But at the end of the day I want your Mom to be the one I go to bed with at night."

Everyone smiles.

Mindy sneaks off to her bedroom.

Beth takes Phillip by the hand, "Can I talk to you outside for a minute?"

The two walk out.

James and Zach notice them go outside.

The two brothers look at each other.


Phillip follows Beth out.

She walks over and stares at the buildings and lights.

She smiles, "It's beautiful. Everything about tonight has been."

He laughs, "What show were you watching in there?"

She nods, "The one where two people realized their love for each other along with their mistakes. I get it now, that you can't move on until you deal with both."

Phillip nods, "I guess."

She sighs, "I don't want to be in my bed alone anymore. But I don't want just anyone laying beside me."

He stares.

She sighs, "I spent my whole life waiting for someone to rescue me. I lay down and wait. But not anymore. I'm stronger now Phillip I had to be. I can admit my faults."

He nods, "I know. I was controlling and judgmental. But believe me after everything I went through... it humbled me Beth. I'm not like that anymore but I can still admit it."

Beth sighs, "It's insane to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. I've seen so many people get back into the same relationship and make the same mistakes. But if you change things it's not insane."

Phillip smiles, "You're right."

She nods, "I love you, my children, your children, my mother our grandchildren. That's all I need, and you're at the center of it Phillip. It's always been you."

He grins, "It's always been you for me Beth."

Beth stares at him, "I Beth Raines ask you Phillip Spaulding to help me throw a wedding together, tomorrow! While we are still in New York. Fly my Mom and the kids here."

Phillip nods, "A marriage license..."

She shakes her head, "Is paper that we can get when we get home. This isn't about legal stuff. This is about us. Our love has nothing to do with that."

He grins, "Are you serious?"

She nods, "I love you Phillip."

He grins, "I love you too!"

The two kiss.

They hear the eavesdropping crowd cheer.

They look through the window to see Liz, Zach and James staring back at them.

Event Center:


Lillian walks around with little Penelope.

The place is decorated for the wedding.

Liz walks over, "Hey Nana."

Lillian smiles, "Oh my goodness. This is crazy. I mean I get a phone call saying to come down here and witness a wedding between your parents and everyone is here?"

Liz laughs, "It's fate I guess."

Lillian grins, "Well you seem happy."

Liz nods, "I am. This vacation was just what I needed."

Lillian smiles, "Vacation, as in temporary?"

Liz nods, "I'm coming home Nana. Clay and I are still going to be living in Springfield don't worry."

Lillian hugs her, "Oh this day just keeps getting better and better."

Across the room Mel is standing.

Mindy walks over, "Hey."

Mel takes a deep breath, "Hi."

Mindy looks at her, "I'm so sorry Mel. Everything at my party was a mistake on my part. I've been going through a lot emotionally. I just want you to know if I were sober I would have realized how foolish I was behaving."

Mel nods, "I know."

Mindy shakes her head, "I'm not that girl anymore. I'm not a girl at all. I'm a woman who realized she chose her career over her life and you're the woman who has it all."

Mel laughs, "I have it all?"

Mindy nods, "You have your law career, you still have a medical degree, you have 2 kids, a stepson, and a husband who loves you. You're like a model for the woman of today."

Mel smiles, "I am lucky. And honestly I hope you find that too."

Mindy shakes her head, "It's too late for that."

Mel shakes her head, "No it's not. Mindy trust me, it's not too late."

Mel walks away.

Groom's Room:

Phillip and the guys are in their tuxes.

Rick helps him get together, "Only a Spaulding could throw all of this together."

Phillip nods, "Well we felt guilty spending money. But we wanted to make today perfect."

Rick nods, "You two deserve this."

Phillip sighs, "I'm usually nervous about this kind of stuff... but I'm actually not. I feel like I'm making one of the easiest decisions of my life."

Zach walks over, "You and Beth will be happy Dad."

Phillip grins, "Thank you son. I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you the way I should have been when you broke up with Leah and when Marti left."

Zach sighs, "I would have pushed you away anyway."

He nods, "I hope you won't anymore."

James walks over, "Everything has worked out in the end hasn't it?"

Phillip smiles, "I think so."

Rick sighs, "Don't you kids go thinking that just because you saved our marriages that you're getting off the hook."

The boys laugh.

James looks at Phillip, "I just... I really hope you guys make it work. Both of you."

Phillip walks towards James, "I know it's tough. Watching us go back and forth all the time. But your mother and I wouldn't be doing this unless we were sure it was going to work this time."

James nods, "I know."

Phillip hugs him.

Rick pushes Zach over, "Get in there Buddy."

Phillip puts his arms around both his sons.

Rick grabs his camera.

Phillip looks at his two sons who've grown up into young men.

The three Spaulding men smile.

Bride's Room:

The women are all together.

Beth is in her dress.

Mindy walks in, "How does it fit?"

Beth stands, "It's beautiful Mindy. Thank you."

Mindy gasps, "Look at you! Oh you make me want to get married again."

They all laugh.

Liz looks at her mother, "I'm really happy for you Mom."

Beth walks over, "Are you sure you're okay?"

Liz nods, "This has been a really tough year. And all my life I've wanted you two to be together. As long as this is for real... I'll be happy for you."

Beth hugs her, "I love you so much."

Lillian walks over, "You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen."

Beth grins, "You were always right Mom. It was always about Phillip."

Lillian nods, "I knew you two would end up together."

Beth looks in the mirror, "I'm really lucky that I get this chance. Another chance with the love of my life. I won't mess it up again."

Liz nods, "You won't. You two are going to get your ever after."

Mindy smiles, "All the Raines women. Come on. Let's get this memory."

Lillian and Liz stand on Beth's sides.

Beth takes their hands, "I love both of you. And I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't had you all along. Thank you so much."

Mindy takes the picture.

The three women smile.

Mindy grins, "It's time."


The wedding is starting.

All of the guests stand around together.

All of the women walk down the small aisle and then join the circle surrounding Phillip and the minister.

Everyone is smiling.

Beth walks out and slowly steps down the aisle.

Phillip and Beth lock eyes.

He walks over and takes her hand.

Phillip walks her over to the minister.

He begins, "We are here to honor the commitment between Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines. The two of them have chosen to share their own vows from their hearts."

Phillip looks around, "Obviously this isn't the traditional ceremony. Beth and I have already had that. This is our spur of the moment, exciting, celebration of love and reconciliation."

Everyone is smiling.

Phillip nods, "Beth when I first met you we were kids. And falling in love with you was such an incredible experience. People always tell you that when you're that young you aren't old enough to understand love. I'm here to say that my first love is my true love. Beth the reason that I love you so much is because of who you are and all that we have been through together. And I know that you are the one I want to be my partner, my friend, my companion. There is nobody else I could imagine spending my future with."

Beth wipes a tear.

He continues, "You have given me three beautiful children. Elizabeth, James, and Penelope Spaulding. And everyone of them made me love you more. They have your heart Beth. Even when our kids are acting out I feel comforted knowing that they have your heart deep down inside. And they have the ability to love like you do. And I promise to be your partner from this day forward and never give up on us. I love you."

Beth smiles, "Phillip I've always known that I belonged with you. I never forgot how much I loved you. Even when you were gone I missed you every day. But I also learned how to be strong on my own. I learned how to be Beth. And now I feel more ready than I ever was to be someone's wife. To be your wife. I've realized marriage isn't about needing it's about wanting to share your life with the person who you hold close to your heart. I love and accept you for who you are, and I am ready to spend the rest of our life together."

Lillian smiles at her daughter.

Beth nods, "I'm ready Phillip. This is it."

Phillip smiles.

The minister nods, "Phillip do you take Beth to be your wife from this day forward?"

Phillip nods, "Yes I do."

He looks at Beth, "Beth do you take Phillip to be your husband from this day forward?"

Beth smiles, "Of course I do."

He grins, "I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Phillip and Beth share a kiss.

Everyone applauds.

The two smile and stare into each other's eyes.


The reception is now being held.

Everyone is drinking champagne.

Rick raises his glass, "To Beth and Phillip. I couldn't be more happy for you two."

Everyone toasts, "To Beth and Phillip."

Beth and Phillip kiss.

Phillip takes her hand.

The two walk out to the dance floor.

Mindy walks away to answer her phone.

Slowly everyone starts to go out to the dance floor.

Marti is with Zach, "That was beautiful."

Zach nods, "My Dad and Beth really love each other. I hope they make it work this time."

Marti nods, "I think they will."

He sighs, "It's nice, I'm almost forgetting about the fact that I'm going back to Springfield in the morning and you're not. But it's still going to happen."

She looks at him, "Let's not talk about it now. Just hold me."

Marti rest her head on Zach's chest.

Across the room Mel is with Rick.

She smiles, "I'm glad we came here. I just wish the circumstances were different."

He nods, "We needed this."

Mel nods, "Even with everything that happened with Mindy..."

Rick sighs, "Yep."

Mel looks at him, "Believe it or not I actually feel sorry for her. Where did she go anyway?"

He looks around, "I don't know. But don't worry about Mindy. I think she'll be fine."

Mel nods and smiles at her husband.

Outside the Building:

Mindy stands outside holding her phone.

She keeps looking up and down the street.

Finally a cab pulls up.

She stares at the window.

The door opens.


Detective Rusty Shayne steps out.

She stares at him.

He nods, "Melinda Sue."

She sighs, "Rusty I-"

He shushes her, "It's okay. I know. Me too."

Mindy has tears in her eyes.

He puts his arms around her.

The two hug.

He nods, "We'll figure it out this time. Okay?"

She nods, "We will."

Mindy feels safe right in Rusty's arms.


Liz sits and watches her parents.

She is smiling.

James walks over and sits with her, "Hey."

She smiles, "Hey."

He sighs, "How do you feel about this?"

She sighs, "At first? Scared. Scared of watching them get close and then tear each other a part. Scared of having to pick up the pieces. Scared of getting happy only to be let down again."

James nods, "Sounds like me."

Liz looks at him, "How do you feel now?"

He shakes his head, "I don't know."

She sighs, "I'm not scared anymore James."

He looks at her, "Why?"

Liz turns, "Look at them James."

James looks at his parents.

Liz has tears in her eyes, "In my whole life I've never seen either one of them so happy. They'll be fine."

James smiles.

He holds his sister's hand.

Liz wipes her tears.

Phillip and Beth continue dancing.

The two stare into each other's eyes.

Neither can stop smiling.

They share another sweet kiss.

Outside of Mindy's Building:

It's the next morning.

Mel walks out with the teens.

There is a limo waiting.

Mel sighs, "Okay I'm going to talk to the drive real quick. Everyone get inside and don't even think of running away again."

Leah nods, "Wouldn't dream of it."

James and Leah hold hands.

Zach and Marti stand together.

He looks at her, "I'm not good at stuff like this..."

Marti nods, "I know. You don't have to say anything."

Zach sighs, "You know I..."

She nods, "I know Zach."

He looks down.

She looks away, "I'll call my Mom and beg her again but I don't know if it will do any good."

Zach sighs, "Yeah... I'll see ya."

Zach walks towards the car.

Marti hollers, "Zach..."

He looks back.

She smiles, "I'll do whatever it takes. But I promise you, I'll be back in Springfield when school starts up again."

He walks towards her, "I'll see you in the new year."

The two passionately kiss.

Phillip, Beth, Rick and Mindy walk out.

Phillip clears his throat.

Zach smiles at Marti and walks towards the car with Leah and James.

Phillip, Rick and Beth hug Mindy one last time.

They all look at each other.

The four smile, "Blue skies and palomino ponies!"

Zach, James, and Leah roll their eyes and shake their heads as they get in.

The parents follow.

Mindy stands with Marti.

They wave as the car pulls away.

The parents take their kids back to Springfield.


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Was Gavin only for the movie?

Rick had some very powerful lines in this ep.

Good for Phil and Beth but I just know troulbe is lurking around the corner.

A very good movie. What made you do it?

It was very nice to focus only a few characters for once to. I feel like i know a lot more.

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  • Members

Yes this is the first time we meet Gavin. However he will be in at least one more episode. Kind of a big deal but I'm not telling ;)

I think the readers and the characters needed to know that Mel and Rick care about their marriage.

Phillip and Beth have finally realized how to work as a couple. But they still live in Springfield and have a whole family waiting back home filled with drama lol

I originally had a lot of ideas for episodes where they left Springfield. However I felt that a huge part of FTL was that it WAS Springfield. Then I had an idea for a movie (Won't reveal it because I haven't written it yet). But it just didn't seem like what GUIDING LIGHT Movie should be. So I ended up planning 4 different movies. This is the second of course.

I don't think Movies fit into all shows. But I do think if it does that it's an option to be explored.

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