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S3 Episode 97



The results of people's actions erupt in Springfield...




Marah is in Edmund's room.

She is sipping champagne.


He walks in.

She smiles, "Finally. I was wondering what was taking you so long."

He grins, "I have been anxious to see you. I just had to take care of a few things before."

She walks over to him, "I haven't seen you in over a week. My trip was fun but I missed having you there with me. What all did you do while I was gone?"

He smiles, "Oh I thought about you a lot."

Marah kisses him.

He looks at her, "Did you think about me?"

She nods, "Of course."

Marah walks over and pours another glass for Edmund.

He stares at her.

She turns around.

Marah laughs nervously, "What?"

He nods, "I've looked at you a million times Marah. And I don't think I've ever really seen you until now."

She looks at him, "What you mean?"

He walks towards her, "You're smart. I mean I knew you were smart, but you're down right clever. It's amazing quite frankly. You should be proud of yourself."

She laughs, "Well you're full of compliments."

He nods, "Indeed."

She turns away, "Anything I do to trigger this?"

He laughs, "Oh you did everything Marah."

She steps into the bathroom.

Edmund turns away.

He smiles, "Very impressive Marah. Very impressive."

He sips his champagne.


Mallet and Dinah's:


Belinda pulls into her driveway.

Leah is standing there.

Belinda gets out and walks towards her, "What's up?"

Leah stares, "I wanted to stop by and clear the air."

Belinda nods, "New York do you well?"

Leah nods, "Sure. But I wanted to make sure you know that I'm over what happened Belinda. I'm not going to forget about it but I'm forgiving you and accepting your apology."

Belinda sighs, "Well good. I hope we can co exist for now."

Leah nods, "Of course."

Belinda walks past her.

Leah sighs, "I did tell Marti that you were the one who called her Mom and had her sent away. And unfortunately Marti isn't as forgiving as I am."

Belinda laughs, "Okay. So what?"

Leah shakes her head, "Just a warning Belinda."

Belinda looks at her, "Understand this: Marti Lewis is a trampy little wuss. She does not intimidate me the least bit. Besides she is all the way in New York. She can't touch me."

Belinda walks into her house.

She goes into the living room.


Dinah and Mallet sit silently in the living room.

She looks at them, "Who died?"

Dinah looks at her.

Mallet is looking down.

Belinda stares, "What's up?"

Dinah sighs, "We got something in the mail... I think it belongs to you."

Belinda sees her notebook on the table.

She nods, "My notebook. I lost that at the fraternity house a while ago when I was visiting RJ. What's the big deal?"

Dinah shakes her head.

She flips the notebook open.

The page is the list of every sexual partner Belinda has ever had.

Mallet keeps looking down and shaking his head.

Belinda looks at the long list of names that goes down to the bottom of the page.

Dinah stares at her 16 year old daughter.


Cross Creek:


There is a knock on the door.

Bill answers it.


Phillip is standing there, "Well you are alive."

Bill nods, "True."

Phillip nods, "I was wondering since I was trying like hell to get ahold of you while I was in New York."

Bill shakes his head, "If you were trying to set up a golf game then you'll have to find someone else."

Phillip stares, "I know you don't like me Bill. You've never made that a secret. But I was trying to get you to let me bring Emma to my wedding."

Bill nods, "I see. I'm sorry I couldn't help contribute to the wedding of the year."

Phillip stares, "You're a real ass. You know that? Emma is my daughter and I wanted to have her there with Beth and I on our big day."

Bill stares, "Last time I checked she was my daughter."

Phillip shakes his head, "A DNA test would say otherwise."

Bill nods, "But years of raising her wouldn't."

Phillip looks at him, "You and Olivia can try and turn her against me. But I'm not going to give up. I love my children and I owe it to them to make an effort."

Bill shakes his head, "That's not my problem. You abandoned your role as her father. You cannot just come back and expect everything to be waiting for you Phillip. It will take a lot more than all the Spaulding money to change that. Whether you want to believe it or not."

Phillip looks at him, "You had no right Bill, you have no right to stand between me and my daughter. Emma is 16 and she can make these decisions on her own."

Bill stares, "First off if you knew anything you would know that she does not like being called Emma anymore."

Phillip sighs, "Emma, Spencer, whatever. She is still my daughter and I love her."

Bill nods, "Until you have another break down?"

Phillip shakes his head, "Oh come on Bill!"

Bill looks at him, "Look at Lizzie! Look at Zach. Being your child tends to mess kids up a little Phillip."

Phillip stares at him, "I'm not a violent man. But I am telling you right now, watch what you say about my children. Do you understand me Bill?"

Bill nods, "How about you stay away from mine?"

Bill and Phillip stare each other down.


Spaulding Mansion:


Amanda is in the office.

She is going through the files.

There is a knock at the door.

She hollers, "Come in."


David walks inside.

She looks over, "Detective Grant. To what do I owe this honor?"

He nods, "Actually I was looking for Vicky."

Amanda nods, "Oh. Well wherever I am Vicky usually is not. She isn't really my biggest fan lately. But then again most of my family is not."

David looks at her, "I see."

She shakes her head, "Oh. But I do think she forgot something at the office and had to go back. But she should be coming back here soon."

David nods, "Oh okay, thank you."

She looks at him, "Feel free to wait in here. She will probably pop her head in here when she gets back to remind me how to do my job."

He laughs, "Okay."

She stares, "So how is... I don't know, your life going?"

He laughs, "Not so good at small talk?"

She shakes her head, "Not really."

He nods, "My life is fine."

Amanda nods, "I don't know anything about you really."

He sighs, "I'm a pretty boring man. Especially compared to everyone else in this town."

She laughs, "Well you're looking at the woman who is known for making out with her 'son' in public."

David laughs, "Well I'm not so innocent in the scandal department. My ex wife Lucy got me into a lot of hot water last year. But now I am drama free."

Amanda nods, "Well I can see your appeal. Drama free men are hard to find in this town."

David sighs, "Drama is overrated. And it's actually pretty easy to avoid. Just stay away from murder, scandal, stealing, and love triangles."

Amanda laughs, "Sounds like you're going to have to move."

The two laugh together.




Susan is moving her stuff into the boarding house.

Stephanie looks at her, "I'm so glad you're going to be living here."

Susan nods, "Well it's a lot more convenient than the Beacon. Plus I wasn't aware that you and Peter would be having problems when I was moving in."

Stephanie sighs, "I should have told him sooner."

Susan shakes her head, "You can't fret on the past."

Stephanie nods, "Peter is amazing. I honestly was thinking he might be... the one."

Susan looks at her, "He still could be."

Stephanie shakes her head, "He found out I'm carrying Guillespie's baby. I'm walking around with a constant reminder of the boyfriend who beat me and made my life a living hell."

Susan looks at her, "So?"

Stephanie nods, "Why would anyone want to be around that?"

Susan looks at her, "Peter is a good guy."

Stephanie nods, "He's the best guy."

Susan looks at her, "He would be stupid to pass you up."

Stephanie laughs, "Like I'm so special."

Susan looks at her, "You know me. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true."

Stephanie sighs, "I'm fat, I'm a liar, and I come with baggage. Like more baggage than the normal human being."

Susan walks towards her, "Stephanie you're beautiful, inside and out. Plus you have those eyes, those big brown eyes that draw a person in."

The two stare at each other.

Susan sighs, "Peter just needs time to remember how amazing you are."

Stephanie laughs, "You're giving me a big head."

Susan sighs, "Whether he is with you or not I'm keeping my promise. I'm helping you through this pregnancy."

Stephanie smiles.

Peter walks down the hall.

The girls look at him.



Museum Apartment:




The roommates are all in the living room.

Jason is sitting with Vi.

Coop is with Eden.

Rocky sits on the couch with Maureen.

Jason looks around, "Shouldn't we wait to have a meeting until everyone is here?"

Coop nods, "Everyone who needs to be here is here Jason."

Vi shakes her head, "Kevin isn't."

Eden nods, "We know."

Jason stares, "What's going on?"

Eden nods, "Kevin has a lot of issues he needs to work out. No one here hates him. But living with him has been... hell. He's disrespectful and he is getting scary."

Jason stares, "Okay... what are we talking about exactly right now?"

Coop sighs, "Jason, we are no longer comfortable living with your brother. And we would like it if you would support us in the decision of requesting he leave."

Jason shakes his head, "What?"

Eden nods, "Please understand.

Jason turns and looks at Rocky, "Do you hear this?"

Rocky nods.

Jason stares, "Oh my God. Rocky you're dating my brother. Are you seriously just going to sit there while they threaten to kick him out?"

Rocky sighs, "Kevin needs to take some time to himself.

Jason shakes his head, "Oh my God."

Vi stares, "Unbelievable."

Eden looks at them, "Don't make Rocky feel any worse than he already does. Kevin brought this on himself. He is getting to be out of control and we shouldn't have to deal with it."

Coop looks at Jason, "I'm sorry Jason."

Vi turns, "Maureen you're quiet. How do you feel about this?"

Jason stares at Maureen.

Kevin walks inside, "I'm home!"

He has a big smile on his face and carrying bags of groceries.

He looks at everyone.

They all stare at him.

He looks around, "What's up?"

Everyone looks at each other.



Spaulding Mansion:

Amanda and David are sitting on the couch.

He looks at her, "You're more fun than I expected."

She stares, "What's that supposed to mean?"

He nods, "I don't know. You're a Spaulding."

She nods, "Uh-huh? Aren't you dating a Spaulding?"

He sighs, "Yes. Vicky is a Spaulding but she just seems like the black sheep of the family. No pun intended."

The two laugh.

Amanda looks at him, "Well hopefully you can add me to the list of tolerable Spauldings."

He nods, "Of course."


Vicky walks in, "Hey."

They look at her.

She stares, "Oh don't let me interrupt."

He stands, "Just been waiting for you."

Vicky nods, "Well sorry. I got caught up with stuff. But I'm here now and I'm starving"

He grins, "Well then we should get going."

She looks at Amanda, "Any plans for tonight?"

Amanda shakes her head, "Just work."

Vicky nods, "Well thank you for keeping him company for me."

Amanda nods, "No problem."

David smiles, "Take care Amanda."

She nods, "You too."

Vicky and David walk out.

Amanda gets up and gets back to her work.


Susan is standing with Stephanie.

Peter looks at them.

Susan nods, "I'm going to go get more of my stuff."

Susan walks downstairs.

Stephanie looks at Peter, "What's up?"

He sighs, "First off I would like to apologize. I should not have reacted the way that I did when you told me your news."

She shakes her head, "You're fine. It's not like you yelled or anything."

He nods, "But I shouldn't have acted that way."

She looks at him, "I wanted to tell you about my pregnancy. I was just afraid and honestly if I talked about it to you it would make it officially real."

He looks at her, "I know this must be tough for you, carrying the baby of the man who treated you horribly. And you still are going through with the pregnancy and that's noble."

She shakes her head, "Just no other option in my opinion."

He looks at her, "You're strong and you'll be a great Mom."

She sighs, "But?"

He stares, "What?"

She nods, "There has to be a 'but' coming."

He shakes his head, "B-u-t-t or b-u-t?"

She laughs, "B-u-t."

He takes her hand, "No buts."

She stares, "What?"

He nods, "Stephanie I like you."

She smiles.

He shakes his head, "No. You know what you had the guts to be honest with me and I owe you the same. I love you Stephanie. I've been falling in love with you."

A surprised Stephanie stares at him.

Cross Creek:

Bill and Phillip are in the living room.

Bill looks at him, "I don't owe you time with my daughter Phillip."

Phillip nods, "She is my daughter and if she wants to see me then that is her choice and you need to learn how to deal with that Bill."

Bill looks at him, "Don't act like I don't know my daughter. You abandoned her when she was a baby. And I stepped in."

Phillip nods, "Then you abandoned her as a child."

Bill shakes his head, "You don't know anything about that!"

Phillip stares, "Now Olivia is nowhere to be seen."

Bill shouts, "Olivia is getting help with her drinking problem so that she can be a better mother!"

Phillip looks at him, "This isn't about Olivia is it? This is about the fact that I'm a Spaulding and your a Lewis. And we are supposed to hate each other?"

Bill stares, "Don't be stupid."

Phillip nods, "I'm right. Can't we put the rivarly of our fathers behind us?"

Bill looks at him, "This is not about my father and it sure as hell is not about your father. This is about my daughter and I'm not letting you ruin her life."

Phillip shouts, "I'm ruining her life?"

The two continue yelling.


Upstairs Spencer is in her room.

She sits against her door and listens to every word.

She begins rocking back and forth.

Her head gently hits against the door.

Suddenly she slams her head into the door repeatedly.

She gets up and walks across the room.

She grabs scissors from her desk.

Spencer rolls up her sleeve.

She slowly digs the edge into her skin next to the cuts above.

She breathes slowly and begins to relax.

Mallet and Dinah's:

Dinah and Mallet sit in the living room.

Belinda looks at them, "How did you get that?"

Dinah nods, "Like I said it was mailed to us."

Belinda stares, "I lost it at the frat house.... Marti."

Dinah looks at her, "This is about you."

Belinda looks at Mallet.

He won't even look at her.

Dinah stares, "I really hoped this was a joke... but it's not is it?"

Belinda looks at Mallet, "Dad..."

Mallet looks at Dinah, "Tell her to sit down."

Dinah nods, "You heard your father."

Belinda sits, "Dad I'm sorry but I can explain..."

Dinah looks at her, "Damn it Belinda! You're 16!"

Belinda rolls her eyes, "Oh my God. You're over reacting."

Dinah looks at her, "When your number of sexual partners exceeds your age... it's not overreacting."

Belinda looks at her, "Like you're one to talk."

Mallet jumps up, "You shut your mouth! This isn't some joke. Do you have any idea how dangerous you've been living?"

Belinda laughs, "Wow. You two are so dramatic."

Dinah looks at her, "Have you ever had an STD?"

Belinda scoffs, "No."

Mallet sighs, "Have you ever been pregnant."

Belinda gets up, "I'm out of here."

Dinah stands in front of her, "No you're not leaving."

She shouts at her mother, "I'm not sticking around to be called a slut. I get it enough from everyone else in my school I don't need to hear it at home."

Mallet walks over, "You know that is not what we're doing. We are your parents."

She shouts, "No! She is the woman who gave me up when I was born and you're her current husband. That's all the two of you are to me."

Mallet and Dinah stare at their emotional teenager.

Museum Apartment:

Kevin looks at his roommates.

Coop nods, "Kevin we need to have a meeting."

Kevin nods, "Oh cool. Well can we eat first? I'm starving. Who's with me?"

Everyone is silent.

Eden nods, "We need to do this now."

Kevin laughs, "Come on. Maureen you must be hungry."

Maureen looks down.

Kevin looks around, "What's going on?"

Coop sighs, "Kevin your actions lately have been a problem for most of us."

Kevin laughs, "What are you talking about?"

Eden nods, "What do you think?"

Kevin shakes his head, "I literally don't."

Coop sighs, "You're angry, violent, you drink too much, your rage scares all of us."

Kevin stares, "I can't tell if you're joking or serious."

Eden nods, "We're very serious."

Kevin looks around.

Jason looks at him, "We aren't all on the same page."

Vi nods, "Of course not."

Kevin looks at Rocky, "Can you believe this?"

Rocky looks at him.

Kevin nods, "Rocky..."

Coop stares, "You aren't going to intimidate my brother anymore."

Kevin scoffs, "Intimidate? Rocky what the hell have these two said to you?"

Eden stands, "We need to vote. There are seven of us. And we need to decide on whether you will be remaining a part of this apartment or not."

Kevin looks at all of his roommates.


Marah has stepped into the bathroom.

Edmund is pacing in his room.

He shakes his head.

He feels his body fill with rage as he watches Marah lie over and over.

He feels like punching something.

The door opens.

He turns.

Marah stands in lingerie, "I'm so anxious to reconnect."

He stares, "Wow. What a site."

She smiles, "I'm glad you like it.

She walks towards him.

Marah puts her arms around him.

Edmund stares into her eyes, "Your eyes..."

She nods, "What about them?"

He grins, "I always noticed they were beautiful. But I guess I never noticed just how beautiful they are. They distract you and suck you in. Make you oblivious to other things."

Marah smiles, "Well... thanks?"

Edmund nods, "You are very welcome."

Marah kisses him.

She smiles.

Edmund looks at her, "We have so much in common."

She nods, "Yes we do. It took me a while but I know now that we belong together."

He nods, "When did you realize that?"

She shakes her head, "I don't know. A while ago."

He nods, "Oh. Before or after you had my daughter kidnapped and then turned around and pinned the entire thing on Annie Dutton?"

Marah stares, "What?"

He looks at her, "Because my timeline is a little off."

Marah backs away, "What are you talking about?"

He starts to laugh.

Marah puts her robe back on.

She hurries to the door.

Edmund grabs her.

He slams her against the wall, "Nope."

Marah stares at him.

He smiles, "I'm on to you Marah."

Marah stares in horror.


Marah confesses to Edmund!

Ashlee reverts to old behaviors

Kevin's roommates vote

Belinda questions her parents

Stephanie is surprised by Peter

Clarissa tries to make up with Rafe


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Im really starting to follow things more. A very good episode.

I llved Belindas sex book, I have one of those to. LOL

I loved Philip and Bill going at it. Good dialog there. And Boy oh Boy poor Pencer. I really feel bad for her. She needs some help. I cant wait to see where this goes.

I think Amanda and Dect. Grant would look good together.

I can't wait to see this vote on Kevin.

Ur doing a good job Jay. THings are coming together for me. Now I am all caught up!!

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  • Members

So glad you enjoyed it. This is basically the beginning of the end sorta. These are the final 6 episodes of Season 3. The finale takes place on New Years Eve. Then I'll begin posting the Season 4 episodes along with HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS!

Thanks for the comments!

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And yeah Belinda is a parent's worst nightmare.

Spencer is such a fun character to write for. We have a lot of interesting stuff coming up with her.

Yep Amanda has set her eyes on another taken man.

I love writing Kevin's story. And it's only going to get bigger.

So glad you enjoyed this!

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