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S3 Episode 98



People face their consequences in Springfield...




Edmund is holding Marah up against the wall.

He smirks, "Look at you. You look frightened."

She shakes her head, "I didn't do anything Edmund."

He laughs, "Oh no. Let's not begin lying again Marah. That will only make me even more furious then I already am. And I know you don't want that?"

She sighs, "What do you want?"

He looks at her, "Just admit what you did."

She nods, "Really? That's what you want to hear?"

He nods, "Yes."

She sighs, "I did it."

Edmund turns away.

She starts to cry, "I hired someone to kidnap Ava. I didn't have a game plan. I just did it and didn't think of what my next move would be. I got in over my head and I went to Annie for help. She convinced me to let her handle it and I guess she tried to have Ava killed or something. But she ran out of money to pay off the guy and the whole thing fell a part."

Edmund looks at her, "You wanted to kill my daughter. The only person that gives a damn about me!"

She looks at him, "I love you Edmund."

He looks at her, "No! Shut your mouth!"

She cries, "I feel horrible. I wanted to tell you the truth. I was going to, and that's why Annie got you drunk and had sex with you. She wanted to break us up so that I wouldn't."

He looks at her, "Then you framed Annie."

Marah nods, "I planted evidence in her room and I tipped off the police."

Edmund looks at her, "My God."

Marah cries, "I still blamed her for my miscarriage. I hated that she was going to marry my brother. I wasn't thinking clearly Edmund. You have to believe me."

He stares, "No one would ever suspect that Marah Lewis is a psychopath."

She shakes her head, "No I'm not."

He nods, "Oh yes you are."

She turns away, "No."

He looks at her, "Admit it. You have hate in your heart just like me."

She sighs, "No matter what I do... I'm always the screw up. Dylan got his high school girlfriend pregnant. Shayne dated another guy. Jonathan dated his cousin. And I'm still just Marah. No matter what they do my parents won't look down on them. But when everyone found out I got pregnant with your baby they turned on me."

Edmund looks at her, "Your family is the reason you're so messed up in the head. Just like mine."

Marah looks at him.

He smiles and puts his hands on her shoulders, "Well I have news for you Marah. It's time to show you the proper way to vent your rage toward your family."

A confused Marah stares into Edmund's eyes.




Clarissa walks out of the shop.

Rafe approaches her, "Hey..."

She looks at him, "Hey."

He nods, "I didn't expect to see you here."

She stares, "Well I'm here a lot. You on the other hand are not."

He sighs, "Yeah I guess I did see your car in the parking lot."

She looks at him, "I see."

He sighs, "So how have you been?"

She nods, "I'm good. It's getting a little easier everyday. But I still have those nights where I keep thinking in my head that I am missing out on so much in Adam's life."

Rafe looks at her, "I'm glad you're okay."

She looks at him, "How about you?"

He looks at her, "What about me?"

She nods, "Adam wasn't your son. But he was very important to you. I know it hurt you when I gave him up."

Rafe nods, "Yes it did."

She walks towards him, "Rafe please talk to me. I miss you."

He sighs, "I miss you too."

She stares, "We spent too much time together to just stop talking. You're important to me."

He smiles, "You're probably one of the most important people in my life."

The two smile at each other.

They start walking.

Rafe takes her bags, "Let me give you a hand."

She smiles, "Thanks."

He looks at her, "Mind if I take a look?"

She nods, "Oh sure. Just new clothes that I can fit into."

He looks at her, "You look great."

She grins, "So do you. But you always look great."

The two laugh.

Clarissa stops.

Rafe looks at her, "What?"

He looks ahead.

Reva walks towards them pushing Adam in a stroller.

She stops when she sees them.



Mallet and Dinah's House:


Mallet and Dinah stare at Belinda.

She laughs, "Quite now huh?"

The two look at each other.

She nods, "I'm not supposed to talk about that right? Talk about the fact that my biological father is no where to be seen. And he's never going to be is he?"

Dinah looks at her, "No."

Belinda shouts, "Why not?"

Dinah looks at her, "Because he is a loser! He isn't good enough to be a father. And you do not want him in your life."

Belinda shakes her head, "No! That is not your decision to make!"

Mallet looks at her, "Your mother has her reasons."

Belinda stares, "I feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't know who my father is!"

Dinah stares, "Mallet is your father."

Belinda looks at him, "He doesn't want to be my father."

Mallet stares at her, "You know that's not true."

Belinda scoffs, "Please! No man wants to be the father of the school slut."

He shakes his head, "You're better than this."

Belinda shakes her head, "No I'm not. Am I?"

He stares at her.

Belinda looks at Dinah, "I'm your daughter after all. And whoever my father is must be pretty messed up too. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me."

Belinda begins to walk out the door.

Mallet looks at her, "Belinda stop."

Dinah shouts, "Belinda!"

Belinda walks out.

Dinah and Mallet look at each other.


Bauer Garage Apartment:


Ashlee is getting dressed.

She grabs her jeans and begins to put them on.

To Ashlee's horror they are feeling snug.

She finally pulls them up.

A disappointed Ashlee struggles to button the top.

There is a knock at her door.

She hollers, "One sec."


Dalton hollers back, "I'm coming in."

A frustrated Ashlee walks over, "Hold on!"

She opens the door.

He smiles, "Hi."

She sighs, "Hi."

He kisses her.

Dalton walks in with a container.

She looks at him, "What's that?"

He grins, "I brought you a surprise."

She grins, "Surprises are good."

He nods, "I know you love strawberries."

She smiles, "Aww."

He opens the container.

She looks in, "Chocolate covered strawberries?"

He nods, "Made them myself. I'm getting pretty corny huh?"

She laughs, "No it's so sweet..."

He sighs, "But?"

She nods, "I'm really trying to get back to my healthy diet."

He shakes his head, "You look great."

She sighs, "You don't get it Dalton. I was obese most of my life. I'm always at risk to go back to that."

He looks at her, "However you look I'm going to love you. But I want you to be happy and enjoy the little things in life. I love you Ashlee."

He raises a strawberry up to her lips.

Ashlee looks at him.




Stephanie stands with Peter.

She stares, "Did you say what I think you said?"

He nods, "Yeah."

She smiles, "You love me?"

He nods, "Yes I do. And I'm not embarrassed to say it. Because I want to be completely honest with you Stephanie. And I'm not pressuring you to say anything back. Don't feel obligated at all."

Stephanie kisses him.

Peter smiles.

She looks at him, "I love you too."

He grins, "Really?"

She nods, "Yes. And I'm not just saying it because you did. Peter I never met someone who is so honest, sweet, funny, charming, brave..."

Peter laughs, "My ego is through the roof right now."

She kisses him again.

He looks down at her stomach.

She sighs, "Sorry I'm probably punching you in the gut right now."

He rubs her stomach, "No. Don't worry about it."

She looks up at him, "Talk about coming with baggage."

He shakes his head, "No. I'd be honored to be a part of your life while you go through this Stephanie. And I'll be there for you in any way that you let me."

She laughs, "Wow."

He stares, "What?"

She sighs, "I'm waiting for the part where Oprah shows up. That's usually where I realize it's a dream."

Peter shakes his head, "I could pinch you?"

She smiles, "Just kiss me again."

Peter leans down and kisses Stephanie.


Museum Apartment:





The roommates are about to vote.

Kevin stands and stares at all of them.

Coop and Eden sit together on a couch

Vi sits with Jason, with Maureen on the arm of their couch.

Rocky sits by himself.

Kevin looks at them, "You're not going to do this."

Coop sighs, "Yeah we are."

Kevin looks at everyone in shock.

Coop clears his throat, "I vote to remove Kevin from the apartment."

Kevin shakes his head, "Screw you."

Eden sighs, "I vote to kick Kevin's violent ass out of the apartment."

Kevin laughs off Eden's comment.

Jason sighs, "I vote to keep my brother in this apartment. It's his home as well."

Vi nods, "I vote to keep him as well.

Kevin nods, "Thanks you guys. Nice to know some people aren't disgusting hypocrites."

He looks at Maureen.

Maureen takes a deep breath.

She looks at Kevin, "I'm sorry..."

Jason looks at her, "What?"

Vi rolls her eyes.

Maureen nods, "Kevin you scare me... I vote for you to go."

Kevin backs up, "You two faced little bitch."

Maureen looks down.

He walks towards her, "Are you serious? Maureen are you serious?"

Coop looks at him, "Stay away from her."

Kevin laughs, "Oh my God! You're so over dramatic!"

Eden holds Coop's hand.

Kevin looks around, "Well I vote for me to stay. So that's a tie."

Everyone looks at Rocky.

Kevin looks at his boyfriend who is looking towards the ground.



Reva has Adam in the stroller.

Rafe and Clarissa stand in front of her.

Clarissa stares, "Hey..."

Reva nods, "Hi.. hi sweetheart. How are you?"

Clarissa clears her throat, "I'm okay."

Reva nods, "Yeah well, Bridget and Dylan needed a night off. I mean they have been just 24/7 with the baby. They're doing a great job really. I had to talk them into this."

Clarissa nods, "It's fine Reva. I'm not judging Dylan and Bridget."

Reva nods, "Yeah. I just wanted to spend some quality time with my new Grandbaby."

Clarissa looks at her, "That's really nice. It's really good to hear that."

Reva walks towards her, "Hey... just so you know, I've been where you are. I had Dylan when I was very young and I had to give him up. It was hard."

Clarissa shakes her head, "It's a little different Reva. You didn't have to live in the same town and watch your son get raised by another family.

A silent Reva looks at her.

Clarissa sighs, "I'm sorry. I'm not hateful. It's just tough."

Reva nods, "I know sweetie."

Clarissa nods, "I'll see ya."

Reva sighs, "See ya. You guys take care."

Reva walks off with Baby Adam.

Rafe looks at Clarissa, "You okay?"

She shakes her head, "I got to get home. Sorry."

He nods, "It's okay."

Clarissa sighs, "Bye Rafe."

She walks away.

Bauer Garage Apartment:

Ashlee and Dalton sit together.

He feeds her the chocolate covered strawberries.

She laughs.

He smiles, "Was I right?"

She nods, "They're good."

He grins, "I love seeing you smile."

She smiles, "It's hard not too when you're with me."

The two kiss.

He looks down at the container, "All gone already. Damn."

Ashlee looks away.

He gets up, "So were you going somewhere right?"

She nods, "I need to get to Cedars."

He looks at her, "Want a ride?"

She looks at him, "Uh... sure. You want to go start the car while I finish getting ready?"

He smiles, "Of course."

Dalton walks outside.

He heads to his car.

Dalton throws the empty container in his backseat.

He gets in and starts the car as he waits for Ashlee.

Upstairs Ashlee is in the bathroom.

She flushes her toilet and gets up.

Ashlee wipes the vomit off her mouth.

She washes her hands on the sink.

She rinses her mouthwash around to hide the smell.

She stares at herself in the mirror.

Ashlee sucks in her gut to button her jeans.

She then heads out the door.


Stephanie is in her room now.

There is a knock at the door.

Stephanie rushes over.


Susan is standing there, "Hey."

Stephanie grabs her arm and drags her in, "Come on."

Susan laughs, "Don't rip my arm off."

Stephanie smiles, "Oh my God! It was amazing!"

Susan smiles, "Sounds like he didn't dump you."

Stephanie grins, "He's going to be there for me. He's going to help me through all of this. And he even said he loves me."

Susan stares, "Wow. That's great. Did you say it back?"

Stephanie nods, "Yeah. Oh my God. This is incredible."

Susan smiles, "I'm happy for you."

Stephanie nods, "Thanks. You're stepbrother is a great guy."

Susan nods, "I guess this would be the part where I take a step back?"

Stephanie stares, "What?"

Susan sighs, "I know I offered to help you through the pregnancy and be there for you. But now you have Peter. You don't want me hovering around anymore."

Stephanie walks towards her, "Susan. You're the only person who knows what I've been through this year. What we have been through. You're not going anywhere."

Susan smiles, "You sure?"

Stephanie nods, "Yeah. You're like my friend now."

Susan laughs, "Oh God."

Stephanie hugs her.

There is another knock at the door.

Stephanie hollers, "Come on in."

Peter opens the door, "You two having fun?"

Stephanie looks at him, "What did I do to deserve such awesome people in my life?"

She puts her arms around them.

Peter smiles, "I think the three of us are going to have a great time living in the boarding house."

The three all smile at each other.

Mallet and Dinah's House:

Dinah sits in the living room.

Mallet looks at her.

She sighs, "What?"

He nods, "You know."

She shakes her head, "No I don't know Mallet."

Mallet nods, "It's time for you to tell Belinda everything."

Dinah scoffs, "No."

Mallet looks at her, "She is ready to find out that Cyrus Foley is her biological father. She knows Cyrus from when he was dating Harley. It might not be so bad."

Dinah looks at him, "Yeah. She was so pleased to find out that I killed RJ's father. Now she can find out that the guy that ran down his sister was her uncle."

Mallet sighs, "She has a right to know."

Dinah gets up, "I don't think she needs to know."

He looks at her, "What if she hears it from someone else one day?"

Dinah looks at him, "From who? My Mom? Marina? No one else knows."

Mallet looks at her, "No one?"

Dinah sighs, "Well..."

Mallet stares, "What?"

She nods, "Annie Dutton was the one who helped me blackmail Cyrus into signing away all rights and the contract that he would never tell Belinda who he was."

He looks at her, "And do you think Annie Dutton is a good person to keep a secret with? The woman who is rotting a jail cell right now."

Dinah looks at him, "I trusted her at the time."

Mallet looks at Dinah, "You need to make sure Annie is keeping her mouth shut before something bad happens Dinah. Because right now that woman has nothing to lose."

Mallet walks away.

Museum Apartment:

Everyone is looking at Rocky.

Coop sighs, "Rocky..."

Kevin looks at Coop, "Shut up."

Coop scoffs, "No."

Kevin looks at Rocky, "Rocky, Rocky... Rocky."

Rocky looks at him.

Kevin sighs, "I love you. Don't do this to me."

Rocky sighs, "I don't know..."

Kevin holds his hand, "You're brother is a homophobe okay? He thinks if he gets rid of me that he can turn you straight or something. It's sick."

Coop shakes his head, "You know that's not true Rocky."

Kevin looks at Rocky, "Everyone is against us."

Eden sighs, "Rocky. Just say how you feel."

Rocky has tears in his eyes.

He looks down, "I'm not comfortable living with you anymore-"

Kevin jumps up and turns away.

Coop sighs, "You heard him Kevin-"

Kevin shouts, "Shut up! I don't need to hear your voice!"

Jason gets up, "Calm down Bro."

Kevin shouts, "I was calm then all of these disgusting hypocrites started turning on me!"

Eden looks at Jason, "You see? This is who he is!"

Kevin yells at her, "Shut your mouth you ugly nasty bitch!"

Coop gets up, "What did you say?"

Everyone begins to pull them a part before anything starts.

Jason is walking his brother out.

Kevin shouts, "Rocky? Rocky why are you doing this? Damn it!"

Rocky hears Kevin breaking things as he leaves.


Edmund stands behind Marah.

He runs his hands up her body.

She stands still.

He smiles, "You have so much hate in you don't you Marah?"

She nods, "Yes."

He looks at her, "You want to keep unleashing it. Because holding it in is slowly eating away at you. Making you even more angry and dark."

She sighs, "Yes."

Edmund looks at her, "You see that's the problem with women. They let their emotions screw everything up. They have a great plan and then change their minds halfway through executing it."

Marah sighs, "Maybe I just have a heart."

He laughs, "Nope that's not it."

She looks at him, "What do you want Edmund?"

He shakes his head, "No. What do you want? Do you want to be thrown in prison? Or do you want me to help you continue placing the blame on Annie?"

She stares, "Why would you do that for me?"

He nods, "There is the question."

Marah stares in confusion.

Edmund smirks, "You hate your family for what they turned you into."

She sighs, "I don't hate-"

He shushes her, "Yes you do. And I hate your family for what they have done to me over the years. Don't you see?"

Marah shakes her head, "No."

He smiles, "You will."

Marah looks at him, "What do I have to do?"

He smiles, "No. What do we have to do? Because by the time we are finished the entire Lewis dynasty name will be nothing come tumbling down."

Marah stares into Edmund's dark eyes.


Christmas in Springfield!

Ava and Shayne have surprising news

Michelle gets a sweet gift

Kevin makes a scene

Bridget worries for her son

Liz shows off her new life to her family


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Wow Edmund is not to mad at marah. I wonder what he got planned for the lewis's

OH god I hope Ashlee is not going through her disorder again. just ride ur bike girl and drink water.

Belinda is bad to the bone. Like Susan jr.

So Rocky and Kevin r back to gether? Good.I fell bad for kevin and a shame Rocky didnt stand by his man.

Good episode jay

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Edmund is furious with Marah on one level but now he has control over her.

Yep Dalton is pushing Ashlee to give up her dieting, he isn't aware of how bad her disorder was in the past.

Belinda has so much crazy stuff coming up this year.

Rocky and Kevin are on shaky ground right now.

Thank you for commenting :)

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