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FTL Movie: Welcome to New York P3



Welcome to New York...





Beth and Phillip approach the runaway teens.

Phillip shakes his head, "What the hell?"

Zach sighs, "Dad..."

Phillip looks at them, "What the hell do you four think you're doing?"

Zach looks at him, "I'm 18! You have no right to be angry with me!"

Phillip nods, "You stole the Spaulding Jet. That right there gives everyone a right to be angry with you. You can't just take it off to kidnap your girlfriend."

Marti stares, "No he wasn't kidnapping me."

Beth looks at James, "What on Earth brought you two to New York?"

Leah sighs, "Everyone thought that I was the one who got Marti's Mom to send her away I had to make sure things were clear. And I don't know... get some closure."

James nods, "I couldn't let her go alone."

Beth shakes her head, "That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard."

Phillip stares at them, "Do you have any idea how selfish, irresponsible, dangerous, and stupid this whole idea was? You had all of your parents scared to death."

Leah sighs, "I know."

Beth stares, "Mel, Rick and Mindy are all over the city looking for you guys."

Leah shakes her head, "My Mom is here too?"

Phillip nods, "Yes. Everyone dropped what they had going on to come here and find you guys before something terrible happened. Do you eve care?"

Beth sighs, "I'm calling Rick."

The teens all look at each other.

DASH Boutique:


Liz and Kourtney are hanging out at her store.

Liz holds up a dress, "What do you think?"

Kourtney looks, "Oh my God. You have to buy that. It looks amazing just when it's next to you. Imagine how it would look when you wear it."

Liz smiles, "I know right?"

Kourtney turns away.

Liz looks through her phone.

She shakes her head, "I don't believe it."

Kourtney turns back to her, "What?"

Liz nods, "Apparently my parents and my brothers are in the city. I have absolutely no idea why. My Nana just sent me a message."

Kourtney nods, "You're grandma texts? That's cute."

Liz nods, "She's not very good at it."

Kourtney goes behind the counter.

Liz sighs, "It's so typical. I leave Springfield so I can get some peace and quiet away from my family and what do they do? They bring it all here to me! I swear sometimes I feel like they want me to go crazy."

Kourtney laughs, "Are you joking? My family hardly lets me out of their site. I don't call my Mom everyday and she is ready to report me missing."

Liz nods, "But I bet you never got blackmailed into staying in your family house. Or had people sent out of the country just to keep them away from you."

Kourtney shakes her head, "Nope. Wow you're family needs a reality show."

Liz smiles, "As if."

Kourtney nods, "Seriously. I'm surprised no one has scooped you up yet. It would be just the thing to make your depressing life feel fun again. Trust me."

Liz nods, "Reality TV huh?"

Kourtney nods.


The teens all stand together.

Marti looks at Leah, "I'm sorry I thought you were the one who called my Mom and complained about my behavior."

Leah shakes her head, "I would have thought the same thing I guess."

Zach looks at them, "So if neither of you did it then who the hell did?"

Leah looks around, "After you left Belinda came over to us and confessed that she called Marti's Mom. Apparently she has her own issues with Marti plus she thought it would make up for sending the sext of me around."

Marti nods, "Belinda Marler?"

Leah nods.

Marti scoffs, "I hate her. I literally hate her."

James nods, "Belinda is vengeful. You really don't want to make an enemy out of her."

Zach nods, "No kidding. At one point or another she has made all of our lives hell. I don't know what RJ sees in her."

Marti sighs, "Neither do I."

They all look at each other.

Beth and Phillip come back over.


Rick and Mindy follow.

Rick walks over to his daughter, "Leah."

Leah hugs him, "I'm so sorry."

He sighs, "Thank God you're all right."

Mindy puts her arm around Marti, "I can't believe you scared us like that."

Marti sighs, "Is there any chance you won't call my Mom?"

Mindy looks at her, "What makes you think I haven't already?"

The parents walk their kids down the street.

Spaulding Penthouse:


Mel and Alan Michael sit together.

He pours wine.

She sighs, "This has been the longest day of my life. I swear."

He laughs what about day 2 of our honey moon?"

She laughs, "Oh my God! You mean with the taxi driver?"

He nods, "Yeah, yeah. We were supposed to meet up with my Mom and the guy gets the directions totally wrong."

Mel laughs, "Of course you didn't notice until we got out and he drove away."

Alan Michael nods, "And I paid him first!"

Mel smiles, "Feels like it was just yesterday."

Alan Michael nods, "Indeed."

She grins, "It's great. I'm really happy to see how well you're doing Alan Michael. I was always worried about you."

He nods, "My Ravenwood days are behind me."

Mel sighs, "I know... that I failed you as a wife-"

He shakes his head, "No Mel. Stop."

She nods, "I let Annie Dutton get in my head. I let myself be manipulated by everything. I became the kind of fool I despise."

Alan Michael sighs, "My temper and emotional break down didn't help my case."

Mel looks at him, "I should have stood by you instead of running away."

Alan Michael grins, "I forgave you and you forgave me. And you got back with Rick and you're happy right?"

Mel nods, "Most of the time..."

Alan Michael's phone goes off.

Mel looks at it.

The name Lucy shows on it.

Mel nods, "Lucy? Lucy Cooper?"

Alan Michael smiles, "Yeah. We've been traveling together. She's hanging out with old friends at the moment."

Mel nods, "Oh... that's nice. I'm happy for you."

He grins, "Thanks."

Mel's phone rings.

She answers it, "Rick?... Thank God. Okay I'm on my way."

Mel stands.

Alan Michael looks at her, "Good news?"

Mel nods, "Leah is alive. Now I got to go kill her."

Alan Michael laughs, "I miss that kid. In the middle of your yelling give her a hug for me."

Mel puts her coat on, "Oh trust me, I will be yelling and hugging a great deal."

He laughs, "You're still the amazing woman I remember."

She shakes her head, "And you're still a charmer."

He takes her hand and kisses it, "Goodbye Mel. Again."

She smiles, "Goodbye again."

Mel walks out.

Mindy's Penthouse:


The parents are with the teens now.

Gavin is sitting on the couch.

Mindy walks towards him, "I'm so sorry about this Gavin. I feel like I wasted your entire day on this."

He shakes his head, "Oh don't worry about it."

Marti reluctantly walks over, "I am sorry too."

He nods, "It's cool."

Zach rolls his eyes.

Gavin walks out, "I'll see you later."

Everyone is left in the living room.

Mindy sits down, "Ugh! This is.. this is just too much for me. I mean weeks ago I was living here by myself and my schedule was flawless. And now I'm leaving the office in the middle of the day to run around New York with my friends looking for teenagers, it's insane."

Beth nods, "We're sorry about all of this Mindy."

Mindy looks down, "What's done is done."

Phillip looks at the kids, "I hope you all realize exactly what you've put all of through."

Mel comes in, "Leah?"

Leah walks over to her.

Mel throws her arms around her, "Oh my God. Oh Leah."

Leah sighs, "I'm sorry Mom."

Mel shakes her head, "Just stop. We'll talk about that later."

Rick walks over to his family.

Mindy watches them.

Phillip looks at his phone, "I'm having a hard time getting 8 tickets back to Springfield today. And as it turns out the jet is now having problems."

Mindy nods, "Well I have some room here and I know where the best hotels are. So we can figure something out for the night."

Marti looks at her, "What about your party later?"

Mindy sighs, "Oh my God. I forgot all about that."

Rick looks at her, "Do you need us to get out of your hair?"

She shakes her head, "No don't be silly. It'll be nice having some people here who aren't snooty. But you'll all have to let me dress you."

Beth laughs, "I am fine with that."

Everyone begins to get their plans together.

Outside in the Hallway:

Everyone is setting up their plans.

Zach steps out in the hall with Leah.

Leah looks at him, "If our parents see we came out here they will lose it."

He nods, "We need to talk about things Leah. I haven't been alone with you since Homecoming."

She stares, "I wonder why."

He looks at her, "I lie about a lot of things Leah. But I did fall in love with you and I would never lie about that."

She turns away, "Stop it."

He nods, "I want you to be happy. And if James is the one to do that... he's probably better for you anyways right? Everyone else seems to see it."

She looks at him, "I know that. I'm so happy with James and he is the one good thing that has happened to me since everything fell a part. But I trusted you Zach and I loved you. I was about to give you my virginity. And the whole time you had been lying about everything. You knew Belinda was the one who sent my sext around and you let me think it was James. You tried to ruin your little brother's life."

Zach nods, "I'm not proud of that."

She sighs, "And I really thought you were so patient waiting for me to be ready for sex and you secretly nailing my best friend behind my back."

He looks at her, "I know I screwed up. And I want you to believe that it tore me a part when I saw your face after you found out. I never wanted to hurt you Leah."

She looks down.

He takes her hand, "But we need to accept that it had to end eventually. If you really belong with James and I'm better with Marti. It just makes sense."

Leah nods, "I know. I just wish it could have worked out differently so we could all... I don't know."

He stares, "That's all up to you Leah. You hold all the cards in your hands. My relationship with my brother, your friendship with Marti. It's all up to you."

Zach walks back in.

Leah thinks for a moment.

Mindy's Living Room:

It's now the evening and the party has begun.

Everyone is dressed in formal.

The camera's scurry as Liz Spaulding walks in with Kourtney Kardashian.

The film crew follows behind them.

Mindy walks over, "Lizzie, Kourtney. Great to have you both here."

Liz smiles, "Well thanks for having us. Hopefully my family hasn't been intruding on you too much."

Mindy shakes her head, "None sense."

The three pose for photos.

Across the room Phillip stands with Beth.

Beth sighs, "Our daughter is a grown woman and I'm just now seeing the similarities between her and Mindy."

Phillip laughs, "It's crazy. I never would have guessed that would happen."

Beth looks at him, "We're pretty lucky to have such great kids."

He nods, "We really are. I know they all have their problems from time to time but at the end of the day I know they can take care of themselves and that helps me sleep at night."

Beth nods, "Only thing that prevents me from sleeping is the loneliness."

He sighs, "I've been there."

She looks into his eyes, "I hate sleeping alone. I always have."

He takes her hand, "I know the feeling."

The two stare at each other.

Leah and Marti walk out in their dresses.

Leah smiles, "Look it's a Kardashian! I can't believe we are at a New York party and basically smack dab in the middle of the fashion world. This is incredible."

Marti nods, "Yep. Not too shabby. But I do miss Springfield."

Leah looks at her, "I know what you mean. I'm really sorry that this happened to you..."

Marti sighs, "I know I messed up and I'm sorry."

Leah nods, "Yeah."

The two girls walk into the crowd.

Dining Area:

Mindy's guests are sitting at tables.

Rick and Mel sit together.

He looks at her, "Are you okay?"

She sighs, "I'm fine."

He looks at her, "You aren't having fun that's clear."

She sighs, "I shouldn't be having fun. I want to be back home with my baby. I can't walk around here and pretend like I'm having the time of my life."

Rick nods, "I know."

Mel gets up, "I'll be right back."

Rick sits by himself.

Mindy walks over, "Couldn't help but overhear."

He nods, "Mel's fine. She's just frustrated about everything."

Mindy sighs, "No offense but she always seems frustrated. She never seems happy which is crazy because she has beautiful kids and an incredible husband."

Rick laughs, "I don't know about the husband part."

Mindy nods, "Seriously. You're amazing Rick. You don't pressure her you don't make her feel like she needs to give up her career and spend more time with you."

Rick stares, "Are you still talking about me and Mel?"

Mindy sighs, "I just mean that any woman would be lucky to have you. I am starting to forget how I ever let you go Rick. Seriously it's slipping my mind."

He laughs, "Okay you've been drinking."

Mindy laughs, "Oh Rick Bauer," she sits on his lap, "Excuse me. Dr. Rick Bauer."

He looks at her, "I don't know if this is appropriate."

She looks at him and rubs his face, "Just shh. It's not 2011... it's the 80's and we're just kids again."

Mindy stares into his eyes.

Mel walks over, "Mindy."

Mindy shushes her.

Mel stares, "This is your home and I'm not going to try and disrespect you. But get off my husband."

Mindy laughs, "Oh my God. Mel would you get a grip. Just got have a drink."

Mel shakes her head, "You've had enough for the both of us. Now I'll ask you one more time. Get off my husband."

Mindy nods, "Or what?"

Mel drags Mindy off by the arm.

Mindy shoves her.

Mel grabs a glass and throws a drink at Mindy.

Rick jumps up, "Mel calm down!"

The whole crowd is watching.

He gets up and starts helping Mindy wipe herself off.

Mel shakes her head, "Oh my God. I'm out of here."

Rick looks at her, "Mel come on!"

She looks at him as she walks away, "No! I'm done feeling like a consolation prize!"

Everyone stares in shock.


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Good Scene at the end I knew something big was about to go down at the party.

I loved the sceen with liz and Kardashian. Liz's story teminds me of Abby of Y&R.

I lloved mel's line thank god shes a live kuz now I am going to kill her or soemthing like that

Zach was a pretty rotten person for what he did.

Another easy to follow episode.

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