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FTL Movie: Welcome to New York P2



Welcome to New York...

Outside the Building:



The teens all stand outside.

Marti is with Zach.

Leah stands with James.

Marti shakes her head, "What?"

Zach looks at them, "What the hell are you two doing here?"

Leah sighs, "We came to make things right!"

Marti shakes her head, "This is insane."

James nods, "Just listen please."

Zach pushes James, "You two need to get out of here. You're not keeping us a part anymore."

Leah looks at Marti, "I just need to talk with you?"

Marti shakes her head, "Why?"

James looks over, "Crap! Oh my God."

Everyone looks over.



Beth, Phillip, Rick and Mindy are heading that way.

Marti grabs Leah and the two go behind the building.

James and Zach race across the street in a panic.

The teens are now unintentionally separated by gender.

The four musketeers walk up to the building.

Mindy looks at her friends, "Let's just get up there. If she knows we're coming she might try and hide them or something. I don't know."

They all walk inside.

Mindy's Penthouse:


Gavin is sitting in the living room.

Mindy opens the door.

The parents walk in.

Gavin stands up, "Ms Lewis."

Mindy nods, "Where is Marti?"

Gavin sighs, "She went in her room a while ago and hasn't come out."

Mindy walks over and knocks on the door, "Marti? Marti? I'm opening the door."

Mindy opens the door.

Beth, Phillip and Rick look around.

Mindy walks out of the room, "She's gone."

Everyone looks at Gavin.

Gavin shakes his head, "She... I don't know what happened."

Mindy sighs, "Gavin the only way she could have gotten out was the front door."

Gavin sighs, "She was getting out of the shower. I went into the other room so that she could get to her bedroom without me seeing. I didn't think she'd-"

Mindy looks down, "Okay. It's not your fault."

Gavin looks at them, "What's going on?"

Mindy sighs, "Her friends from Springfield came here to bring her back or something. They are all running around Manhattan right now."

Gavin shakes his head, "I'm so sorry."

Mindy looks at him, "Will you just keep and eye out for them? Let me know if you see anything?"

He nods, "Yes Ma'am."

Rick sighs, "Now what do we do?"

Mindy sighs, "Well we can split up and look around the city?"

Phillip nods, "How should we split up?"

Mindy looks at them, "You two can go one way and Rick and I will go the other. How does that sound?"

Beth sighs, "Sounds like old times."

Mindy nods, "Exactly."

The four walk out to look for the kids.

Spaulding Penthouse:


Mel walks to the door.

She puts in the key.

Mel goes inside.

She looks around.

It's obvious someone has been in there.

Mel takes a look around.

There are bags on the floor.

She hollers, "Leah?... James? Zach?"

Mel looks at a familiar suitcase.

The door opens.

Mel turns around.


Alan Michael Spaulding walks in.

Mel stares, "Oh my God."

Alan Michael stares, "What? What are you doing here?"

She smiles, "Alan Michael."

He walks over, "It's great to see you!"

The two hug.

He looks at her, "What's going on?"

She sighs, "Oh! The kids. Zach, Leah and James all ran off here. We've been looking all over for them. And I decided to come look here."

Alan Michael looks around, "We?"

Mel nods, "Rick, Phillip, Beth and now Mindy I guess."

Alan Michael laughs, "Must be fun for you."

Mel sighs, "Oh trust me, it's awkward. My husband is running around New York with his best friend who manipulated him, the woman he cheated on me with, and his ex girlfriend."

Alan Michael sighs, "Well you could use a break. I'll get you something to drink."

Mel shakes her head, "I should get back to looking for Leah."

Alan Michael sighs, "Odds are the kids will come here. The boys know this place and I didn't tell my family I was staying here so let's wait a bit."

Mel nods, "Okay."

Alan Michael gets some wine for the two of them.


Marti and Leah are walking together.

Leah looks around, "Do you know where we are?"

Marti shakes her head, "No more than you do."

Leah sighs, "You've been here for over a week."

Marti looks at her, "I haven't been allowed to really explore on my own Leah. I've been locked up in that stupid penthouse most of the time."

Leah looks down, "I can't believe I came here."

Marti shakes her head, "No one asked you too. Though it's only so painfully obvious why."

Leah looks at her, "Why?"

Marti turns to her, "You are still jealous that I'm with Zach. You are still in love with him and you think you can get him back now that I'm out of the picture."

Leah shakes her head, "That's not true."

Marti nods, "It so is! And James? You are sick. James has liked you forever and now you're leading him on when you know you really want Zach."

Leah shakes her head, "No. I don't want Zach anymore. I want James. Yes, there is still a lack of closure with Zach, but I am over him. I got over him the second I found out he was nailing you."

Marti looks at her, "You are so far up your own ass Leah. It's pathetic."

Leah scoffs, "Shut up."

Marti nods, "It's true. You think you're better than me because you're a virgin? People should be rewarded for doing things, not for not doing things. Do people get trophies for not playing sports, not singing, not dancing, not actually trying something? No. You aren't some good person because you've never had sex. You are just afraid, face it. You are just a pathetic little virgin. That's all you are."

Leah shoves her.

Marti grabs Leah.

A Sidewalk Santa walks over, "Young ladies. That is no way to behave around Christmas."

Leah pulls away, "Sorry Santa."

He laughs, "Just call me Nick II."

Marti shakes her head, "Whatevs."

He sighs, "May I offer some advice? A young girl who lies to other people is letting them down. But a girl who lies to herself is lying to everyone."

The two girls look at each other.

He rings his bell, "Merry Christmas."

He walks away.



Kourtney and Liz sit together.

Their sons are in their own little seats.

Kourtney's phone goes off.

Liz looks at her, "Who is it?"

Kourtney scoffs, "It's Scott. I'm not answering."

Liz stares, "What did he do now?"

Kourtney shakes her head, "I'm just not dealing with it anymore. Like I'm so over it this time. He just went to far and I'm not having it."

Liz nods, "Are you sure?"

She nods, "Oh yeah. Totally."

Liz sighs, "Well maybe that's best."

Kourtney nods, "Maybe..."

The camera guys are focused on the two of them.

A manager guy walks over and whispers to Liz, "Hey maybe you can ask her advice on something now?"

Liz stares, "What?"

Kourtney nods, "Oh, it's cool to show me giving advice to people about relationships because they can tie it in to my relationships in the editing room. You know? All the TV magic."

Liz sighs, "Oh... well there really isn't anyone in my life right now?"

Kourtney nods, "Should there be?"

She shakes her head, "I don't know. I mean I had the love of my life with Remy, and without him I can't imagine spending my life with someone else."

Kourtney nods, "Okay but do you really want to spend the rest of your life alone? What about after your son is grown up? You can't just attach yourself to him. Then you end up calling him every hour like my Mom."

Liz sighs, "I guess you're right."

Kourtney sighs, "Sometimes you need to think about whether you want to spend the rest of your life alone or actually try to make things work with someone."

Liz begins to think.

Kourtney whispers, "See, they are obviously going to use that clip."

Liz looks at her.


Zach and James are walking around.

Both texting their girlfriends.

James sighs, "I don't know why we don't just separate right now?"

Zach scoffs, "The girls are together and we are both looking for them. Don't be stupid James."

James looks at him, "Well excuse me for not wanting to be around the jerk I share a last name with. I can't even stand to look at you half the time."

Zach shakes his head, "Well for someone who hates me, you sure went out of your way to follow me to the east coast and getting yourself in trouble with the folks."

James sighs, "For your information, Leah wanted to come and I wasn't going to let her go off to New York alone. I actually care about her unlike you."

Zach looks at him, "I am sick and tired of you two guilting me."

James nods, "Can you blame us?"

Zach nods, "Yeah. I screwed up. I should have told her that Belinda sent that sext around and cheating on her with Marti was wrong. But don't act like you didn't love all of it?"

James scoffs, "You think I like seeing Leah in pain?"

Zach nods, "If it gets you what you want."

James shakes his head, "No."

Zach nods, "Leah had her heart broken and you were there waiting with your hands cupped to catch it and put it back together. You got lucky James."

James scoffs, "Shut up."

Zach nods, "No matter what happens now, you'll always know that the only reason you got Leah is because of the horrible things that I did to her first."

James shoves Zach.

Zach grabs him and puts him against the building, "I let you punch me once. I won't let you do it again little brother! Do you understand?"

Nick II walks over, "You boys rough housing?"

Zach scoffs, "We're fine."

He lets go of his brother.

Nick II nods, "You know boys, some people spend their whole lives hurting the people who are most important to them because they don't realize that the person they hate is the same person they love the most."

The two brothers look at him.

He nods, "Merry Christmas boys."

Nick walks away.

He turns back, "Oh and I think your lady friends are just around the corner."

The two brothers look at each other.


Mindy and Rick are walking together.

Rick looks at her, "I don't know how you stand it."

She looks at him, "Stand what?"

He sighs, "Living here. It's crazy. Everything is chaotic. People are cold. Everything moves too fast to keep up with. You're amazing really."

She laughs, "I love it. Every second of it is just enjoyable."

Rick looks at her, "Really?"

Mindy nods, "Yes. This has been my dream."

He sighs, "I suppose. We certainly have good memories here."

She smiles, "Yeah we do."

He laughs, "At least I'm not carrying 20 boxes of clothing this time."

She laughs, "Oh God. It's so embarrassing. I can't believe what a spoiled little girl I was back then. I see it now with young girls and I can't believe it used to be me."

He smiles, "You were great. You still are."

She grins.

He nods, "So how are things going with Rusty Shayne?"

She sighs, "Uh... well right now we're taking a bit of a break. He's just really busy with work and everything. It's not easy being a cop in this city."

Rick sighs, "Sorry to hear that."

She looks at him, "It's okay. I heard you dumped that bitch Roxie."

He laughs, "You two still hate each other huh?"

She sighs, "Roxie has been envious of me since we were kids. I'm not even getting into it. So how are things with Mel?"

He nods, "We're great. We have another baby now, Freddie. And things are pretty great."

Mindy nods, "Good to hear. I'm happy for you Rick."

He smiles, "Thanks."

The two keep walking.


Beth and Phillip are walking together.

He sighs, "I feel like we're walking in circles."

She nods, "I feel like we're walking back in time."

He looks at her, "Sometimes it seems like a hundred years ago, but sometimes it seems..."

She looks at him, "Like it was just yesterday?"

He nods, "Yeah."

She sighs, "Now we're old."

He laughs, "We're not old."

She nods, "We're grandparents Phillip!"

He sighs, "God we are old."

She laughs, "Sorry to say."

He looks at her, "I never expected our lives to turn out the way they did. I mean I thought we would just get married and spend our whole lives together with no interruptions."

Beth sighs, "Me too."

He sighs, "I guess nothing was meant to last forever."

She looks at him, "At least not without a few bumps."

He nods, "Yeah."

She looks at him, "I know these past years has been rough with my stupid Lorelei issues..."

He shakes his head, "That wasn't your fault."

She sighs, "We finally got remarried and I ruined it. I ruined everything Phillip. Liz, James, Penelope. They all needed me. You needed me."

He holds her hand, "They still do... we still do."

Beth looks at him, "I never want to hurt you again."

He grins, "I know the feeling."

The two stare at each other.


The girls are still walking together.

Leah looks at Marti, "You okay?"

Marti shakes her head, "I don't know."

Leah looks at her, "For the record, I came here because I wanted you to know that I didn't call your Mom. I never tried to get you sent away."

Marti stares, "Really?"

Leah nods, "Not that I wouldn't be tempted. But I'm not good at actually doing things like that."

Marti sighs, "You're too nice. It's good and bad."

Leah sighs, "Yeah."

They hear their names being called.

They look over.

Zach and James are running over.

Marti runs to Zach.

Leah runs to James.

The couples hug.

Zach looks at Marti, "Oh my God. You okay?"

Marti nods, "I'm fine."

Leah looks at James, "So much for getting home before our parents noticed we were gone."

James sighs, "Tell me about it."

Zach looks at them, "Well maybe if we think we can still find a way out of this."

Marti laughs, "Seriously? What could possibly work?"

Zach shakes his head, "I don't know... something."

Leah looks at him, "Is there any chance our parents just happened to be here?"

The four kids all look at each other.

Zach sighs, "Let's just go to the penthouse."

The four start walking.

They turn the corner and run right into Beth and Phillip standing together.

Beth and Phillip turn and look at the four teens staring back at them.


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Another prety good epiode. I like the dynamics you have set up for both quads. Very good stuff. Again this ep was easier to follow.

I LOVED the dialog in Leah and Marti's scene. Good job. And I got a kick out of the Santa. I loved his lines as well.

Good Job!!

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I love how with a Movie SOOO much can happen. I love telling stories over episodes but for this, IDK it just was an awesome way to make things happen.

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