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FTL Movie: Welcome to New York P1



Welcome to New York...

Time moves faster in New York.

The streets and sidewalks are filled.

Tourist go crazy trying to keep up in all the commotion while sight seeing.

Up in the high pent house.

Curtains are pulled open.


Fashion's little queen bee Mindy Lewis stands in her robe holding her coffee looking down on her playground.

Mindy's Penthouse:

Mindy looks out her window.

She smiles.

Another morning where she appreciates her dreams coming true.

Most of them anyway.

Mindy takes a deep breath.


Her cousin Marti walks in the room, "Do you do that every morning?"

Mindy turns, "Do you have a problem with it?"

Marti sighs, "It's a nice view but aren't you used to it by now?"

Mindy shakes her head, "A little girl from Oklahoma. I dreamed of making it here. From Tulsa to Springfield to New York City. I'm so lucky."

Marti nods, "Funny I made all those same steps in one year and I'm unhappy. Because I know that my boyfriend is still in Springfield without me."

Mindy looks at her, "I know you're a teenager and your hormones are everywhere. But trust me, you will find new love, real adult love."

Marti shakes her head, "You don't get it."

Mindy nods, "Oh trust me I do. Lewis girl falls in love with Spaulding boy. I wrote the book."

Marti turns away, "My mother is unreasonable."

Mindy looks at her, "Trish is stressed. You get into trouble with a boy in Oklahoma so she sends you to Springfield. You get into trouble with a boy in Springfield so she sends you to New York. You're running out of relatives."

Marti shakes her head, "I knew you wouldn't understand."

Mindy shakes her head, "You aren't listening to me at all."

Mindy walks off to get dressed.

Marti hollers, "I know you're nice Mindy. Any teenage girl would kill to live in New York and rub elbows with the fashion industry. But I'm a romantic."

Mindy laughs, "Every teenage girl is a romantic."

Marti sighs, "Whatever. What do I need to wear to your office today?"

Mindy sighs, "Actually I'm sorry honey. I won't be able to take you with me this time."

Marti nods, "No biggie. I can just chill hear by myself."

Mindy hollers, "I don't know about that."

There is a knock at the door.

Mindy hollers, "Would you get that? It's kinda for you."

Marti walks over.


A young man is at the door.

She stares, "Hi."

He smiles, "Hey."

Mindy walks over, "Marti. You remember Gavin? He works in the building, he's a little older than you. I thought he'd hang out here today."

Marti looks at her, "You're kidding? A babysitter?"

Mindy sighs, "Relax Marti."

Marti rolls her eyes.

Gavin looks at Mindy, "We'll be okay."

Mindy smiles, "Thanks again."

Gavin walks in.

The Building Lobby:

Mindy walks downstairs.

She smiles at her neighbors.

She gets a phone call.

Mindy looks at her phone.

Rusty's name shows up.

She stares for a moment.

Finally she answers, "Hey...."

Mindy stands still.

She nods, "I know... I'm sorry I've been really busy... We do need to talk, I agree... I'll just... I'll call you back and we'll schedule something and we can figure things out... I know, yeah I got to go. Bye."

Mindy hangs up.

She shakes it off.

She walks to the doors.

The doorman opens them up, "Ms. Lewis."

She smiles, "Thank you."

She steps out onto the sidewalk.

Her taxi is waiting.

Mindy steps in.

She looks up and waves at Marti who is looking out the window.

The taxi pulls away.

Mindy's Penthouse:

Marti looks out the window.

Gavin looks at her, "Sorry that you're Aunt set this up."

Marti doesn't turn around, "She's technically my cousin."

Gavin nods, "Oh. Well I'm sorry. She asked me to hang out with you and keep you out of trouble. I guess I'm not good at letting people down."

Marti nods, "Well gee Gavin I hope no one offers us drugs."

He laughs, "You're cute."

She turns to him, "Thanks. You too."

He shakes his head, "No. I'm not."

She nods, "Yeah. You are."

She walks towards him.

He laughs.

She looks at him, "Ugh. I'm so sad. I need to call my friend and tell her happy birthday. But my Mom had my phone taken away and Mindy doesn't have a land line."

Gavin sighs, "That does suck."

She nods "Tell me about it. But maybe if I'm lucky you'll let me borrow your phone?"

He looks down, "I don't know. I don't want to go against your family's wishes."

She smiles, "For me?"

He nods, "I'll think about it."

She grins, "I'm going to go take a shower, then we'll talk more about it."

Marti walks to the bathroom.

Gavin watches her leave.

She walks in.

Marti rolls her eyes.

Suddenly the curtain in the bath opens up.

Marti jumps, "Ah!"


Zach steps out and shushes her.

Gavin hollers, "You okay?"

Marti hollers back, "More than okay. Thank you."

Zach smiles, "Surprise."

Marti jumps into his arms.

The two kiss.




Phillip, Beth, Rick, and Mel all walk together.

Phillip looks at them, "Okay the kids are going to be somewhere in Manhattan around Mindy's apartment."

Beth sighs, "I can't even remember where she lives at now a days. Maybe we'd be safer if we just went to her work and let her know what's going on."

Rick nods, "Probably. I can get us in, I'm pretty sure they remember me."

Mel shakes her head, "We should split up. Cover more ground."

Rick looks at her, "You want Phillip and Beth to go somewhere else?"

Mel shakes her head, "No. Mindy's and I aren't exactly friends so I should be the one to look elsewhere. What about the Spaulding penthouse? Anyone think to look there?"

Phillip nods, "I almost forgot. I have the key."

Mel nods, "The staff there remembers me from when I was married to Alan Michael. We stayed there for a while. I can go check it out if that's okay?"

Rick looks at her, "You sure?"

Mel looks at Phillip and Beth.

She sighs, "Yes. Very."

Phillip hands her the key.

Mel nods, "Okay I'll call you if I find anything."

Rick nods, "Us too."

Mel kisses him, "I love you."

He looks at her, "Love you too."

Mel walks away.

Phillip and Beth look at each other.

Rick turns, "What?"

Beth sighs, "Nothing, if I didn't know any better I'd think Mel didn't like us?"

Rick sighs, "Can you blame her? Honestly?"

Phillip and Beth shake their heads.

The three walk out.

Children's Boutique:

The paparazzi stand outside.

The store is closed for the special customers.


Liz Spaulding pushes her son Clay around in his stroller.

Kourtney Kardashian walks over with her son Mason, "Oh my God. Look at these little hats."

Liz smiles, "Oh my God! We have to have them. It's not even that I want it. It's like I just need to have it for my son. It's not even funny."

Kourtney looks at her, "I missed you Lizzie. Remember when our families used to vacation together all the time? Now it seems like we never see each other."

Liz nods, "Well I certainly see you on TV all the time."

Kourtney nods, "True. We are all over the place these days."

Liz sighs, "I miss being in the spotlight. What happened to me?"

Kourtney sighs, "Well your family decided to live in the Midwest. I'm sure that can't be the best place to get exposure to the public."

Liz looks around, "I miss places like this. I miss being around people who understand. Back in Springfield everyone looks at us like we're freaks just because we are Spauldings."

Kourtney nods, "Big fish in the small pond. Nice."

Liz shakes her head, "Not really."

Kourtney looks at her, "Look at you. You're rich and beautiful. You have a wealthy dysfunctional family. And a half black son. The cameras should be following you around."

Liz smiles, "Now I really remember why I liked hanging out with you."

The two laugh.

Kourtney nods, "Everything you want in life is actually more possible than you think. And being a Mom is just going to drive you more to go after it."

Liz nods, "You're right."

The girls grab their bags and put on their sun glasses.

Kourtney nods, "Get ready for another taste of what awaits you."

The doors open.

The two ladies are swarmed by paparazzi.

Mindy's Penthouse:

Marti and Zach are in the bathroom.

The water is running in the shower.

She keeps kissing him.

He shushes her, "Keep it down. You want Gavin to hear?"

She stares, "How did you get in here?"

He laughs, "Gavin didn't shut the door in time."

She shakes her head, "How? What?"

He laughs, "God I missed you."

The two begin making out.

Marti begins to unzip his pants.

He moans, "God I want you."

They keep kissing.

Marti pulls away, "Oh crap! Gavin. He's gonna hear."

Zach shakes his head, "No he's not."

Marti looks at Zach, "Trust me. He will."

Zach smirks.

Marti sighs, "You didn't come here just for this right?"

He shakes his head, "Hell no. I came to get you."

She grins, "Perfect."

She kisses him again.

The two pull away from each other.

Marti hollers, "Gavin?"

Gavin hollers back, "Yes?"

Marti sighs, "I was really stupid and forgot to bring clothes and there are no towels in here."

He gets nervous, "Uh..."

She sighs, "Sweetheart could you wait in Mindy's bedroom while I sneak across and get to my room?"

He hollers, "Of course."

Marti and Zach listen for Gavin to go into Mindy's room.

The two run out of the bathroom.

They hurry to the door.

They are laughing as they get into the elevator.

Zach looks at her, "You're brilliant."

The two kiss again.

Marti smiles, "I'm every man's weakness."

The elevator stops on the bottom.

The two get out.

They hurry to the doors.

The two run out and stop.


James and Leah stand across from them.

The four teens stare at each other.

M Lewis Fashion:

Mindy is in her office.

She looks at pictures of her family on the computer.

Dylan and Bridget with their new son.

Bill with his son.

Her Daddy with his wife Vanessa.

Mindy sits back.

She tries to get back to her focus on work.

She remembers she was supposed to call Rusty.

Mindy grabs her phone.

There is a knock at her door.

She looks up, "Oh come in."

Rick walks in.

Mindy puts her phone down, "Rick? Oh my God!"

She smiles.

Rick smiles back.

Phillip and Beth walk in.

Mindy stands, "Hey. Wow. This is... what's going on?"

Phillip sighs, "I wish we were here under different circumstances."

Mindy looks at them, "Okay now you're scaring me."

Beth sighs, "Zach ran off to find Marti here in New York."

Rick nods, "James and Leah chases after him. The kids are somewhere here in the city."

Mindy stares, "Oh my God."

Phillip nods, "Yeah."

Mindy gasps, "Oh crap! The one day I leave Marti at home. I need to get back there."

Rick nods, "Good idea."

Mindy looks at them, "So this is really happening? We could possibly spend the day chasing your kids and my cousin all over New York?"

Beth nods, "Yes. We've accepted it's our karma."

Mindy shakes her head, "This day couldn't get any crazier."

Phillip nods, "Come on if anyone can find 4 teenagers in New York it's the four musketeers."

The four of them walk out.


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I really liked this episode. It kinda really felt like we were in new york. GREAT casting chocies in this episode and I liked Karsashian cameo.

THis ep was much easier to follow. So the 4 musteteers are looking for the new genration of muketeers? nice homage to history gor GL fans.

I had to laught at Liz's black son line? Why did she feel the need to say that? No big deal just curious.

Much better ep and easier to follow. U r on fire with this ep postings. How do u do it?

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  • Members

I'm so glad you liked it!!!

At first I thought the movies would be hard to write but if anything they make things clearer. I knew I had to pay tribute to classic Guiding Light. And the story just fit so perfectly.

Lol you see a lot of celebrities with adopted babies of other races. But Liz actually has a son of another race that is biologically hers and Remy's.

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