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Episode 119



Andy becomes worried when he doesn't hear from Emily for the third day in a row. He tries to call her house and cell, but decides she might be at The Enquirer finishing up the weekly paper. However, Emily is talking with John, begging him not to release the expose' she did on Andy's alcoholism right ater he left town. John once again tells her to break things off with Andy and he won't release a single thing. Across town, Henry drives by the KATY building and admits to himself that deep down, he knew he would never open his own TV station and asks God to please end his misery. While Henry sulks just outside of the building, a mystery man lingers in the shadows. In Australia, James wonders aloud how Barbara seems so sure of herself since he is the one who got Paul out of prison and off the hook. Barbara later stages a fake phone call saying she's needed back in Oakdale. Alone, Barbara vows to bring James down and Lucinda back home if it's the last two things she ever does. At the Threadz office, Nick and Jennifer go over the details for the ad campaign with Gwen. Gwen makes an interesting notation that in order for all of this to happen, they need a higher budget than what they have...which Lisa overhears.

On the next TWOO:

*Lisa makes a generous donation.

*Andy makes a visit to dear old dad.

*Maddie makes Heath an ultimatum.

*Meg makes an announcement.


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