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Episode 120



Andy pays a visit to Emily at the Enquirer office. Brokenhearted, she tells Andy that she feels rushed and thinks they should take a break. Andy then meets up with John at Java and seeks advice. John tells Andy to let Emily go or he will get his heart trampled on by Emily. Meg makes a call to Dusty telling him to come home for something important. Once there, Meg announces that she is 7 weeks pregnant. Meg is shocked when Dusty blasts Meg for her jealousy regarding Lucy's return and shrugs off Meg's pregnancy news as an attempt to trap him. Maddie makes an ultimatum to Heath. If he stops drinking, they can become friends again and she will forgive him. Later, she tells Luke about it, but he is enraged with the news. Lisa enters the Threadz office and tells everyone that she overheard that Threadz doesn't have enough money to support the ad campain and generously gives a hefty donation to Nick, Jennifer, and Gwen.

On the next TWOO:

*Lily touches down in Australia.

*Lucy confides in Sierra.

*Roxie gets another threatening letter.

*James gives Lucinda some devestating news.


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