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Episode 121



Lily touches down in Australia. Once there, she combs through two of James's villas before concluding they must be somewhere else. A local sees Lily asking if anyone has seen the man in the picture, holding up a picture of James and the local, Shannon, tells a hopeful Lily that she might know where James is. Meanwhile, James continues to taunt Lucinda, saying that a good chunk of her investors have taken their stock and invested in Stenbeck International. Lucinda contemplates killing James in order to set herself free. Back in Oakdale, Lucy confides in her mother that she isn't completely over Dusty. Later, Dusty shocks Lucy when he tells her that he and Meg are over and asks Lucy if they can start over. Roxie gets another threatening letter that says "Die Roxie Die". Feeling threatened, Roxie makes plans to leave Oakdale, but on the way to the airport, she notices her brake lines have been cut.


*Roxie fears for her life.

*Jennifer realizes the perfect photographer for Threadz's ad campaign.

*Lily gets one step closer to James and Lucinda.

*Henry gets a visitor.


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