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Tuesday March 17 2008



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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All the Days of Our Lives

Shawn gets into his car in the Salem PD parking lot. He takes his phone out, and dials Belle's number.

Belle: Hello?


Belle: Hey, are you done?

Shawn: Ya, I'm just going to go home and take a shower, and go to bed. I'm really tired.

Belle: Ok. I'll see you later then. Bye.

Shawn: Bye. He hangs up, and starts driving.

Kate goes into the shower in her apartment. John comes in the room, and takes his pants off. He goes in the shower, and kisses Kate's neck.

Kate: Wow I didn't think you had more to give.

John puts her against the wall, and they start making out.

Kate: Make love to me.

Sami and EJ are sitting at a table in Chez Rouge.

Sami: So, how is you're apartment.

EJ: The same way I left it.

Sami laughs.

Sami: You know what I meant.

EJ: I missed it.

Jeannie comes to the table with their desserts.

Jeannie: Two chocolate melting cakes.

Sami: Thank you so much.

EJ: Thank you.

Jeannie: You have no idea what it took for me to not eat these.

Sami: Oh God.

Jeannie: Ok, enjoy.

Jeannie leaves.

Sami takes a bite of the cake.

Sami: Oh my God. This is to die for.

EJ takes a bite too.

EJ: I might take a piece to go.

Sami laughs.

Sami: That isn't a bad idea.

Dora is in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Carly walks in. Dora turns around and sees her.

Dora: I heard your idiotic self was moving in.

Carly: Nice to see you too, Dora.

Dora: Where's your son.

Carly: Not that it's any of you're business, but he's in Paris.

Dora: Taking care of himself? I'm sure he can do a much better job that you have been.

Carly: Who the hell asked for you're opinion?

Dora: Hey, as long as you want to live here, you are going to hear it.

Carly: Why don't you crawl back into the hole you came out of?

Dora: Why did you come anyway? I thought the reason you left was because of Stefano, now you're living under his roof?

Dora looks at Carly's stomach.

Dora: Well, I see something is missing.

Carly goes closer to her.

Carly: You do not talk about my baby.

Dora: Why not? There's no way you gave birth to her already.

Carly: What did I just say?

Belle is sitting in the living room of Sami's house. There is a knock at the door. She goes to open it, and Stefano is standing there.

Stefano: Hello, Isabella.

Belle: What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: I came to see my grandchildren.

Marleana comes to the door.

Marleana: Why are you here?

Stefano: I came to see my grandchildren! Is that such a bad thing?

Stefano walks inside, and goes into the living room.

Belle: Mom, do you know where Eric is? I've been trying to call him but he's not answering.

Marleana: I thought I told you, he's on a trip.

Stefano: What do you mean you're son is going on a trip?

Marleana: Not that it's any of you're business, but he's going to Milan for a photo shoot.

Stefano: Oh really? Guess who else is going to Milan.

Marleana: Who?

Stefano: My pregnant daughter! I knew she was hiding something.

Marleana: Well, it's no surprise she didn't tell you.

Stefano: It's no problem to you that Eric lied to you?

Marleana: What my children do, and how I feel about it is none of you're business.

Belle: The twins are sleeping, by the way, so there is really no point of you being here.

Stefano: I'll see you later, Marleana.

Stefano leaves.

Sami and EJ get out of the elevator in his apartment.

Sami: Well, this defiantly isn't a first date.

He kisses her. They walk into his apartment, kissing.

EJ: I love you, Samantha.

They start kissing more passionately, and they go to his bedroom. She unbuttons his shirt, and takes it off. They take each other's clothe off, and go into the bed.

Sami: EJ, make love to me.

They start having sex.

Will leaves an apartment in Kate's apartment building. John goes into the hallway .He kisses Kate. Will walks by, and sees them.

Kate: Call me.

John: I will.

Kate starts closing the door, but Will goes.

Will: Hey grandma.

Kate: Will! Hey, what are you doing here?

Will: I was helping a friend with something, and I thought I would come and see you.

Kate: Come in, come in!

Will: Are you sure?

Kate: Of course!

Will walks in.

Kate: So, how are you?

Will: I'm good, what about you?

Kate: Great.

Kate: Have you heard from you're dad?

Will: Nope. What about you?

Kate: No. I can't believe what he's doing.

Will: Well, it's his own fault.

Kate: I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Dora and Carly are in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Dora: Sorry, didn't mean to pry.

Stefano walks in.

Stefano: Dora, I see you've run into Carly.

Dora: Yes, and what a pleasure it has been!

Stefano puts his arm around Carly, and Dora looks disgusted.

Stefano: I hope you can make it to the wedding.

Dora: And just when I thought this family wasn't screwed up enough.

Dora starts laughing.

Dora: This is a joke, right?

Stefano: No, no jokes.

Dora: Wow, Carly, Paris has made you nuts hasn't it?

Carly: When you don't know what's going on, don't talk.

Dora: Don't worry about me.

Kristen walks into the room.

Dora: Hey Kris! Did you hear you're father's news? He is marrying Carly.

Kristen: What? Oh well, crazier things have happened.

Belle is in the kitchen in Sami's house. Her phone rings.

Belle: Hello?

Man: Mary?

Belle: This is Mary.

Man: Hey, we still on for tonight?

Belle: Of course. Where do I meet you again?

Marleana is in the living room with Claire.

Claire: Grandma, I want to watch a movie.

Belle comes into the room.

Belle: Mom, can you watch the kids? I just have to go get something.

Marleana: What do you need to get? I'll go get it for you.

Belle: I'll be right back.

Belle leaves.

Marleana: Belle?

Belle goes into her car, and starts having flashbacks of her kissing Philip.

Belle: I'm sorry, Shawn.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Belle is the washroom in Philip's bedroom. Her phone rings. Philip answers it.

Philip: Hello?

Man: Mary, where the hell are you?

Shawn answers his cell phone.

Marleana: Shawn, something is wrong.

Hope opens the door to her and Bo's house.

Bo: Can I come in?


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