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Wednesday March 18 2009



All the Days of Our Lives

Kristen walks into the Cheatin’ Heart. She sees John sitting at the bar. She sits beside him.

Kristen: John! Hey, I didn’t know you were back.

John: Just got back yesterday.

Kristen: How was you’re trip?

John: Insightful.

Kristen: In what way?

John: I realized some things, made some changes.

Kristen: What kind of changes?

John: I’ve decided to reopen an old relationship.

Kristen rolls her eyes.

Kristen: Let me guess, you have realized you’re undying love for Marleana, and you are going back to that boring life.

John: No, actually. It’s actually the opposite.

Kristen: So, who have you reopened this relationship with?

John: Kate.

Hope is sitting on the couch in her house. There is a knock at the door. She opens the door, and Bo is standing there.

Hope: Bo, what are you doing here?

Bo: I came to talk to you.

Hope: About what?

Bo: Can I come in?

She lets him in.

Bo: I was thinking about our conversation, and I think we should finish it.

Hope: Ok. Sit down.

Bo and Hope sit on the couch.

Hope: I’ve been doing some thinking, and I think it’s best for both of us right now to just take a break, and let things sort out themselves.

Bo: Hope, I don’t want a break! Things are not going to sort out themselves. We need to work at this, if that’s what you want.

Hope: Of course it’s what I want.

Bo: Then what are we doing?

Belle knocks at the door of the Kirikas mansion. Philip answers it.

Philip: Belle, what are you doing here?

She kisses him.

Belle: Philip, I don’t want to stay away from you anymore.

Philip kisses her.

Philip: You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.

He picks her up, and carries her to his bedroom. He takes off her coat, and lays her on the bed. He takes his shirt off, and she kisses his chest.

Philip: I love you so much.

Belle: Show me.

He takes her shirt off, and kisses her neck. She pulls down his pants, and he takes them off.

Marleana is sitting in the living room in Sami’s house.

Marleana: Belle, what’s going on?

She dials Belle’s number, but she doesn’t answer. Claire comes in the room.

Claire: Where’s mommy?

Marleana: Sweetie, go back to sleep, its past you’re bed time.

Claire: But I want to say goodnight to my mommy.

Marleana: She will be here soon. When she comes, I’ll tell her to come say goodnight to you.

Claire: Ok.

Claire goes back upstairs.

Marleana dials Belle’s number again.

Kristen and John are sitting at the bar in the Cheatin’ Heart.

Kristen: Kate? Is that a joke?

John: Nope.

Kristen: Well, good luck.

John: Thank you.

Kristen: I have to admit, though, I’m a little surprised.

John: About what?

Kristen: That you dumped Marleana. I honestly thought I would never live to see the day that happened.

John: Life is full of surprises.

Kristen: I think something fishy is going on here.

Bo and Hope are sitting on the couch in their house.

Hope: Bo, it isn’t that easy to just move on from this! It’s going to take time.

Bo: How much time?

Hope: I don’t know, Bo. I mean you cheated on me, and had a son with Billie. And after I questioned you is he was you’re son or not, you lied to me.

Bo: I understand. If you want me to leave-

Hope: I don’t want you to leave.

She kisses him. They start kissing more passionately.

Philip and Belle are lying in his bed together.

Belle: I’m so happy I came here tonight.

Philip: So am I.

He kisses her neck. She gets up. She goes into the washroom. Her phone rings, and Philip answers it, thinking it is his.

Philip: Hello?

Man: Mary, where the hell are you?

Philip: You have the wrong number, buddy.

He hangs up, and realizes it is Belle’s phone. He puts it back on the nightstand. Belle comes out of the washroom, dressed,

Philip: Where are you going?

Belle: I shouldn’t be doing this.

Philip: Belle, what is going on?

She takes her purse and her phone and leaves.

Shawn is in bed in his and Belle’s apartment. His phone rings. He answers it.

Marleana: Shawn, something is wrong.

Shawn: What is it?

Marleana: Belle left a while ago, and she hasn’t come back. She was acting strange.

Shawn: Where did she go?

Marleana: I don’t know she said she would be back soon, but she hasn’t come back yet.

Shawn: Ok, I’ll be over there in a little bit.

Bo and Hope are sleeping in their bed together, naked. Hope wakes up, and smiles.

Hope: I love you so much.

Shawn and Marleana are in Sami’s house. Belle walks into the living room.

Belle: What’s going on?

Marleana: Where were you?

Belle: I had to go back to the clinic where I am doing my studying. I forgot my book there.

Marleana: It took you that long to get a book?

Belle: There was a man who needed help. I brought him in, and I stayed with him for a little while.

Marleana: You could have called, Belle! Or told me where you were going!

Belle: Sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Sami walks into her house, and sees Marleana sitting on the couch.

Sami: Mom, what are you doing here?

Marleana: I came last night.

EJ and Stefano are in the DiMera mansion living room.

Stefano: All I’m saying is cover you’re tracks.

Scotty is in his apartment, on the phone.

Scotty: Are they ready to go?

He pauses.

Scotty: Then send them over.

Nicole walks in.

Nicole: What was that about?

A man is sitting at a table. There are 7 files on the table labeled: Stefano DiMera, EJ DiMera, Scotty Banning, John Black, Victor Kirikas, Philip Kirikas, and Tony DiMera.


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