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Thursday March 19 2009



All the Days of Our Lives

The next morning…

Sami unlocks the door to her house, and smells pancakes.

Sami: Wow Belle, good thing I asked you to stay the night.

She goes into the living room, and sees Marleana sitting on the couch.

Sami: Mom, what are you doing here?

Marleana: I came last night.

Sami: Why?

Marleana: I came to see the twins, and then Belle had to go get some books, so I watched them. And I was too tired to drive so I stayed here.

Sami: Oh, so Belle’s making pancakes?

Marleana: Yes, the twins and Claire are in the kitchen with her.

Sami: Oh. Did Shawn come last night?

Marleana: Yes, he’s sleeping on the couch upstairs.

Sami: Ok, I’m just going to get changed, and I’ll be right down.

Marleana: Aren’t you going to tell me about you’re date with EJ?

EJ walks into the living room of the DiMera mansion, and sees Stefano sitting on the couch.

Stefano: My son! How are you?

EJ: I’m doing great. I just came to get some things.

Stefano: Well, we need to have a conversation.

EJ: About what?

Stefano: You’re business ethics.

EJ: Excuse me?

Stefano: Does Mythic Communications ring a bell?

EJ: What does Mythic have to do with anything?

Stefano: Do you not recall when you were charged with embezzlement?

EJ: I’m not sure where you are going with this.

Stefano: All I’m saying is from now on, cover you’re tracks.

EJ: Trust me, if I haven’t been covering my tracks, I would be long gone by now.

Stefano: What does that mean?

EJ: What do you think it means?

EJ leaves the mansion.

Scotty is sitting on the couch in his and Nicole’s apartment. His phone rings.

Scotty: Hello?

Man: The explosives are in the truck.

Scotty: Are they ready to go?

He pauses.

Scotty: Then send them over.

Nicole and Ben walk in.

Nicole: What was that about?

Scotty: Nothing important, just business.

He kisses her.

Scotty: So, how did the appointment go?

Nicole: My little sugar plum is doing great, aren’t you sweetie?

Scotty: That’s good.

Nicole: So, anything interesting happen while I was gone?

Scotty: Nope, not much.

Sami and Marleana are in Sami’s room. Sami comes out of the washroom, in sweats.

Sami: So, what do you want to know?

Marleana: Everything from the beginning to end.

Sami: Well, we had dinner at Chez Rouge. It was great. Oh, and Jeannie was our waitress, which was funny.

Marleana: What is that all? There has to be a reason for asking Belle to sleep over.

Sami: Well, EJ and I went to his apartment. And now I’m hungry, so let’s go see if Belle finished making those pancakes!

Sami leaves the room, and Marleana follows. They go into the kitchen, and see Claire, Johnny, and Alexis sitting at the table. Belle is at the stove, making the pancakes.

Belle: Hey, Sami! I didn’t know you were back.

Sami: I just got back a little while ago. Those pancakes smell great.

Belle: Well, sorry, I already promised the three little munchkins over there they can have the first batch.

Sami: Oh really?

Marleana: Belle, do you have class today?

Belle: Yes, at 3:00.

Carly walks into the living room of the DiMera mansion. Carlo is sitting on the couch.

Carlo: Good morning, sunshine.

Carly: Where is you’re father?

Carlo: He had to go out for a while.

Carlo gets up.

Carlo: We can have some fun if you like.

Carly: You are disgusting.

The doorbell rings.

Carly: I’ll get it.

She opens the door, and a woman is standing there.

Woman: Who the hell are you?

Carly: I can ask you the same thing.

Woman: Kristen! Is that you?

Carly: No, I’m Carly. You are?

Woman: Yolanda DiMera.

Dora comes down the stairs.

Dora: Mom?

Yolanda: Dora! What are you doing here?

Dora: I live here. What are you doing here?

Yolanda: I came to visit my brother.

Carly: Hold on. You’re Stefano’s sister?

Scotty and Nicole are in their apartment.

Scotty: Nikki, I have to go do something, but I’ll be back in about two hours.

Nicole: Where are you going?

Scotty: Just to go do some business. I’ll be back soon.

He leaves the apartment.

Nicole: What the hell is going on?

Bo and Hope are in the kitchen in their house.

Hope: Bo, why don’t we go out for breakfast?

Bo: Where do you want to go?

Hope: Chez Rouge. I have been dying for their French toast for so long.

Bo: Ok, let’s go.

He kisses her.

Hope: Bo, I am so happy that we found our way back to each other.

Bo: You have no idea how happy I am, Hope. I love you so much.

Hope: I love you too.

Scotty is in a warehouse.

Scotty: What the hell is taking you so long?

Stefano walks in.

Stefano: Everything went smoothly.

Scotty: Good. Now it’s time for you to hold up you’re end of the bargain.

Stefano hands him a briefcase.

Stefano: There will be another briefcase if you continue doing well.

They shake hands.

Scotty: I’ll call you.

A camera is on the wall in the corner of the warehouse.

A man is sitting at a table. There are 7 files on the table labeled: Stefano DiMera, EJ DiMera, Scotty Banning, John Black, Victor Kirikas, Philip Kirikas, and Tony DiMera.

Man: I’ve got you all where I want you. You will be starring at the same 4 walls for the rest of your lives.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Belle is in a motel room with a man.

Man: Are you ready?

Belle: As ready as I’ll ever be.

They start making out.

Stefano and Yolanda are in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Yolanda: I am going to ruin your life, your children’s lives, and your grandchildren’s lives! You are going to be one sad fool when I am done with you!

Sami is in the foyer of the DiMera mansion. Carly walks in.

Sami: What the hell are you doing here?

Bo and Hope are in Chez Rouge. Billie comes to them.

Billie: Bo, there’s something I have to tell you.


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