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Episode 111



Ben and Jessica arrive home and find that Curtis has went all out for a welcome home party. Though both beg him to stay, he leaves and soon, Ben and Jessica share a romantic night full of dancing and love-making. John retorts that Emily is nothing but a slut and shouldn't trample his son's heart...like she's done so many men in her life. Emily, emotionally drained, goes to the only person who's been there for her lately, her mother. At Memorial, Bob angrily asks Susan what she is doing. Susan is able to hide the drug and covers by saying that a nurse messed up the I.V. After Bob leaves, Susan continues injecting the drug in Hal's I.V., promising Hal that recovery is only a few drips away. And guess what?! Emily sees. Lily thanks Barbara for the advice and turns the tables, advising Barbara to annull her marriage to James and run for the hills.


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