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Episode 112



Dusty returns to Lily's and provides her with all the possible locations James could have villas and such. Everyone is shocked when Lucy walks in the door! Lucy claims that once her mother told of her of her grandmother's disappearance, she had to come back to Oakdale and help. Both Dusty and Lucy share an akward lovesick look. Mike, Katie, Margo, Maddie, Luke, and all 20 Oakdale firefighters battle the blaze at KATY. Though the fire didn't destroy much, everyone is shocked to find out that arson is suspected...and everyone discovers Henry's missing. At the Lakeview, Henry orders three of the biggest martinis they make. Roxie begs Tom to get control of Lisa, fearing Nadine may hurt Lisa. Tom, however, promises Roxie that no one ever could fool with Lisa Grimaldi and get away with it. In the hotel lobby, Lisa confronts Nadine and the two engage in an all out senior citizen catfight.


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