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Episode 113



Roxie, Tom, and a few hotel clerks are finally able to break up Lisa and Nadine. Later, Lisa confides in Roxie that she'll make sure that Nadine never hurts her again. Katie and Margo find Henry at the Lakeview drunk and automatically know what he's done. Henry denies having any involvement, but when Margo notices Henry wreaks of gasoline, Henry breaks down and apologizes to a baffled Katie for ever hurting her. Lucy and Dusty share a quick glance...but then it's back to business. Lucy helps Sierra as she calls her contacts in Australia while Lily asks Dusty's help in tracking down James's villa. Later, Lucy leaves for a walk and runs into Meg. Emily coldly demands to know what Susan is doing. After Hal and Susan fill her in, Emily leaves, though she's not completely happy with her mom and her ex-husband trying out an experimental drug on her near-the-brink-of-death ex-husband. After dropping Daniel off at soccer practice, Emily inadvertantly runs into Andy, who demands to know what's going on...why did she reject his offer to move in with him?

SPECIAL NOTE: Be on the look out when The World Of Oakdale reveals its summer previews...due for release on June 2nd!


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