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May 15, 2006



-Abe envisions killing Alex while on the plane to Morgan Island.

-Sami, Austin, Carrie, and Lucas help in the search for Alex and Marlena. Sami envisions killing Alex and is overheard once again by Austin. He confides his fears in Carrie and Lucas about her actually going through with murder to protect her mother (Austin doesn't know her other motivation which is to keep her secrets buried). While searching and talking about Carrie and Lucas's upcoming wedding, Sami and Lucas fantasize about each other as do Austin and Carrie. Carrie has doubts about marrying Lucas and Sami has doubts about being with Austin and letting Lucas go. Meanwhile, a man continues to stalk Carrie and Sami from afar.

-Belle awaits word on Phillip while helping to find her mother with Mimi and Shawn. Mimi reminds Belle of her vow to try to stop leaning on Shawn during all this. Belle pushes Shawn away when he tires to comfort her. She begins to worry when she still hasn't recieved any word or a call for his kidnappers. Belle continues to think about killing Alex to help and to protect her family.

-Maggie, Alice, Doug, and Julie make the final preparation for Jennifer and Frankie's special evening together. Jennifer again has doubts about proposing to Frankie and marrying him ASAP but she is told once again to just trust her heart and the fact that Jack wanted her to be happy. She also has Abby's blessing and the blessing of her family. Maggie insists that Jennifer and Frankie can have a big ceremony in a few months and this way her children are predicted and her worries are calmed and she will still eventually get her big wedding. Frankie arrives and everyone else clears out. He is surprised. Jennifer and Frankie share a romantic meal and dance and Jennifer then sits him down and says she has something she needs to ask him that may make his dream come true.

-Jack comes to in the hospital. A doctor and nurse walk in and inform him that he has been in and out of consciousness since before and after the surgery. They tell Jack he had a bone marrow transplant and they were able to find a match in time. Jack is happy to be cured but wonders who saved him. The doctor says it was someone he may have known-a woman who they found in the US on the west coast. They told her to keep mum about who she had helped since Jack had been adamant when he was checked in that he wanted no one to know. Jack thanks them but wants to know who the woman was. The doctor says she came in with another woman and was surprised to learn who she was helping. They were very gracious when called up after being found as a match and they were clearly good people because they flew there right away to help him even though they didn't know him until they got there. Once there, they recognized him and clealry knew who he was. Jack is intrigued and vows to figure out who saved him. The doctor orders him to stay put for a few days. he is very weak and susceptible to infection so leaving would endanger his life. The doctor leaves and Jack decides to go against doctor's orders. He wants to get home ASAP and find out who saved him. He covers up his face with the hood of his coat and sneaks out. He is nearly caught once but manaages to leave the hospital undetected.

-The movie is almost over and Josh wants to make plans for after the movies. He asks Abby to go up to lookout point with him. Abby has a dream about getting pregnant and dealing with her family and mother and gets scared. She remembers her conversation with Chelsea earlier and tells Josh to back off. He says he loves her and that people in love have sex to express it. He isn't a pervert-he just wants to show his love for her. Abby gets upset and runs off.

-Meanwhile, Chelsea left a long time ago to get a soda and never came back. Max goes and searches for her and finds her with a bunch of guys. Max gets upset and pulls her away. Chelsea doesn't get why he is so upset-afterall her and him aren't a couple. Max reminds Chelsea of him being there for her through everything and he confesses he thought they could have something special but she always ruins everything. She just can't settle down and be mature. It's always about trampling over everyone else to have fun. She insists she is just trying to keep her mind off the trial but Max says he is sick of her excuses and slutty and irresponsible behavior. He wants her to grow up. Abby then runs by angrily with Josh running after her. Abby tells him to leave her alone. She is sick of him badgering her and she doesn't want to see him anymore. She runs off. Chelsea asks Max if he just called her a slut. Max loses his temper and says he did and that her behavior doesn't make her attractive to him or any guy. He says that she sickens him. Josh overhears and tells Max to cool it. Max tells him to stay out of it. Chelsea tears up and says she is glad to know how Max really feels about her and runs off. Josh runs after her after telling Max how horrible he was to Chelsea. Max looks on and regrets what he just did.

-Bo and Billie help in the search on Morgan Island. Bo wants to find Hope but Billie continues to convince him that staying away from her until she comes to him is for the best.

-Kate, Roman, Lexie, and John are searching. They wonder where Tek went. John takes off to find him and Marlena on his own. When he doesn't come back, Hope offers to go off and find him and Patrick, who has been missing for awhile. Roman says no and that he will go. Hope takes off when he turns around. Bo and Billie join them and Bo asks where Hope is. Roman tells him what happened and Bo is furious and worried about her on her own with Patrick and Alex running around. Kate, Roman, Lexie, and John all visualize killing Alex to protect Marlena and John and. in Lexie's case, to also protect her secrets. She wonders where Tek is. While searching, Hope wonders where Patrick is.

-Abe arrives on the island full of rage and out for Alex's blood for what he believes he did to Lexie.

-Tek and Patrick help Alex make his way to the shed on the cliff. He thanks them and assures them if they keep following his instructions their past crimes and everything else he knows about them will remain buried and they will have their money and means to love confortably and have the women they want. He tells them both to stay close by to the shed just in case he needs backup when John arrives as planned. They leave. Both Patrick and Tek have second thoughts about the plan and don't like how things have happened. This is not what they thought was the plan and now it seems they want out. Patrick and Tek both privately consider killing Alex to keep their secrets buried and to put an end to all this.

-Marlena wakes up and is still under Alex's control with no memory of her "old" life. She looks around the shed and is stunned by what she sees. The shed is decorated with pictures of her with John and her family. Marlena asks why Alex brought her to this place on the cliff and why its decorated with these pictures. Alex says he wanted Marlena to be tortured and reminded of everything she is about to lose. Marlena doesn't understand. Alex says its time for his plan for revenge to finally come full bore. Alex pulls out a gun and Marlena is stunned and asks Alex what he is talking about and what is he going to use the gun for. John then walks in and says it's obvious. He tells Marlena that he was right all along-Alex is out to kill her for revenge of some sort. Marlena sees the look on Alex's face and evil in his eyes and realizes John is right and has been right all along. Alex aims the gun at both of them and says the time for his revenge has come.


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