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May 16, 2006



-Celeste shows up at the pub and is clearly upset. Caroline is there. They talk and Celeste tells her about her vibrations and how she feels tragedy and death are on their way to Salem and will also hit Morgan Island. Caroline is worried because she sees the worry in Celeste's eyes. Celeste talks about how many on Morgan Island want Alex dead, including Abraham, and maybe it has something to do with that. Celeste doesn't tell Caroline why Abe was so upset with Alex. Caroline and Celeste hope and pray for everyone in Salem and on the island. Celeste tries to call Abe on the island but he has his cell off. She is worried about how far his rage will go based on his misconception about Alex.

-Victor calls to check on the drug operation and is told it is going well. He is worried something will go wrong since those involved in the operation are loose cannons. Nico agrees and reminds Victor of what a few of them did to a group of people who interupted an operation years ago. Victor recalls and says two people were killed and several were attacked including two females who were raped. Victor is worried.

-Max bumps into Abby in the park. She is upset and regrets how she talked to Josh. She says she has fallen in love with him but just isn't ready for sex and he was pushing her so hard. Max understands and says he hates how he talked to Chelsea. She has issues and only has so many people to support her and lean on and he let her down. He should have never called her a slut. Abby understand he just lost his tempet. They both agree they need to spend more time together as friends since they both listen to each other and understand each other. Max says he is happy to have a friend like her as Abby states the same feeling. They decide to look for Chelsea and Josh and make sure they are alright.

-Josh finds Chelsea on the pier and asks if she is alright. She asks why he came after her. He says that Max said bad things to her and he knows that would hurt any girl so he wanted to make sure she is alright. She is Abby's friend and he cares about Abby and he knows how hard things have been for Chelsea. She thanks him. They discuss Max and Abby. Josh says he loves Abby and just wanted to express his love for her. He thought she wanted to have sex too but if she had said no rather then act like she may want to he would have backed off. Chelsea says she thought Max was one, if not the only, people to understand her but now he let her down. His words hurt her bad. Josh says he understands how hard her life has been and that she is just a young girl inside looking for love and people to understand her. Chelsea is touched and hugs him but then backs away and says she is not young girl craving love and understanding. She says she doesn't need his pity and runs off again. Josh goes after her. They walk right in on the drug operation and are both spotted. They try to get away but two men stop them and tell both of them they are just at the wrong place at the wrong time and they will just have to be silenced to ensure plans go on as they should. Josh holds a very scared Chelsea as the two men pull out guns.

-Jennifer professes her love for Frankie and he does the same. She explains her fears about something happening to her and her desire to protect her children. She also goes on about Jack wanting them together and her family giving her their blessing to be with him, including Abby. She has a flashback of proposing to Jack in the santa costume and comments on how this is her second proposal to a man. She kneels down and proposes to Frankie and a tearful Frankie says, "I can't do this, not like this." He leaves as a shocked and heratbroken Jennifer looks on.

-Hope searches for Patrick, Tek, John, Marlena, and Alex. She thinks about what Bo and Billie said earlier and is still confused by what she saw in the hotel room prior to leaving Salem. She contemplates giving Bo another chance and wonders if she misinterpreted everything regarding Bo and Billie. She also thinks about Patrick and wonders where she stands in regards to him and her feelings towards him.

-Patrick and Tek watch what is going on between John, Marlena, and Alex from outside the shed. They still contemplate turning on Alex and silencing him permanently but then think better of it since it's his money that lets them live the life they are. They both agree they need to do what Alex says to ensure that their secrets stay buried and that they still are able to live the lives they want to.

-A still amneisia-stricken Marlena is stunned to learn Josh was right about Alex. Both her and John wonder why Alex would do all this and why he wants revenge. Alex confesses that everything he told them about his past with Marlena was false. They were never married, they never shared a past, he was never presumed dead while working for the government, and he isn't even a psychiatrsit. He explains that Lois was a patient from a mental institution that he arranged to have released early because she is a former employee on his payroll. She used to be a maid of his who had fallen in love with him but when he rebuffed her to focus on Marlena she got a little delusional and he arranged to lock her up. He then arranged to have her released and made her beleive they had a future together so she would help in his plan for Marlena and John. She needed to make him look authentic and was to collaborate his story of being a psychiatrist and her being his patient and him being married to Marlena. She did just that but she got out of hand and nearly blew everything by telling all to John while in lockup after nearly killing Marlena. She was never supposed to try to kill her but she did and he knew he had to dispose of her. He doesn't like to kill normally but had no choice so he killed Lois. John asks who he really is. Alex finally reveals that he is a product of plastic surgery and is really...Stefano Dimera. Once he heard Marlena had amnesia it was perfect. He was planning to induce amnesia when everyone was on Melaswen but they all escaped. Then he wanted to in the castle but to no avail. John asks why Tony lied about his death. Stefano says its simple-that isn't Tony. It's been Andre all along. Tony has not been in Salem since he got stabbed by Maya's henchman and disappeared during the fashion show. Stefano says that Andre took Tony somewhere and he has not been able to find him yet. Stefano insists that he did nearly die in the car accident like Tony said but after he passed out from blood loss he found himself waking up in a castle in Europe-the very castle that the leftover captives from the island were held in. He later became ill and was put in a nursing home for months. Once he recovered, he decided to put his own plan to finally obtain his goal-to get rid of John and obtain Marlena. he had laid low too long and he was appalled by Andre's stupid actions. he was clearly insane and Stefano insists he has no intention of getting him out of prison. He used to care about him but his actions prove he lost it and that skeleton and story he told them all on the island was all a lie. Stefano says he went through the plastic surgery and through all this as Alex to destroy the old Marlena that everyone knows and loves by making her beleive she was married to him, Alex, and making her forget her life in Salem. He would just be Alex for the rest of his life and live with his queen. He also planned to make John look so violent and obsessed that he would be imprisoned or admitted to a mental institution. He would then have his men infiltrate it and drug John up so much that he would appear insane. This would ensure the Dimera legacy for his family since John has always threatened it. He says he was inspired by Andre's plan to get John hooked on drugs. John is shocked that Andre was behind that. Stefano says he wasn't the only one and he winks at Tek, who is looking on unnoticed outside. Johns just kept fighting so Stefano took her away to Morgan Island to perfect his work on Marlena and to finally destory the Marlena they all know and love and make her his in body, mind, and soul. She would love Alex/Stefano and never want or desire anything else. He planned for John to find him there once they were finished and the old Marlena was gone. He would then force John into trying to kill him or becoming violent and the authoritites on Morgan Island, who are very strick and tough, would lock him up for months and that would give him time to arrange to have John to be found boarderline psychotic by the judge on the island and then institutionalized. He would then have his men infiltrate and drug John to make him delusional and insane to keep him there while he lives hi dream with Marlena. John and Marlena are stunned. Stefano aims the gun at both of them and demands Marlena take his hand and come with him. Marlena refuses and says she is staying with John memory or not. Stefano says then it may appear he needs to change his plan to just kill John and ensure that he is her only choice. Marlena and John hold each other as Tek and Patrick look on outside and Stefano holds the gun on John and Marlena.


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